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Weekly Update, Friday, January 18, 2019

Cadet Ivy Fajardois is in a uniform in front of the USA flag.


The Counseling Department is currently analyzing Progress of and meeting with Students taking after school Cyber High Courses.  We are also working to organize the Incoming Freshman Registration which includes visits to the Feeder Schools and a newly implemented Online Registration Plan which will include multiple Parent Nights in February.  Furthermore, Counselors continue to meet with students who are having Social/Emotional Issues and/or struggling with Academics/Attendance.  We are also regularly holding SST’s and Parent Conferences while attending IEP’s.  Finally, it is important to note that Counselors are also attending District Office Meetings in order to plan strategies for Online Registration/Enrollment and In-House Registration.


This week, students in Ms. Ambriz’s AVID 1 are finishing up college research projects as part of their final, and seniors are working on getting letters of recommendations completed or submitted as part of their scholarship unit. This week, began the transition from the fall tutorial schedule to our spring tutorial schedule. Minor adjustments are being made as the number of tutors available each day depend on their class schedules at Oxnard College and CSU Channel Islands. We have a very dedicated group of tutors who provide assistance and most importantly peer mentoring to our students.


ROP Intro to Teaching – Students are finishing a lesson on instructional strategies.  They worked in groups to develop a lesson about the first amendment (cross-curricular with their Government class) using the instructional strategy assigned.  Each group presented the lesson to the class, and we had class discussions following each lesson.

Careers in Education and Child Development – We are finishing up a unit on the development of 5 to 12-year-olds.  Students completed a guided study guide for half of the material and their created their own study guides for the second half of the chapter.


Math 9 students are solving equations and simplifying using algebra tiles. As we finish the week, the students are preparing for their final with station rotation reviewing topics such as proportional reasoning, graphing linear equations, identifying patterns, rules, and writing equations with linear relationships. (pictured; Santiago)

Four students are at the board.

Math 9 Bil students: We’re concluding the lesson on finding averages and reviewing for the Final Exam. (Diaz)

Math 1 Intervention students:  We’re concluding the lesson on slope and reviewing for the Final Exam. (Diaz)

Math 2 students are wrapping up their chapter on factoring and trigonometry. Students looked at special cases of a quadratic and factored these. In addition, Math 2 students went out to measure how tall the school’s light poles were by making use of a clinometer and the tangent ratio. (Gamez)

Math 3 and 3H students are working to see the relationship between exponential and logarithmic functions. Tutorial workshops have been offered all week to allow students an opportunity to prepare for the final exam. (A. Bettencourt)

Precalculus students are revisiting Logarithm (from Math 3) and Exponential Functions (from Math 1) and extending the lesson to solve equations using Log and Exponential Properties.

College Algebra students are completing their unit on exponents and polynomials and starting to work on their semester 1 final through the CSUCI edReady program. (Medrano)

AP Stats students presented their Bias Projects. Students could have created bias from adding additional information to a question or change their appearance to persuade participants to answer one-way vs another. This project helped solidify our unit on experimental design. (pictured; Corona)

Two students are presenting their project in front of the class.

AP Calculus students are finding Antiderivatives and developing the concept of Indefinite Integrals. (Morales)

Math Department teachers had a professional development tutorial on Parent Square, led by Mr. Gibbs. (pictured)

Teachers are in a classroom at a professional development tutorial.


Cadet Ivy Fajardois is in a uniform in front of the USA flag.

Cadet Petty Officer Second Class (PO2) Ivy Fajardo is the Charlie Platoon Commander. As a platoon commander, she looks after, guides and trains her cadets.  She is a member of the Armed Drill Team.  She is talented and has an amazing singing voice and can play a wide variety of instruments, including piano, ukulele, flute, and many others.  Cadet PO2 Fajardo is enrolled in honors and AP classes, and is a part of the Hueneme High School Banners Team.  After graduating high school, she plans to pursue a singing career or a career in the medical field.  Cadet PO2 Fajardo leaves her cadets with this advice, “Be motivated and push yourself in the present so you can be successful in the future.”

C/Lt. Castrejon, Nathaly, Public Affairs Officer


US History students worked on a variety of AVID strategies this week to help them answer the ELQ’s for standard 11.5- (1920’s).
AP Government students demonstrated mastery of content standards for Civil Rights and liberties.
Geography DI students are working on key cultural concepts for Latin America countries.

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