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Weekly Update, Friday, February 1, 2019

Two students and Jane Escolano with his award.


One of the counselors is smiling with two signs.

The Counseling Team was very excited to the opening of the second semester with 99% accuracy regarding students’ placements. We would like to thank the entire HHS staff for their patience with the many changes that occurred.  As we begin the second semester the priority is our Seniors and Fall Pre-Registration for the incoming freshmen and our current students.

We are celebrating National School Counseling Week beginning this Monday.  We invite you to join in with the celebration by Celebrating each and every student first as well as our entire staff.  Thank you for all you do in helping our students become great citizens with Powerful Futures ahead.

Ms. Bogan attended the annual CEC/ROP Counselor information meeting. Our students need to be aware that they may attend a summer school course here at HHS entitled College and Career Readiness. Sign-ups will begin March 1 online at cec.gosignmeup.com

The Counseling team assisted our College and Career Outreach Coordinator with FAFSA ID registration.  This occurred through the Senior English course.  We thank the senior English Teachers for helping our students with the Race to Submit initiative.  The goal is 100% of the senior class will apply for Financial Aid prior to March 2.


AVID 1 class began the semester by updating their goals they had set at the beginning of the year for semester 2.  Additionally, they wrote a letter to themselves regarding what they would focus on semester 2. Letters will be returned to the students in June. They will finish the week working on their personality and learning traits.  The theme for the week in AVID 2 is “Reflection” where our students are spending time this week reflecting on the progress that we have made and setting goals for the coming semester. We are looking at how we can improve tutorials, focused note taking, organization, and inquiry questions. Our AVID EL students are practicing for the ELPAC where they are practicing the four domains: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. They will be taking the ELPAC during the class next week. They have also started using learning Priority an online program that will help them with reading fluency.


Math 9 students focused on interpreting linear graphs through multiple representations. They will be presenting their graphs on Thursday.  (Santiago)

Math 1: Math 1 students are learning how to find the solution to a system of equations by graphing. Their core problem considers when two trees would be the same height by comparing their growth per year. (Medrano)

Math 3: Students are preparing for the Chapter 5 test. Students will spend the next 3 days reviewing, with the test scheduled for Friday. Structured tutoring will be offered at lunch on Wed and Thur. Math 3H is starting Chapter7, continuing their work exploring the relationship between logarithms and exponential functions.  (Bettencourt)

Precalculus students are starting work with chapter 6 where the adventure begins of converting degree measurements to radian measurements and vice versa. Also, this week students will create the unit circle using special right triangles (45 -45 -90 triangle and 30 -60 -90 triangle) to develop certain angle on the unit circle.  (Zamora)

College Algebra students are completing a unit on factoring polynomials. (Medrano)

AP Stats students are creating sampling distributions using all possible samples from a small population and use the distribution to evaluate a claim about a population.   (Corona)

AP Calculus students discovered how the Trapezoid Rule and Riemann Sum lead to the Definite Integral. (Photographed below. Morales)Students are studying in a classroom.

Two students are making notes with multicolored markers.


Cadet Lieutenant Elian Lopez is wearing a uniform in front of the USA flag.

Cadet Lieutenant Elian Lopez is our Administrative Officer for Hueneme NJROTC. Cadet Lopez is responsible for creating, tracking, and filing all cadets’ progress and medical charts, and various correspondences.  He also tracks personnel awards and advancements.  Aside from NJROTC duties and responsibilities, Cadet Elian Lopez is involved in KIWINS, recycles for rescues, and volunteers at St. John’s Regional Medical Hospital.  He is currently enrolled in three (3) community college classes (Anatomy, Psychology, and Pharmacology of Drugs) alongside with his six (6) high school classes and hopes to attend UC Berkeley in the fall of 2019.  Cadet Elian Lopez is a well-rounded cadet and aspires to pursue a career in the medical field to become a future doctor.

C/LT. Castrejon, Nathaly, Public Affairs Admin


Physics did a lab on Atwood machines to conclude our forces unit. They got to compare their theoretical forces accelerations to their experimental results through several trials using different masses. Physics is phun!

Biology bilingual is working on a timeline for the history of the Earth events as part of our evolution unit. They took 22 relevant events to earth’s life history and made a large scale (15ft) timeline.


A Language for Academic Discussions card.

This week teachers went over CHAMPS and course Syllabus for new classes and reviewed for others. In addition to starting the new semester, US History students demonstrated their ability to proficiency mark the text and work in collaborative groups. Students in Social Science use the, “Language for Academic Discussions” cards by Kate Kinsella to help them facilitate an effective collaboration.

In Sports News

Winter Sports Are CIF Bound.

The CCL Boys Basketball team in their uniform with the coach.

Boys Basketball The HHS Boys Basketball program earned a berth to the 2019 CIF SS Playoffs by taking 1st place in the Citrus Coast League’s inaugural season. The CCL Boys Basketball Champions are currently ranked 7th in the latest CIF SS Div. 5AA polls.

A group photo in the uniform of the HHS Girls Basketball team.

Girls Basketball The HHS Girls Basketball program earned a berth to the 2019 CIF SS Playoffs by taking 1st place in the Citrus Coast League’s inaugural season. The CCL Champion HHS Girls Basketball Program went undefeated in CCL play, and are expected to get a top seeding in the CIF SS Div. 3A Playoff Brackets.

A group photo of The HHS Boys Soccer team.

Boys Soccer The HHS Boys Soccer program earned a berth to the 2019 CIF SS Playoffs by taking 1st place in the Citrus Coast League’s inaugural season. The CCL Champion HHS Boys Soccer Program went undefeated in CCL play, and are expected to get a top seeding in the CIF SS Div. 1 Playoff Brackets.

A group photo of The HHS Girls water polo team.

Girls Water Polo The HHS Girls water polo program earned a berth to the 2019 CIF SS Playoffs by nabbing up the Citrus Coast League’s 3rd place seed into CIF. This is the HHS Water Polo’s 1st appearance in CIF competition since 2009.

In Club News


On Saturday, January 26, KIWINS members made dog toys for Rosie’s Rescues.

Four KIWINS members are making dog toys.

Two KIWINS members are petting a dog.

Two students and Jane Escolano with his award.

At the event, Jane Escolano was awarded Officer of the Month and Ariana Torres was awarded Member of the Month.

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