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Weekly Update, Friday, January 25, 2019

A poster with Eric Ehlers (classroom teacher) and Narcelle, the dog.


Students this week had either their last binder check for semester 1 or squeezed in one more tutorial before finals.  Additionally, we are in the process so setting up classroom presentations in our lower level AVID classes from CSUCI on Dia de Familia event hosted by University Culture.  This event is an opportunity for students to not only bring their family members to see the campus but also for families to learn about how to best support their child pursue a higher education as well as meet and hear from CI students and staff about how to be successful in college– whether it be here at CI or anywhere else a student may end up attending. This year attendees, including parents, will have an opportunity to experience college for a day, and get classes on Admissions, Financial Aid, STEM, and hear testimonials from current college students.


Eric Ehlers: AP Language and Composition: We continued our work with argument essays.  We have focused on the appropriate use counterargument.  Students wrote an argument essay based on the novel Bless Me, Ultima, which students read over Winter Break.  This past Saturday, we held an AP Saturday Institute for students who need additional help with the essay style or would like additional individual feedback. For finals, they will be writing a rhetorical analysis essay and an argument essay.

English 3 YES: Students worked on a small research project to help build the necessary skills for our full research paper project that they will be starting the first day of next semester.  Emphasis is being given to organization, utilizing appropriate sources, and citing sources.

Elisabeth Hanrieder: Sophomores continued their work on dramatic interpretations of monologues, working with passages from Julius Caesar, Le Miserables, and Oedipus Rex. They are using the SMELL (sender/receiver relationship; message; emotional strategies; logical strategies; and language) strategy to organize their thoughts.

Seniors did research on a controversial issue, working on counterclaims and gathering evidence.

Olivia Hernandez: English 1 worked on group research projects. Each group was assigned a topic that will help students further understand the historical context of To Kill A Mockingbird. Groups were responsible for dividing subtopics that each individual was responsible to complete. Guiding questions and prompts were provided to assist in research. Students were also responsible for completing a research bibliography to accompany their presentation. Power point presentations on the culminating research surrounding the novel will be completed and presented during finals week.

Reading 9 has finished reading The Last Book in the Universe and is now working in the iLit program on Interactive Reader assignments.

Chicano/a Literature read and discussed The Underdogs as well as completed their senior research papers.

Tim McGee: Eng 1 CP & RCP: ERWC Module-Undercover Parent, close reading and analysis of the article, marking the text.

Eng 1 H: Discussion and analysis of Animal Farm, comparison between Ideal and Reality, notes on symbolism and representation for argument.

Gaby Gomez-Font: ESL 101: Students were progressing through the Inside the USA textbook and reviewing locations and people.  Students read Island of the Blue Dolphins and wrote sentences about the reading on a daily basis.  They also worked on Rosetta Stone to acquire new vocabulary.

English 3: Students practiced making statements about the reading and learning to cite evidence correctly using the MLA format. Students also read a play and studied the literary devices used to develop the plot.

ERWC: Seniors finished working on their research papers on a controversial issue.  They used a software program named NoRedInk to sharpen their grammar and writing skill.

Kara Bettencourt: Seniors worked on Renaissance poetry — reading and creating sonnets.

Juniors worked on a short unit about American Romanticism and made connections between the 19th and 21st century art and culture.

Claudine Muro: Students in Chicano/a Literature completed their study of MLA format and put their finishing touches on their research paper. They concentrated on maintaining voice and style while integrating research and citation. At the same time, students were also responsible for a folk tale project where needed to collaboratively work to create a video depicting a modern version of a tale from Rodolfo Anaya’s Cuentos: Tales from the Hispanic Southwest. During our finals, we will watch the video projects. Bravo Seniors!

2H used Google Slides and MLA citation skills to present aspects of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the rise of racism and discrimination towards Japanese Americans that followed. Simultaneously, they maintained their reading schedule for Farewell to Manzanar. They are on their way to their final essay of the year- a timed, in class essay. Keep up the GREAT work 2H!

Harmony Lane: English 1H finished part 2 of To Kill a Mockingbird after completing the part 1 quiz. They have also been working in class and at home on the final group projects that are set to be presented during finals week.

Sonia Herrejon: English 1H finished their group presentations last week and will be completing a final on To Kill a Mockingbird. They also will be turning in their final essay of the semester.

English 2 students finished writing their last essay of the semester based on Fahrenheit 451. They will be also taking a final on the book.

AP English Language and Composition students are writing 2 essays for their final assessment, an argument essay and a rhetorical analysis essay, as well as a culminating vocabulary final.


Math 9 classes reviewed using algebra tiles to combine like terms, evaluate, solve problems, and analyze Functions using different representations such as graphs, tables, and equations with station rotations. Students, also, prepared study guides and annotated notes to use on the final. (Santiago)

Math 9 Bil/ Math 1 Intervention: This week our students are working hard on their final exams to show all they’ve learned this semester! (Diaz)

Math 1: Students completed chapter 3 with lessons on transformations, parallel and perpendicular line relationships, and symmetry as they prepared for their semester 1 final exam. (Kaikaina).

Math 2: Fun filled days perfecting and wrapping factoring of a variety of quadratic expressions and putting trig functions to work determining not-easily-measured distances. All the while reviewing and learning concepts in preparation for our final exam, which many are doing extremely well on. (Mingus)

Math 3:  is giving a cumulative final exam this week on chapters 1-3 from first semester. The semester final is being used to improve past test scores by targeting the key concepts from each chapter. Students who took advantage of the tutoring offered last week are showing improvement on their mastery of the concepts. (Britton)

Precalculus students worked on their review and study sheets in preparation for course final.  Students completed a multiple-choice portion for chapter 1 through 4, and a combination of multiple choice and free response for chapter 5.  Starting in semester 2, the focus will be on trigonometric functions. (Zamora/Photographed below)

A lot of students are in the classroom.

College Algebra students are taking their finals. (Medrano)

AP Stats students are Students are working on free response AP questions regarding binomial distribution.   (Corona)

AP Calculus students revisited topics Limits, Differentiations and Applied Differentiation- Related Rates and Optimization. (Morales/Photographed below)

Another photo of students in the classroom.

Math Department lead teachers attended Math Leadership meeting and further developed their understanding of the DOK levels as applied in Math. (R. Kaplinsky).


On January 19th, the Hueneme High School NJROTC unit competed at the Murrieta Mesa High School Field Meet. The event consisted of personnel inspection, drills, academics, and athletic events designed to build team work, esprit de corps, and camaraderie within our unit and amongst the other schools as well. Hueneme placed 10th overall, with armed basic drill placing 7th, color guard placing 8th, and unarmed basic drill placing 10th.  As far as athletic events, Hueneme placed 6th in the 16×100 relay and 9th for push-ups.  This competition proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable event which gave cadets a perspective on just how big the NJROTC program is statewide.

The Hueneme High School NJROTC unit is on the field with officers.

The Hueneme High School NJROTC unit is on the field with a flag of school.

Cadets are doing push-ups.C/Lt. Castrejon, Nathaly — Public Affairs Officer


Classes spent the week taking finals and completing final projects. For example, Government students took their second CFA and completed a timed ELQ writing assignment this week.

In addition, US History students prepared for their third CFA. The Social Science department also held Corrective teaching opportunities on Saturday will continue to do so during second semester.


Students reported their community service hours for first semester this week.  Our academy students have volunteered over 1100 hours this school year, and more than half of that total was working with children.  Community service is a requirement in our academy, and we are very proud of our students.

This week we say goodbye to our sweet Narcelle.  Narcelle is in training to be a service dog through the organization Canine Companions for Independence.  We were fortunate enough to have Narcelle with us at Hueneme High School from the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.  She attended many academy events and is beloved by our academy members and teachers.  She will now begin the professional portion of her training before being placed with someone with a disability.A poster with Eric Ehlers (classroom teacher) and Narcelle.

We would like to thank the administrators at the district office and at Hueneme High School for allowing Narcelle to attend classes and begin her training. Much like the goal of CTE classes, her time at Hueneme High School was the beginning of her work-based learning.

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