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Weekly Update, Friday, January 11, 2019

Three graduates with Principal Adrian J. Ayala.


This week the Counseling Department is planning our Incoming 9th Graders Feeder School Presentations and Course Offerings along with how we will Implement the new Online Registration Process.  Furthermore, Counselors are working with the various Departments to help finalize what the Course Offerings will be for all grade level to help prepare for In-House Registration which is coming up in March.  The Counseling Team is also monitoring the progress of Seniors who are taking Cyber High Courses after school as well as meeting with the students who are not maintaining adequate progress.  Finally, it is important to note that HHS Counselors are continuing to work with representatives from local community colleges to coordinate upcoming Senior field trips to Oxnard College and Ventura College.


The seniors in ROP Intro to Teaching are currently learning about instructional strategies in preparation for the development of a formal lesson plan for our lab school.

Our juniors in Careers in Education and Child Development are learning about the development of children during Middle Childhood (ages 5-12).  They are applying developmental theories (i,e Piaget, Erikson, etc.) from our last unit to better understand the development of this age group.

Students in both courses with not only be working with students in our lab school beginning in May, but all will be interning in elementary school classrooms.  The instructional strategies and child development concepts that they are learning about now will definitely serve them well in their upcoming work-based learning settings.


Math 1: Students are investigating how parallel and perpendicular lines are rigid transformations of linear functions.

Math 2: Students are solving triangles with unknown values with trig functions…

Students are studying in a big classroom.

Math 3:  Students are developing the inverse functions with “Do”/”Undo” process…

Another photo of students in a classroom.

Precalculus: Students are extending the concept of inverse functions to connect exponential and logarithmic functions, develop log properties and utilize the log properties.

AP Calculus: Students are using the 1st and 2nd derivatives to optimize functions…

Students in a classroom are solving math tasks with functions.

AP Stats: Students are using a probability distribution of discrete random variables to calculate and interpret the mean and standard deviation of events.


Cadet Lieutenant Nathaly Castrejon is in a uniform in front of the USA flag.I am Cadet Lieutenant Nathaly Castrejon and I am currently the Public Affairs Officer of the Hueneme High School NJROTC unit.  My position consists of updating the NJROTC website, writing and submitting articles every week for the school website, creating classroom presentations, and taking pictures of any event the unit is involved in.  I also work as the recruiting officer and I collaborate with the unit Chaplain to find community service events for the unit.  I am a graduate of the JROTC Leadership Academy.  I am also a member of the Armed Drill team and Cyber Patriot.  As far as extracurriculars outside of NJROTC, I am part of Mock Trial and I am the official photographer for the Spirit of Thor Pep band.  I was formerly a part of the Drama, Oceanography, Spirit, and AVID clubs.  I have been enrolled in AP and Honors courses throughout my entire high school career.  I am a fluent Spanish speaker and I am currently in the process of joining the labor union, C.A.U.S.E. I have also been selected to be a candidate for the American Legion Auxiliary’s (ALA) Girls State, a highly competitive program from which one person is selected out of five eligible students.  Being the role model to two younger siblings and the second member of my immediate family to graduate high school, I hope to one day attend a University of California and major in either Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, Law, or give back to my country and enlist in the Navy.

C/Lt. Castrejon, Nathaly, Public Affairs Officer


Government students practiced research skills and completed a research paper on a Supreme Court case, Snyder V. Phelps. The students evaluated the decision and conducted academic discussions on first amendment rights according to the U.S. Constitution.

A lot of students are in the classroom.

Community Law Enforcement Academy for Young Adults

A graduation was held for Community Law Enforcement Academy for Young Adults on Thursday, January 8, 2019. This 60-hour program is designed to provide youth with an insight to the law enforcement profession. The students are individually selected to participate in this academy. Students learn about the history of law enforcement, the criminal justice system, ethics and conflict resolution. The students are also exposed to various units within the police department including SWAT, K-9, Traffic, CSI, Investigations and PAL. Upon successful completion of the program, the students earn high school credits. Some graduates have gone on to pursue successful careers in law enforcement.

Andres Garcia, Valerie Guerrero and Alyssa Rios completed the program and received Certificates for their participation. Counselor Cynthia Bogan was there to congratulate our graduates. Principal Adrian J. Ayala met and congratulated the students at HHS.

Three graduates with Principal Adrian J. Ayala.

Club News

HealthCorps Club, in collaboration with ASB, ran the HHS Can Drive from November 7th-December 14 in all period 4 classrooms. Over the course of the can drive, classrooms were motivated by HealthCorps students, when they checked in on them on Fridays. The class that raised the most cans went to Ms. Morales’ classroom with a total of 126 cans! In total, HHS donated 725 lbs of food to FoodShare!

On Wednesday, December 19th, HealthCorps Club and ASB decked the *stage* with colorful decorations and assembled all donated cans into a festive tree that was on display the rest of the day! All cans were then picked up by the local food bank, FoodShare, as a holiday donation to our local community in need of food over the holidays.

HealthCorps Club and ASB look forward to next years can drive to help the community and spread cheer across HHS!

A group of students with collected cans.

Students are building tree of cans.

Many layered HHS tree made of cans.

The HHS tree made of cans decorated with red and white balloons.

Students are around the tree made of cans.

Two red trolleys are full of cans.

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