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215. Cadet Lieutenant (C/LT) Sonny Lopez is in the uniform.

Weekly Update, Friday, March 15, 2019


The Counseling Team assisted with Higher Education Week on Tuesday this week in which Juniors were invited to the Gym in order have the opportunity

To explore the various Universities that were set up.  The students also gathered information from the University Representatives so that to help

them with their decision as to which Universities they will be applying to as a Seniors.  Furthermore, the Counselors are working with the HHS Administrators and Department Chair Teachers in order to finalize the Course Offerings for the Upcoming School Year.


Math 9 students are presenting posters on solving complex equations using multiple representations. Students show how to solve a problem with algebra tiles, beads, numbers, and words to explain how they did the math.

Math 1 Intervention: Our students are working with Algebra Tiles to help them understand how to multiply polynomials.  The students will also be learning important facts about the number pi as we celebrate national pi day on 3/14!  (Diaz)

Math 9 Bilingual: Our students are learning about divisibility rules, prime and composite numbers, in order to be able to find the factors and multiples of numbers.  The students will also be learning important facts about the number pi as we celebrate national pi day on 3/14!  (Diaz)

Math 1A Bilingual students will review their skills with algebra tiles and extend their knowledge into multiplying binomials using the area model.  (Medrano)

Math 1: Students are learning about exponential functions and how they are used in the real world. They discovered that exponential growth occurs when rabbits multiply, and exponential decay occurs when bouncing a ball. Students are working on a lab in which they are required to measure the rebound height ratio of a bouncing ball and use this to create an exponential equation.  (Deckrow)

Math 2: After learning how to use the ratios of Special Triangles to find the missing sides of Right Triangles to wrap up Chapter 6, Math 2 students will be rolling the dice again and investigating Conditional Probabilities in Chapter 7. (Neos)

Math 3H continues working with polynomial functions. This week they are exploring how complex roots can be used to write equations. (Bettencourt)

Math 3 is doing some final CAASPP review and getting an introduction to the graphs of polynomial functions.  (Bettencourt)

Precalculus Students are working on application problems with Law of Sines and Law of Cosines.  Students will be reviewing for a quiz on Thursday.  (Zamora)

College Algebra students will start a unit on matrices. They will focus on solving systems in three variables, writing matrices given a system of equations, and learning Gauss-Jordan elimination of 2×3 matrices.  (Medrano)

AP Statistics Students are hypothesis testing about population proportions and means using the 4-stop procedure and interpreting the power of a test.  (Corona)

Three students are by the wall working with a ruler.

Two students beside the wall with a ruler are doing the test.

Оnе student is holding the ruler, another with a phone.

Students are learning Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.

AP Calculus students are focusing on the calculus of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.  (Morales)


Cadet Lieutenant (C/LT) Sonny Lopez is in the uniform.

Cadet Lieutenant (C/LT) Sonny Lopez is the Chaplain for the Hueneme NJROTC program.  He is in charge of keeping the morale up and referring cadets who need counseling with the appropriate professional assistance. He also makes sure there is no bullying, harassment, and hazing in the program. As the Commander of the NJROTC Color Guard team, he trains the cadets on proper flag etiquette. The team has presented the colors at many ceremonies within Oxnard and Port Hueneme all the way from school functions, sporting games, all the way to parades and military ceremonies. He also leads and trains the team to compete at local competitions and field meets against other JROTC units. Some of his numerous NJROTC achievements include the Surface Navy Association Stephen Decatur award which recognizes outstanding Freshman/Sophomore Cadets in their first year. Outside of the unit, he participates in our school’s varsity track team and does the 800, 1600, and the 3200. Also, he is involved in a youth ministry and is a musician for Church. Upon graduation, he plans to attend Indiana Bible College and join the Marine Corps. He aspires to become a Military Police (MP).

C/PO2 Enad, Elizabeth Deputy Public Affairs Officer


Juniors participated in the Higher Education experience. They learned about different schools, financial aid, scholarships, and the overall system of higher Education. (see image below)
Students took what they learned to help them create college and career plans.

A big screen in the school gym.
In addition, Economic students analyzed case studies to help them prepare for their business unit and creation of a business plan.


This was a very exciting week for our juniors and seniors.  On Monday, we opened our Little Vikes Lab School.  We currently have eight students between the ages of 3 and 5.  Our seniors have designed the lesson plans for the 8 weeks of the school and are also in charge of the instruction.  Our juniors also get to work with our students, focusing more on child development aspects.

Juniors and seniors are studying together.

We have gotten off to a great start and are having a blast.  We couldn’t have asked for a better group of students.


Congratulations to Senior Antonio Ayala for being selected Second Team All Ventura County by the Ventura County Basketball Coaches’ Association. Tony was also asked to play in the County All-Star game this Friday, 7 PM, at Ventura High School.

Congratulations are also in order for Campus Supervisor and Viking basketball coach, Isaiah Coleman. Coach Coleman was selected the Boys Basketball Frosh-Soph Coach of the Year by the Ventura County Basketball Association.