Weekly Update, Friday, November 30, 2018


This week Counselors are meeting with 9th and 10th Grade students who have multiple D/F Grades which includes holding parent conferences while discussing study skills, goal setting, graduation and a-g requirements, attendance and personal/social and family issues.  Furthermore, the HHS Counseling Team attended a VCOE Conference on Special Populations which addresses the concerns and needs of students from Foster and Group Homes, and those who are considered Migrant and Homeless.  In addition, Counselors are completing recommendation letters and sending school profiles and reports along with transcripts for Seniors who are applying to 4-year Universities.


AVID Seniors have been working hard this week to complete their UC and CSU application; deadline is November 30th.  On Wednesday, some of our AVID students visited Loyola Marymount University where they had an admissions presentation by Christopher Kwan. After the presentation, our students received a campus tour of LMU by two of their undergraduate tour guides. 


Seniors in Intro to Teaching are completing a unit on teaching diverse learning styles.  They learned about multiple intelligences, special education, gifted and talented students, and ELL students.

Juniors in Careers in Education and Child Development are researching different developmental theorists (Piaget, Vygotsky, etc).

The YES Academy is gearing up for a busy holiday season.  More than twenty of our students are involved in after-school tutoring internships.  We are also volunteering soon at Parkview Elementary School for a family night.  All grade levels are currently planning holiday activities for our friends in the SH department for the week of December 17-21.


Mr. Pariso’s CCR Math students are continuing to work with functions. This week they were tasked with creating mathematical models to represent and predict outcomes of 3 different real-life situations.  Task one looked possible tile configurations. Task two looked at a flu epidemic predicting how many will be infected over time. The final task looked at how long it would take to sign contracts based on how many signatures the signee must complete. Students will visually represent their data with a graph.


Cadet/Lieutenant Commander Andrea Lopez is the Executive Officer of the Hueneme

High School NJROTC unit. Her position consists of monitoring and guiding various departments, such as administration, supply, and public affairs.  She interacts with all cadets on professional and personal level.  Her position has taught her patience, understanding, as well as motivation.  Cadet/Lieutenant Commander Lopez says, “It’s easier said than done. I am grateful for the opportunity to hold this position. I know that there are great things waiting for myself and the unit.”  She knows that maintaining a position within the unit has its struggles, but they are outnumbered by the lessons she learns from them.

C/ Lt. Castrejon, Nathaly, Public Affairs Officer


The annual blindfold walk took place this week. Psychology Students participated in this experiment as part of their unit on Sense and perception. (see pictures below)

US History students practiced writing with evidence and sharing their writing in their Academic Discussion groups.