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Weekly Update, Friday, February 8, 2019

279. Decathlon team with a sign of Hueneme High School.


Counselors presented at the Incoming Freshman Campus Tour/Orientation on Tuesday discussing the various Programs, Academies, Career Pathways, and Clubs available at HHS.  We also began meeting with Seniors who may need credit recovery.  Furthermore, Counselors are planning In-House Registration while continuing to meet with students and parents from all grade levels who are needing additional support and interventions.  Finally, this week we are also beginning to visit some of the local middle schools in which we meet with 8th Graders who are coming to HHS providing them with info on enrollment while helping them select their courses for their Freshman year.

A group of Counselors.

National School Counseling Week… HHS representing to the incoming Class if 2023


Walter Moody – On this past Friday, my Junior classes took a Magical Mystery Tour to Homeboy Industries. After a late pickup, we finally arrived. It was a surreal experience. We were excited as a class after reading the national and worldwide bestseller, “Tattoos on the Heart” by the founder of Homeboy Industries, Father Greg Boyle. Being there in person was nothing like reading the book. Our main tour guide, Francisco laid it down for the kids totally “keeping it 100” at all times. It was a positive experience to say the least. Many thanks to Principal Ayala for making the trip possible.

A group photo of students with Walter Moody.

A group photo of students.

Three boy-students at the wall with drawn wings on it.

Five girl-students at the same wall with drawn wings on it.


Math 9 students (pictured below) have been exploring a webquest on understanding slope and rate of change and its real-world connections. The students will finish this study with a presentation of their findings using Flipgrid and a shared google slides. (Santiago)

  A whiteboard with educational illustrations.Two students at the whiteboard  drawing illustrations.  A whiteboard with different educational illustrations.

Math 1B started to investigate the exponential function. They will compare and contrast the effect that changing the ‘b’ in the equation does to its graph.

Math 1 is currently solving systems of equations. They will be practicing three methods: The Equal Values Method, Substitution Method, and Elimination Method. (Gamez)

Math 2 students are currently wrapping up the first section in Chapter 5 on Quadratics. Students have been analyzing special properties of the Parabola shape. In addition, students have been solving for the zeros of a quadratic and writing equations of quadratics given either a table of values or a graph. (Gamez)

Precalculus students started the week finishing up review of the unit circle and are working on properties of trig functions with relationship to the unit circle with radius r.  We’ll finish the week with beginning to graph a full cycle of sine, cosine, and the tangent functions.  (Zamora)

College Algebra students are concluding their unit on factoring and beginning their unit on graphing. (Medrano)

AP Stats students are calculating the mean and standard deviation of sampling distributions, interpreting the values in context, and calculating probabilities of means and proportions.  (Corona)

AP Calculus students are using the Mean Value Theorem to develop the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. (Morales)


On 31st January 2019, the Hueneme High School NJROTC participated in the 2019 Career Education Showcase held at the Courtyard Marriot Oxnard.  The purpose of the showcase was to inform the current and incoming high school students about career pathways offered at Oxnard Union High School District.  Cadets Natalie Lopez, Fernando Lupian, Andrew Pyler, and I briefed the incoming freshmen and their families of the amazing career opportunities NJROTC can provide. Cadets who previously enrolled in NJROTC had exited the program with academic distinction in preparation for both colleges and future careers to success.  It was estimated 4,000 people in attendance during the event.  Numerous freshmen and parents have expressed their interests in enrolling in NJROTC.

 Cadets Natalie Lopez with a brochure about school.

270.	Cadets are behind the table with school presentation at the 2019 Career Education Showcase.

Cadets are presenting their school.

C/LT Castrejon, Nathaly, Public Affairs Officer


Emily Hildago from SEEAG (Students for Eco-Education and Agriculture) spoke in Ms. Sell’s classes.

A class with students.

Students are watching the presentation.


In Ventura county, agriculture revenues were $2.1 billion in 2017.   Strawberries accounted for $600 million of this revenue. Ms. Hildago explained the careers available in the field of Agriculture. She also explained the training required for such careers.She extended the invitation to attend Farm Day on November 9, 2019.  She also provided information regarding student volunteer opportunities.


AP Human Geography is wrapping up their Ethnic/Political unit with a group project. They’ve studied about the political boundaries around the world by learning about how they were created, why, and possible tensions these boundaries have caused. Students will be completing a group project that examines an area in the world that is experiencing tension, or has experienced it, as a result of political geography. This week they are conducting research online and creating a presentation through Google Slides. They will begin their group presentations next Thursday.

This week students reviewed and demonstrated mastery of Second Semester Champs by completing a quiz on Google Classroom. In addition, students researched career options available for Economic and Sociology degrees.  Furthermore, students explored the five themes of Geography in a creative and collaborative assignment. Finally, students in Economics practiced online research skills and took academic terminology and applied to real world situations that involved students discussing and reviewing documents like, rent applications.

The deciphering of each letter of the word CHAMPS

Students are in a classroom.


This past Thursday the district held an Academy/Pathway showcase at the Marriot in Oxnard.  Three of our academy seniors represented our academy at our table and had the pleasure of speaking to incoming ninth graders and their parents about our academy.

Three seniors are at the table with materials about the academy

We have begun recruiting our sophomore class for the 2019-2020 school year.  We’d like to thank the freshmen English teachers that allowed us into their classrooms to present to the class of 2022.

Academic Decathlon

Hueneme High School’s Academic Decathlon team competed for the last two Saturdays in the Ventura County competition. The mission of the United States Academic Decathlon is to promote and recognize learning and achievement by emphasizing the value of academic excellence for all students.  The theme of the 2018-19 Academic Decathlon Competition was: The 1960s – A Transformation Decade.

Decathlon team is sitting around the table.

The team with a sign of Hueneme High School.

Three members of the team with medals.

Please congratulate Senior Kevin Rangel, who won the Silver Medal in the Essay category, as well as a Gold Medal for the team’s Highest Individual Decathlete Score; Senior Fernando Lupian, who won the Silver Medal for the Interview category; and Senior Chastity Braxton, who was awarded the Team Spirit Award.  Thank you, Bailey Braxton, Chastity Braxton, Fernando Lupian, Kevin Rangel, Emma Richardson, and Maribel Solis for representing Hueneme High School in the 2018-19 competition.

Sports News

Girls Basketball

Please congratulate our Girls Basketball Team for their CIF SS Div. 3A Round 1, 56-50 victory over Simi Valley High yesterday. The Lady Vikings were led by Jalise McCaskill with 20 points, and Kylie Kraus with 15 points.

Our girls basketball team will travel to Mayfield High School in Lakewood for a CIF SS Quarterfinals game tomorrow. Good Luck Ladies.

Boys Soccer

Please congratulate our Boys Soccer Team for their CIF SS Div. 1 Round 1, 3-0 victory over Harvard Westlake High yesterday. Goals were scored by Jacobo Ortega, Giovanni Benevides, and Nacho Lopez.

Our boys soccer team will travel to Cathedral High School, ranked 2nd in the entire CIF SS, for a Quarterfinals Division 1 Playoff game tomorrow.

Boys Basketball

Good luck to our League Champion Boys Basketball Team. They will square off against Newbury Park Adventist in a CIF SS Div. 5A Round 1 Playoff game today at 4:00PM here at Hueneme High

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