Weekly Update, Friday, October 19, 2018


College and Career

College Application Workshops:  On Wednesday, 60 seniors attended a CSU application workshop in the College and Career Center.  Lori Macdonald from CSU, Channel Islands and Mrs. Creager were there to help students work on their applications and answer any questions they had.  Last week 59 seniors attended a Common Application workshop and were assisted by Diana Hernandez from Cal Lutheran University.  Upcoming in November, there will be a University of California application workshop and another CSU application workshop.  These workshops are invaluable in helping to guide our seniors through the application process and preparing them for life after high school.


This week, AVID teachers Ms. Ambriz, Ms. Bettencourt, Ms.Zamora attended the AVID Elective Teacher Workshop that on Focused Note taking.  The training covered the five phases of note taking. Also, our AVID 1 students are beginning their unit on community service for the academic year. Our first field trip is schedule in late November to Loyola Marymount University.


Mr. Ripley: In English 1 we are finishing “600 Miles to Timbuctoo” and working on our essays for their summative assessment in our first unit. The students are focusing on textual evidence, writing a solid thesis and developing a well thought out essay in response to a prompt. In Reading Tech the class is working on interactive readers, writing summaries, and making predictions. The students are using Ilit.com and reading The Last Book in The Universe. ERWC is wrapping up their second unit on Rhetoric of the Op-Ed. We are drafting a letter to the editor of an Op-Ed piece using Ethos, Pathos, and Logos to persuade the audience. The students are determining how to utilize the various rhetorical devices to best make their case and appeal to a specific audience.

Mr. Monroe: We are reading The Odyssey and working on the performance assessment essay for the hero’s journey.

Mr. Newman: We are working on Vocabulary 7, grammar (subject); Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Ms. Drescher: In English 9/10, we are half way through Of Mice and Men. We are focusing on the theme: “Change Requires Effort. Change requires three things: a VISION, a PLAN and EFFORT.” In English 11/12, we are progressing through, Children of the River. We are focusing on the theme: “Integrity Requires Wholeness. I live my life whole, entire, undivided, sound, coherent, and principled.” Class averages for the first two English assessments were in the 90s! YAY! All grade levels are designing magazines, expressing their creativity on the cover and 5 pages. Biology class is learning how energy flows through an ecosystem. We finished food chains and are moving on to food webs.

Mr. Moody: 10th grade, Leopard Man Essay.  11th Grade, Speech in the Virginia Convention and OC Football Game Holds a Mirror to Era’s Racial Anxiety


Mr. Pariso: CCR Math students are applying what they’ve learned about scaled copies to scaled drawing of real life object such as airplanes, basketball courts, buildings, and maps. As students work with scaled drawings they begin to develop a conceptual understanding of multiplication, division, ratios, proportions, area, perimeter, and unit rate. The unit will culminate in a scale drawing project where the students get to create their own scaled map for their favorite video game or imagined island city, which they will start on next week.


Cadet of the Week

One of our staff members and department heads in our unit is Cadet Lieutenant Marc Angelo Olitoquit, a junior at Hueneme High School.  He is our Training Officer and Safety Officer.  He tracks and records all the training regiments in academics and physical fitness for all 175 cadets in the program.  As the Safety Officer, he maintains and evaluates the effectiveness of the Hueneme NJROTC safety procedures to provide a safe school environment to all cadets.  Marc Angelo is also a member of our school honor roll society.  He is currently taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses in AP Chemistry and AP Language and Composition.  He is an outstanding cadet who has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout his high school career.  He is striving to become the school valedictorian in 2020.  Eventually, upon graduation from Hueneme, he wants to enroll in a University of California at Irvine. Cadet/Seaman Elizabeth Enad Deputy Public Affairs Officer






Thanks to Ms. Jessica Silon of Health Corp students at Hueneme High School participated in a virtual reality lesson. Students in health are currently in the nutrition and fitness unit. Wednesday the topic was Diabetes. The essential question was: What macronutrients should a person with diabetes choose daily to keep their blood sugars balanced? Students had fun while flying through the digestive system choosing the food with the least amount of sugar to earn points. Students were engaged, have fun, cheering each other on, while learning took place. We were so grateful to Ms. Silon and Health Corp for this fabulous opportunity.


Government students are working on a variety of collaborative assignments addressing key Constitutional issues. Psychology students are learning about the function and parts of the human brain in preparation for a creative project. US History students are working on WICOR based activities designed to help them finish key concepts for standard 11.1. to be able to move onto standard 11.2.


Last Thursday, seventy-eight academy students attended a campus tour at UCSB.  Students were presented information on the admissions process and financial aid.  After the presentations, we took a tour of the campus and even ran into some HHS graduates who are current Gauchos. On Friday, many of our academy students helped to present this year’s Horror in the Stacks at the Prueter Library.  Our students not only assisted at the event, but they were also on the planning committee.  The event was very successful and a good time was had by all.  Our academy students are required to volunteer 30 hours each year, and 15 of those hours must be working with children.

Our Intro to Teaching Honors and Careers in Education and Child Development CTE classes were treated to a guest speaker this Wednesday.  Mrs. Jacqueline Gonzalez is the mother of one of our seniors and is a site supervisor at a Head Start preschool.  She spoke to us about her education journey and her love of teaching.  Gearing up for our Little Vikes lab school, her insight was enjoyed by the students, and we appreciate her sacrificing her time to enhance our work-based learning.

Upcoming events:

ASB and ELD/World Language/AP Spanish Literature departments have joined forces to host Dia De Los Muertos and Harvest Festival on November 2!!  Like Harvest Festival last year, there will be a haunted maze, food tables, and entertainment at the stage.  There will also an altar display from the ELD/World Language/AP Spanish Literature departments and presentations from students about the significance of the altars.