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A group of students is next to Parkview School.

Weekly Update, Friday, March 8, 2019


This week the Counseling Team was represented by Mr. Sierra in the WASC Meetings summarizing College and Career Programs available for HHS Students.  Furthermore, Counselors are working closely with Seniors and Juniors who need Credit/A-G Recovery.  The Counseling Team also assisted with the SAT set-up and administration in the Gym on 3/6.  In addition, we are collaborating with the various Academic Departments to plan the 10-12th Registration which will begin the week of March 25th.  Finally, on Friday 3/8 Counselors planned and chaperoned a Fieldtrip to Oxnard College for approximately 150 Seniors in order to provide the students with the OC Orientation and the opportunity to meet with College Counselors developing Educational Plans.

Counselors took a bus of HHS students to meet with Ventura College Counseling staff. Students were able in to finalize their registration, hear about various programs and pick their classes.

A big hall with the Counseling Team on the stage.

A group of students is outside.

HHS Elective Fair

Students are next to the Career Education table.

A row of tables, presenting different programs.

A table of Career Education Center.


All grade levels are preparing the timed write off on the topic of “free” college. Students have been reading articles on the pros and cons of free college. They will complete the write off during the window of March 19th to March 29th. Seniors are beginning to receive UC admissions. Once we have a final list of where students will be attending, we’ll share that with the staff. Sign-ups for our CSU Dominguez Hills field trip on March 22nd have started. We still a few spots available.


Olivia Hernandez: English 1 students are currently reading Romeo and Juliet. Students are learning how to recognize dramatic elements in a play. Students are also considering the essential question from the perspective of their own lives as well as the characters in the play. Essential question: How do relationships shape values, actions, and lives?

Gabriela Gomez-Font: Students are working on a unit on juvenile justice. They are looking at the currently laws and when and why juveniles began to get adult sentences.  They are analyzing the different viewpoints by doing close reading and descriptive outlining of various articles.  Students are also working on writing varied sentences with complex sentence structures.

Sonia Herrejon: Sophomores are finishing up Antigone while examining Tone, Mood, Allusions, and Symbolism. They will be assessed on the play next week.


Cadet Commander (C/CDR) Natalie Lopez is our Commanding Officer (CO) for Hueneme NJROTC.  As the unit’s Commanding Officer, C/CDR Lopez is responsible for leading 160 cadets in the program.  She is the overall in-charge of operation and administration of the NJROTC to include training, supply/procurement, stem initiatives, and drill and athletic competition teams.  Some of her numerous NJROTC achievement awards include Distinguished Cadet, Honor Cadet, and The Military Order of the Purple Heart Awards for her excellent demonstrated leadership abilities and dedication to duty.  Our CO has attended and graduated from the prestigious NJROTC Leadership Academy in San Diego, CA.  Aside from NJROTC, Cadet/CDR Lopez does numerous hours of volunteer-work at the local library and church.  She is also involved in our school’s Advanced Via Individual Determination (AVID) program.  Upon graduation from Hueneme, she plans to attend the California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) to major in Early Childhood Studies with a minor in Psychology.  She’s aspiring to become a teacher in the future.

Cadet Commander (C/CDR) Natalie Lopez is in the uniform.

C/PO3 Enad, Elizabeth, Deputy Public Affairs Officer


Physics: students did a two-part lab to see and calculate the transformation between potential and kinetic energy. In the vertical leap lab, students tracked how high they could jump to calculate how their kinetic energy from jumping transformed into potential energy. In the pendulum lab students looked at the oscillating of the pendulum to look at period and frequency.

Students are doing an experiment with potential and kinetic energy.

Students are doing activities required by the experiment.


This week Juniors in US History worked with the amazing, Ms. Vasquez (EAOP) and figured out their GPA’s and created their educational/academic goals.  (See pictures below)

    Students are listening to Ms. Vasquez and her presentation.

A table to create educational goals.

In addition, Juniors took the SAT this week. Finally, Seniors and Juniors in Sociology collaborated on an assignment that challenged them to make important Sociological decisions. The activity gave them the opportunity to discuss and debate using academic vocabulary from their notes (See pictures below)

Students are working in groups.

Students are making notes.


This week we had a guest speaker Jose Mendoza “The Garderner” presenting AVENUE OF ARTS to Hueneme High School Students. Mr. Mendoza talked to the students about his life and how he created Avenue of arts to educate and support our youth with diverse artistic and literary abilities and to uncover each student’s potential on their quest to succeed in life. Avenue of the Arts begins with selecting a poem that he wrote “Take a Minute to Change the World” the art students will create a visual interpretation of the questions/answers in the poem. He also explained that this can include other subjects such as the English classes which will write a story inspired by the question/answers in the poem. The next part of the project would then include the Art Students creating a visual interpretation of the stories written by the English Students, and in turn each English Student will create a written interpretation of the visual piece created by the Art Students.

Jose Mendoza is communicating with students.

Students are listening to Jose Mendoza.


Juniors and seniors in our education pathway are preparing to begin their internships at Parkview Elementary School next Monday.  Students will be traveling to Parkview one day a week will be working with a master teacher in the classroom.

A group of students is next to Parkview School.

The Little Vikes Lab School also begins next Monday.  Seniors have been busy developing daily lesson plans for our students.  This is an exciting time of year for us.  We have room for a few more students.  Please contact Eric Ehlers at eric.ehlers@oxnardunion.org for more information.

In preparation for this upcoming work-based learning, all of our juniors and seniors are getting certified in CPR and first Aid by the Red Cross.  This certification is valid for two years.


Please congratulate the following young men for their victory this past Saturday at UCSB. They participated in the MESA club competition (Math Engineering Science Achievement) and won first place against all other local schools. (The seniors won the Rube Goldberg comp, and the Sophomores won the Right Turn Glider comp). They will go on to participate in the MESA Regionals competition next month against all of Southern California at UC Riverside.

Three senior winners of the MESA club competition.

(Seniors): Javier Garcia, Mauricio Rosales, Daniel Tena

Three sophomores winners of the Right Turn Glider competition.

(Sophomores): Angel Pulido, Michael Mendoza, Melvin Murcia