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Weekly Update, Friday, February 15, 2019

Participants of the regional competition of FCCLA with their certificates.


On Monday, Mr. Zamora went to EO Green and Blackstock to our incoming freshman about AVID.  Seniors are getting excited (or nervous) as they begin to hear about their admissions to four-year schools. Once they have decided which schools they will attend, we’ll share out that information. Also, this week all classes began working on the AVID write off articles focusing on the pros and cons of “free” college.


This Saturday, six of Hueneme’s finest participated in the regional competition of FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) in the Child Development event.  Participants of the regional competition of FCCLA with their certificates.

All six of our students advanced to the state competition taking place in April.  if you see Maria, Esperanza, Fatima, Brenda, Isabel, or Evelin, please congratulate them on their achievements.


Elisabeth Hanrieder: Sophomores are doing “Tweets”‘ from Julius Caesar Act 1 and about to start on Julius Caesar Act 2. Emphasis on the art of persuasion. Seniors are working on the Good Food/Bad Food unit. Emphasis on essay structure and language.

Walter Moody: 10th grade Night. 11th grade Research Papers

Claudine Muro: Students in Chicano Lit are reading Rain of Gold, which includes being responsible for reading 50-100 pages a week, weekly quizzes and writing, study guides, and in-depth class discussion. In preparation to read Night, students in English 2H are collaboratively preparing a Google Slides show on various topics relating to the Jewish faith and the Holocaust. In doing so, students are working on improving their skills within the common core listening and speaking standards.

Olivia Hernandez: English 1: Students have started reading Romeo and Juliet. We are focusing on drama and literary elements present in the play. The essential question guiding the unit is: In what ways do relationships shape values, actions and lives? Reading 9: Students began reading the novel We Beat the Street in the iLit program. Students are also practicing their reading skills daily by working on interactive reader assignments, vocabulary, and grammar. Mex/Chicano Lit: Students have begun reading Rain of Gold. Students participated in seminar-type discussions about the parallels in history to today with a focus on the Mexican-American War.

Eric Ehlers: AP Language and Composition and English 3 YES – Classes are in the thick of the research project.  They have finished the research portion of the project and are now composing their first drafts.  Emphasis is being placed on generating and supporting a strong thesis, using proper in-text citation, and organizing information.

Marsha Landreth: English 4 spent Valentine’s Day played a Figurative Devices Game, having fellow students write LOVE examples such as: irony (your chocolate heart is poison), hyperbole (over the moon in love), litotes (this is no sublunary love), paradox (love hurts), double entendre (olive you), oxymoron (bittersweet love), metonymy, synecdoche (My heart is yours), personification (my heart sings for you), apostrophe (Cupid, your arrow pierced my heart), metaphor (love is a rose), simile (your eyes are like stars), and allusion (You are my Venus). Tomorrow English 4 will return to Frankenstein. English 4AP continues the study of poetry, as well as, reading and analyzing Frankenstein. Drama continues analyzing A RAISIN IN THE SUN.

Faith DeLuca: Students are beginning to Read Romeo and Juliet and learning how to paraphrase Shakespearean language into their own words.  They are also learning all about figurative language and its uses.

Sonia Herrejon: 1H- Students finished presentations on the Elizabethan Era and have started reading Romeo and Juliet. 2CP- Sophomores are continuing to read Antigone, emphasizing their reading on rhetoric and characterization. AP English Language and Composition students have completed the research portion of their research project and are beginning to write their first drafts.


NS 2 classes- Students are reading Don Quijote de La Mancha.  We also started working on a College Unit.
ESL 102- Students are working on a Black History Slideshow.  Also, our ESL 102 class is leading the ESL classes in our district with the Rosetta Stone Program.
ELD Saturday Academy- Our ELD Saturday Academy keeps getting better each Saturday, more and more students keep showing up and they are ready to learn.  We now have 3 classes and have just started a Newcomers class to help them with organizational skills and everyday vocabulary.


Math 9 students finished writing about how to find rates of change and slope from tables and graphs and created a classroom shared slideshow with real life examples for key vocabulary. We are finishing the week with a desmos activity that challenges students to analyze and use rates of change in a table and in a graph to control the pace of a cyclist and to solve several problems. (Santiago)

Math 1 Intervention: Our students are wrapping up the lesson on the Big Race where they’ve learned how to graph linear functions and interpret the y-intercept and slope. (See picture below Diaz)

Students are writing on the board.

Math 9 Bilingual: The students were divided into two classes this week.  Mr. Zamora is now also teaching a class.  We are reviewing basic math skills as well as Pre-Algebra skills and regrouping with the new class setting. (Diaz)

Math 1A Bilingual students will learn how to write linear equations given different situations, then apply their skills to figure out: who will win the big race? (Medrano)

Math 1: The focus this week is to define variables with “let” statements and to use them in equations based on situations in word problems.  Students are learning how to solve systems of equations in multiple ways.  (Kaikaina)

Math 3 is using skills that have been developed in previous lessons to write exponential functions that model a given situation. This week, they will use what they’ve learned about exponential functions and logarithms to solve a murder mystery.  (Bettencourt)

Math 3H is using what they know about right triangles to derive the Law of Sines and Law of Cosines.  (Bettencourt)

 Precalculus students are reviewing Chapter 6 with whiteboards and graphing and translating the graphs of y=sin x and y=cos x.  (Morales)

 College Algebra students will continue and conclude their unit on graphing. (Medrano)

 AP Stats students are currently interpreting a confidence interval, in context, determining the margin of error and point estimate, as well as use a confidence interval to make a decision about the value of a parameter.  (Corona)

AP Calculus students are using the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to identify patterns in the Properties of Definite Integrals and Find the Area Between Two Curves. (Morales)


On February 5th, 2019 Hueneme High School hosted a Feeder School Freshman Showcase.  NJROTC cadets helped with seating the incoming freshman as well as giving them a warm Viking welcome.  Cadets also assisted in ushering the 8th grade students from the gymnasium to the cafeteria and to their buses. The Color Guard team, commanded by the unit Chaplain, Cadet Lieutenant Sonny Lopez, presented the colors.  Cadet Master Chief Petty Officer Amy Arroyo, the Command Master Chief of the unit, performed with the Hueneme Mariachi Band.  A few other cadets were involved with other programs such as banners, link grew, band, and the APUSH Corps of Discovery.

A line of five cadets.

Musicians are playing.

A girl from cheerleaders is smiling.

C/LT Nathaly Castrejon, NJROTC Public Affairs Officer.


Physics: The physics students are learning about impulse and momentum by doing a 12-part collision lab. In each trial students analyze the direction and magnitude of each collision using a slow-motion camera and a stop watch.

Students are experimenting.

Other students are experimenting.

Biology: bilingual biology is learning about embryology in our evidence of evolution unit. They analyze samples of seven different embryos to draw comparisons.


A student is presenting her project at the board.

This week AP Human Geography presented their Political/Ethnic Conflicts group projects. Some examples of the conflicts that were covered/presented were N. Ireland, Chechnya, The Korea’s, Rwanda, Apartheid, Taiwan/China, Syria, Basque Region (Spain), and the Kashmir conflict to name a few. (See picture) In addition, US History classes did a re-teaching and re-testing for students based on the last CFA results and data chat.


Down 2 points at half time, senior forward LeVante Boyd opened 3rd Quarter scoring by muscling in a post move. Senior point guard Steven Lemos then “made it rain” splashing 5 3-pointers in the period propelling the Vikings to a double-digit lead.

Lemos wasn’t just a mad bomber, he took two critical charges in the second half. Boyd, Alex Asberry, Antonio Ayala, Jesus Martinez, David McMillon, and Gio Perea all played tenacious Hueneme defense stopping repeated Riverside County Education Academy drives to the basket.

The Citrus Coast League Champions won by 6 and move on to the Semi-Finals for the first time in school history!!!

One Twitter post has already dubbed the Saturday night, 7 PM, Final 4 game at Santa Clara High School, as “the biggest game in South Oxnard history!” Don’t miss it!! Wear red, bring your Viking Pride, and sit behind the visitor’s bench.

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