Weekly Update, Friday, October 12, 2018


Ms. Bogan, Ms. Martinez and Ms. Gomez attended the California State University Channel Islands Counselor Breakfast on October 5th.  The information provided consisted of Campus Data and Admissions Practices, presented by Lori Macdonald, Student Recruitment Programs and Leo Sun, Admissions Counselor.  Preparing Students for STEM was presented by Dr. Hampton, Professor of Chemistry and Director of Educational partnerships. Cal State Apply updates was presented by Ginger Reyes, Assistant Vice president for Enrollment management.  The sessions were informative and staying abreast of the changes for admission is vital to our Counseling of HHS students wishing to attend a CSU.


The HHS college and career center and HHS counseling team hosted the annual Higher Education college fair on Thursday October 4th. Higher Education college fair is sponsored by the UCSB Early Academic Outreach Program. Representatives from 25 universities visited our campus. Universities and colleges present included UC Berkeley, UC Merced, UC Santa Barbara, University of Alabama, California Lutheran University, Santa Barbara Business College, Oxnard College, and Ventura College. Our 11th and 12th graders were able to visit each table to obtain information about majors, cost of attendance, and freshman entrance requirements.  A big thank you to all staff that helped contribute to the success of this event.


Tutorials are now in full swing across all grade levels. We have most of our tutors in place, except for a few who need clearance.  Seniors have been doing peer editing groups on their Personal Insight questions in preparation for the college application window. All students on our campus participated in either the PSAT or SAT this Wednesday which fulfills the Certification and Coaching Instrument (CCI) Systems Domain, Subdomain 3, Indicator 32 that a certain percentage (50% to 70%) of all students have taken a pre -collegiate exam, paid or practice this academic year.



Mrs. Landreth: English 4 students continue group work as we read BRAVE NEW WORLD.  The class is divided into nine groups, each containing an Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta.  They rotate three assignments – study guide, research questions, and vocabulary list – for each chapter.  The fourth member acts as Group Controller, making sure everyone did his/her assignment, and that the assignment is taught to the other members of his/her group. English 4AP students continue studying, chapter by chapter, the elements of fiction and the writer’s tools.  They are also reading and discussing Hamlet and have recited Hamlet’s soliloquy To Be or Not to Be… and are now preparing group presentations on Critical Schools:  Archetypal Criticism, Historical Criticism, Feminist Criticism, Marxist Criticism, Psychological Criticism, and Cultural Criticism.

Mr. Newman: 10th grade: Leopard Man; Finding subjects; SAT Vocabulary; SAT Test Prep.  11th grade: The Examination of Sarah Good; Finding subjects; SAT Vocabulary; SAT Test Prep.Mr.

McGee: Eng 1: Presentations on Journey Articles; beginning writing for Journey Essay. Eng 1H: Story comparisons relating to a “Journey Story” structure, beginning writing for Journey Essay.

Eng 1RCP: Beginning writing for Journey Essay

Mr. Moody: 10th grade: Leopard Man; Finding subjects; SAT Vocabulary. 11th grade: Finishing up the Crucible


Students are beginning the CAASPP prep with the IAB Algebra and Functions I.

Precalculus students are reviewing Linear Functions and discussing the relevance of the slope with regard to average rate of change.

AP Calculus students are learning the definition of derivative and how to utilize the definition to differentiate.


Troy Athletic Field Meet

On September 29th, 2018, Saturday, 0800 – 1500, Hueneme NJROTC competed at an athletic field meet hosted by Troy NJROTC at Troy High School in Fullerton, California.  Around 53 cadets participated in multiple athletic events.  The sports fest we competed in were: running relays, push-ups, sit-ups, volleyball, tug of war, football throw, torpedo run, wheelbarrow race, ropes bridging, frisbee golf, and boardwalk.  The entire field meet, with an attendance of 1,400 cadets from 32 high schools, was designed to build team spirit, team work, sportsmanship, and camaraderie.  This year, our Hueneme NJROTC cadets helped motivate one another by chanting, cheering, and raising the overall morale of the unit.  Overall, Hueneme placed 20th out of 32 schools.  Our tug of war team landed 6th and our volleyball team coveted 3rd!

C/Lt. Castrejon, Nathaly, PAO


US History completed their first Common Assessment last week and teachers conducted a Data Chat this week. The 2nd Common Assessment is set for the week of Halloween and will assess writing with evidence for standard 11.2.

World Civ. Students are taking their first Common Assessment and will be conducting a data chat in the next few weeks.

Economic and Government students will give their first test the end of October and hold their data chat first week in November.