Weekly Update, Friday, March 1, 2019


The HHS Counseling Team had CET Presentations in our ELD Classes this week.  We also assisted with Online Registration Evening Workshops for Incoming Freshman.  It should also be noted that Counselors are continuing to meet with Juniors and Seniors doing Graduation and A-G Checks while planning our In-House Registration.  On Friday, we will be chaperoning the Pirate Friday Fieldtrip to Ventura College for 45 seniors who plan on attending after graduation.  Finally, Counselors also scheduled representatives from the Upward Bound Program to make classroom visits with 9th and 10th Graders promoting the program.

Next week is the elective fair in the gym during lunch Tuesday’s and Thursday


Math 9 students, get ready! Test on solving multi-step equations and graphing linear equations. (Santiago)

Math 1 Intervention: Our students are beginning chapter 3, learning about rigid transformations, reflections, rotations, and translations. (Diaz)

Math 9 Bilingual: Our students are working on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals.  (Diaz)

Math 1A Bilingual students will learn how to graph using both TI-86 graphing calculators and the Desmos graphing calculator. They will also learn to graph by solving an equation for y and by finding the x- and y- intercepts of a linear equation. (Medrano)

Math 1 Students are practicing solving systems of linear equations. They must first decide which method of solving is best and then use it to find the solution if it exists. They also recognize that if there is no solution the lines are parallel, and that if there are infinite solutions the equations are equivalent. (Medrano)

Math 2 finished their studies in Quadratic Equations. Students have been practicing solving quadratics by factoring and applying the zero product property, completing the square, and using the quadratic formula.  (Gamez)

Math 3: Math 3 is spending the week reviewing Ch 7 (Exponential Functions/Logarithms and Laws of Sine and Cosine) and will test on Friday. Math 3H is starting Ch 8. This week’s focus is on sketching graphs of polynomial functions and looking for ways to predict graphs, given an equation. (Bettencourt)

Precalculus students are preparing to take the chapter 6 assessment on Thursday.  Then we’ll take an exciting adventure into the world of triangles with Law of Cosines and Law of Sines. (Zamora)

College Algebra students will start a unit on rational expressions. They will focus on simplifying, multiplying, and dividing.(Medrano)

AP Stats students are reviewing the 4 step procedure for calculating confidence intervals for means and proportions. Students were able to practice intervals using released test questions from past AP Statistics exams.  (Corona)

AP Calculus students are completing the section on Area and Volume. (Morales)

Mathletes (pictured) participated in the Ventura College Math Competition over the weekend. We had nine students compete in an individual exam and 4 team rounds. Mateo Morales, Jane Escolano and Jett Bui were all top finishers for the individual exam. We look forward to participating again next year. (Bettencourt)


On February 23, 2019, the Hueneme NJROTC Cadets attended the annual Army JROTC Military Ball held at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles, CA.  This military ball is primarily a social event that promotes camaraderie among all JROTC cadets present from all branches of service.  Our Hueneme Cadets learned proper table manners, appropriate demeanor, and dress code for this formal dining out.  Every year, our Hueneme Cadets looked forward to attending this social event.  They enjoyed a three-course meal and a night of dancing.  We also would like to acknowledge the presence of our highly esteemed Vice Principal, Ms. Clara Ortiz, along with her son, Andy, who graced our invitation in support of the Hueneme NJROTC.  Thank you, Ms. Ortiz.



C/LT Nathaly Castrejon, Hue NJROTC Public Affairs Officer


Physics: students went out to the bleachers to do a Human work and power lab. By collecting data on their weight, height of the stairs, and time, the students were able to calculate how much power is needed to walk and run up the bleachers. Fun with physics!

Biology Bilingual: the students are working on a presentation on adaptations of an assigned organism. They will explain the adaptation and how this adaptation increases their fitness for survival in the organism’s environment.


Students in AP Euro took a document-based assessment on the Industrial Revolution. In addition, students created a stacked timeline for their notebooks. (see pictures below)
Students in Sociology analyzed case studies on Socialization and worked in collaborative groups to create a written response to the unit ELQ.

AP Human Geography is continuing to get ready for the 1:1 to next year. This week we started our Development unit. Students created pie charts on google draw for different regions of the world. The pie charts provided a visual of the percentages of jobs we see in the different job sectors (primary, secondary, tertiary). They are also creating an infographic using the Piktochart website. Students chose a country and are creating an infographic on their country’s gender practices. They will be including stats about gender, ratio of males to females, info about gendered spaces, laws or policies pertaining to gender, etc. This will give them a better understanding of what different types of factors are used to measure a countries GDI and GEM. They will also see how in accordance to the UN, every single country still demonstrates some level of gender inequality.

In Campus Life…

Hueneme High School SkillsUSA by  Mauricio H., Karen N., and Andres L. (Graduating class 2019!)

SkillsUSA is a national organization that prepares students for the workforce and trade careers. This was the first year that I have been in Hueneme High School’s SkillsUSA program and so far, it has been a great experience. My team and I prepared to compete at our regional competition under the Entrepreneurship competitive event category. Under this category, we were required to work as a team of four to create our own fictitious business plan to compete and present to a panel of judges. Although it was our first run at it, we were able to qualify for the state competition! We used what tools we were taught last year in our class with Mrs. Cole and utilized those skills to help enhance our project. Our fictitious business was called “Food Mama”, a nonprofit soup kitchen on wheels that would serve food to the community of low-income areas. We created fake flyers, logos, and a business plan as if we were going to actually start this business. Through SkillsUSA, we were able to work collaboratively in teams and work together on a project we were all passionate about.

Learn more about SkillsUSA @ http://www.skillsusaca.org/

In Sports News…

The Vikings managed just 9 first half points at Southwest High School, San Diego. Although Hueneme won the second half their fate was sealed and their season ended in a 54-35 loss.
It was a 20-win season that included a Citrus Coast League championship, first-ever CIF-Southern Section Semi-Finals appearance, and a first-ever CIF Southern Section State Playoff win.
A tearful Coach Meyer and coaches Matthew Meyer, Dave Serpa, and Isaiah Coleman want to recognize the efforts of our seniors:
Alex Asberry
Antonio Ayala
Levante Boyd
Keith Concepcion
Carl Fababier
Steven Lemos
David McMillon
and Giovanny Perea