A group photo of the Hueneme tennis girls’ team.

Weekly Update, Friday, November 2, 2018


This week Counselors made classroom visits through Freshman Science providing 9th Graders with information on Graduation and A-G Requirements along with discussing the “keys to success” which includes goal setting, study habits, communication with teachers and tutoring.  We also pointed out that our philosophy at HHS is that ALL Students can go to college!  Furthermore, we discussed the 5 Systems of Higher Education – Community College, CSU and UC Systems, Private Universities and Out-Of-State Universities.  Finally, we touched upon the primary factors influencing the strength of a student’s application to a 4-Year College: A-G GPA, SAT and ACT, and Extra-Curricular Involvement.

Counselors are with funny masks in their faces.

Counselor Bogan attended the state-wide School Counselors Conference held in Riverside California. An active member of the California Association of School Counselors and previous Executive Board member she networked with 1500 attendees and brought back to HHS some Best Practices for College and Career applicants as well as current FAFSA Information to share with the team.

Counselor Bogan is in the beautiful balloon decoration.


Cross Country: On Wednesday, 10/31/18, the Cross-Country Program ventured off to Lake Casitas to compete in the Citrus Coast League Championships for Cross Country.
Leading the way for the HHS Girls Varsity CC team and earning First Team All Citrus Coast League Honors was Evelyn Nieto who finished the 3-mile race in 21:13 for 6th place individually. Leading the way for the HHS Boys Varsity CC team and earning First Team All Citrus Coast League Honors was Salvador Gonzalez who finished the 3-mile race in 16:57 for 5th place individually. The HHS Boys & Girls Cross Country Programs qualified for CIF Southern Section Playoff out of the Citrus Coast League. This marks the 10th CIF SS qualification for the girl’s CC program in the last 15 years & the 12th CIF SS qualification for the boy’s CC program in the last 15 years.  Please congratulate our CC Athletes for a job well done.
Our next scheduled Meet is Friday 11/9/18 in Riverside for the CIF SS Div. 2 Cross Country Prelims.

Runners are ready to start.

Girls Golf: the girls first golf season in the Citrus Coast League. The CCL is doing all league tournaments instead of dual matches like we did in the PVL. The first three league tournaments we finished 3rd behind Fillmore and Nordhoff, edging out Santa Paula and Carpinteria. The final two league tournaments we finished 2nd, only finishing behind CCL Champion Fillmore High School. The last tournament we fell to Fillmore by only 4 strokes with Viviana Magana taking medalist honors by shooting a 45 at Soule Park in Ojai. This is Vivana’s only season golfing, so this is a great accomplishment for her. Please give her your congratulations if you have her in your classes. Also, Sophia Leighton and Kayla McCormick finished as CCL 2nd Team members following up their 2nd Team PVL honors from the previous season. Please congratulate them as well.

Girls Tennis: Please congratulate Jessica Ayala 12th, Alondra Rojas 11th and Liz Espinoza 11th on their selection to the inaugural Citrus Coastal League 2nd Team for Girls Tennis

Two girls with tennis rockets.

The Lady Vikings traveled to San Gabriel HS yesterday to take on the Matadors in a CIF Wildcard match. Unfortunately, the team came up short losing by the score of 13-5. San Gabriel turned out to be a very formidable opponent who displayed skill and quickness in their victory over the Vikings. The Lady Vikings played their hearts out but were overmatched this time around. I would like to thank everyone for their support this season as it was the fourth year consecutively of the Vikings making the CIF playoffs. We would like also to thank the Viking administration and all support staff for their support. Please congratulate them on a great season and we will try to do better next year.

376.	A group photo of the Hueneme tennis girls’ team.


This week in Ms. Bettencourt’s AVID 2 class, Ms. Alicia Villegas was a guest speaker.  Ms. Villegas is the OUHSD Nutrition Specialist. During her presentation, she presented a lesson on grocery shopping on a budget. Students worked in groups to design a healthy meal using a newspaper ad and a specific budget. They had to include all food groups and purchase enough food to feed 4-6 people. This is a great lesson to have as these students will be heading out to a four-year college and will need to know how to budget for meals in the near future. Additionally, the lesson ended with students having the opportunity to learn about some changes that have been made to the cafeteria menu this year and were able to share their ideas with regard to fruits and vegetables that they would like to see offered in the cafeteria.  Also, sign up for the LMU field trip will be Thursday at lunch in room 88.


Consumer and Family: Sciences Our ROP Intro to Teaching class began a new unit on Teaching Diverse Learners.  They discovered which learning style works best for them and which of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences they most closely resemble.  They also learned about special and gifted and talented education. Students in Careers in Education and Child Development began a new unit on human development and have been learning about cognitive and physical development.

YES Academy: The YES Academy Juniors hosted a movie night this past Saturday.  We enjoyed a showing of the movie Lights Out outside on the lawn.  On Halloween, we sponsored trick or treating by the SH students in our wing.  Special thanks to our neighboring teachers who helped distribute the treats.

Students wearing costumes are trick or treating.


Olivia Hernandez: English 1 has just finished writing their first official essay of the year. They completed an analytical essay answering the question: what compels characters or real people to set off on a journey- spiritual, mental, or physical? Students used three texts to support their claims throughout their essay with a focus on use and explanation of text evidence as well as MLA in-text citations.

Sonia Herrejon: 10th graders just finished submitting the ERWC Leopard Man Essay “Should people change to fit in a group?”  They have been reading the dystopian short story “Harrison Bergeron” and will be checking out Fahrenheit 451.

Eric Ehlers: AP Language and Composition students completed the CAASPP interim assessment on Tuesday.  This past Saturday, students from both sections attended a Saturday AP Institute presented by Mr. Ehlers and Mrs. Herrejon.  This 3-hour session sought to reinforced rhetorical analysis skills and allow students to receive more personalized instruction. English 3 YES class is completing an essay about “The Crucible.”  They have researched childhood during Puritan times and are comparing their research with the characters in the play.

Gabriela Gomez-Font: My ERWC seniors just completed a module on ethos, pathos, logos.  Students read three articles with different opinions on whether animals should be given rights.  Students identified the rhetorical devices used to persuade the reader and then wrote a Letter to the Editor stating their opinion on the issue.  Grading is based on the rubric given to students, grammar, spelling, convincing arguments, reference to at least one article and use of logos to make their points.  In addition, students did mini- grammar units where they worked on identifying the active and passive voice, fragment sentences, and knowing when to use a semi-colon.


Students are studying in costumes.Math 1 students are beginning chapter 2 by analyzing patterns and coming up with rules to describe their growth or decay.

Math 2 students are learning about modeling probability with an area model and tree diagram.

Math 3 students are using graphs to solve an equation.

Precalculus (pictured) concluded the unit on Linear and Quadratic Functions, including Linear and Quadratic regression.

AP Calculus AB tested on the Derivatives chapter and recognized the patterning in the Product Rule.

CCR Math has started working with functions. This week the students explored machines as functions then developed rules and questions to ask themselves to identify functions.  As part of preparations for working with functions, students have been practicing simplifying expression to sharpen their order of operations skills and combining like terms skills.  As we progress through the unit, students will apply the skill learned to code a simple video game.


Pacifica Brain Brawl

On October 20th, 2018, 0800 – 1300, the Hueneme NJROTC Academic Team competed at an academic brain brawl hosted by Pacifica NJROTC at Pacifica High School in Garden Grove, CA.  Five of our academic-excelling cadets represented our unit.  As a team, they answered various questions pertaining to maritime heritage, sea power, and other naval topics such as the fundamentals of naval operations, seamanship, navigation, meteorology, drills, and current events.  On our way to the event, the cadets made sure to help train one another testing each other’s knowledge.  Our cadets went up against other 19 high school NJROTC teams answering questions in jeopardy style, promoting team work, team spirit, camaraderie, and sportsmanship.  Overall, our cadets placed 13th out of 20 teams!

The Hueneme NJROTC Academic Team is at the table ready to compete.

The team members are wearing their medals.

A photo of the team from the side.

C/Seaman Enad Deputy Public Affairs Officer


“Flaming Pumpkin” demo for Chemistry and Biology classes for Mr. Callaway (Click the link below)

Exploding Pumpkin


Students in AP Euro used creativity and technology to demonstrate their mastery of the Catholic Reformation. Students decorated pumpkins (see picture) and created commercials that they recorded and edited themselves.

A table with painted pumpkins.

Government classes completed projects on California propositions that they submitted and shared through Google Classroom.


Teachers and Counselors are superheroes in disguise!

Teachers and Counselors are dressed as superheroes.