Natalie Lopez is giving a speech at Port Hueneme City Hall Veterans Day Event.

Weekly Update, Friday, November 16, 2018


Students in ROP Intro to Teaching are developing a presentation discussing special student populations (GATE, ELL, SPED).  They have been researching these student groups and will be presenting about challenges, accommodations, and classification of these subgroups.

We have been studying human development in Careers in Education and Human Development.  Students are learning about different behavioral theories and will be applying this knowledge to our study of the character of Huck in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in their English class.

This week also presented an opportunity for both of these education pathway courses to discuss school emergency procedures and the decision-making process that accompanies such situations.



Natalie Lopez is giving a speech at Port Hueneme City Hall Veterans Day Event.

On 11 November 2018, Natalie Lopez, Commanding Officer of Hueneme High School NJROTC Program was a featured guest speaker at Port Hueneme City Hall Veterans Day Event.

The Veterans Day theme was “Successful Women in Uniform and in Leadership” PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE.  Cadet Lopez was asked to speak alongside many other notable dignitaries which included US Congresswoman Julia Brownley, State Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin, Port Hueneme City Mayor Sylvia Munoz Snapp, and Ventura County Supervisor Kelly Long just to name a few other guest speakers.

356.	Natalie Lopez is with US Congresswomen Julia Brownley.

US Congresswomen Julia Brownley

357.	Natalie Lopez is with CA Assemblywomen Jacqui Irwin.

CA Assemblywomen Jacqui Irwin

358.	Natalie Lopez is with Commanding Officer, NBVC Medical.

Commanding Officer, NBVC Medical

As a young woman and future leader like Cadet Natalie Lopez spoke about her role and responsibilities as the Commanding Officer of NJROTC and how her role is preparing her for success as a future leader.  Cadet Natalie Lopez brings great respect upon herself, her family, Hueneme High School, and the Navy Junior ROTC.

Article by: Chief Hayes, Naval Science Instructor


Psychology students participated in a series of experiments (see picture below) that helped them improve their hypothesis and data gathering skills, and computer skills while demonstrating mastery of key concepts for their Sense and Perception and Learning and Memory units. (They had fun too)

Students are feeding blindfolded classmates.
Students in Government classes assessed results from Midterm elections and compared their voting with the state results. Students are also participating in a variety of Google Classroom assignments that get them using technology to enhance learning.

US History classes went over results of their second Common Assessment. They were assessed on their ability to write with evidence. They are becoming very good writers of history, by coming up with original thesis statements and proving them with historical evidence.