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202. Students are around the Neuron diagram, drawn on the pavement.

Weekly Update, Friday, March 22, 2019


It has been a very busy week.  The Counselors have finalized in house registration which begins with the students receiving their Transcript and Registrations forms on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  This year registration takes place in the Library and we will be going through the Social Science department.  Each student will meet with their assigned Counselor and discuss their College and Career plans.  The registration materials will be collected and input into Synergy.  Summer courses will be offered at this time as well as CEC/ROP courses.  Planning the Reach Higher Assembly Class of 2019 scheduled for May 13 is underway.  This year over 90% of our seniors are already registered to attend College!

A group photo of the Counseling Team.

The Counseling Team would like to thank our faculty for the precious time you allow us in your classroom!


This week our AVID classes are completing all the readings and activities related to this year’s write-off prompt. One of the final activities is to do a One Pager on “Free” College where they had two indicated two pro and con positions supported by textual evidence, 5 to 8 key words, community college and four-year school comparison, and two visuals.  Attached are pictures of AVID 4 students doing a gallery walk of the One Pagers.  Additionally, on Thursday evening, Mr. Zamora and AVID Seniors Brandy Palacios and Maritza Rodriguez attend the EO Green AVID Night where they shared their experience being in AVID and answered any questions from students and parents.

A board with posters on the "Free College" issue.

Students are in the classroom with posters.

Five students are reading posters.

A student is reading a poster.


Math Department: Juniors are taking the Math CAASPP test (March 19-29).


Mrs. Nakamura’s Anatomy and Physiology class recreated Neuron diagrams with their creative spin. Students are learning about their nervous system and the main component is the nerve cell, which allows for communication throughout the body. Her students were excited to get outside and share what they have learned! They also included a class logo! Check it out!

A Neuron diagram with the class logo on the pavement.

Students are around the diagram.

A drawing on the pavement with a nerve cell - neuron.

Another drawing on the pavement with a nerve cell and its parts.

A drawing on the pavement with synaptic transmission.

A colorful model of a nerve cell on the black background.

Students are drawing on the pavement.

A chalk scheme of a nerve cell on the pavement.


World Civ students participated in an Academic vocabulary-based role play titled: Mein Kampf-Hitler pro or con? Students read quotes from Mein Kampf and assumed various roles from historical post WWI Germans in order to vote pro or anti Hitler. Students spent time actively engaging and learning.

US History students demonstrated mastery of writing with historical evidence by completing an online assignment titled “Finding the Evidence” on Google Classroom. The assignment was used as a gateway from standards 11.7 to 11.8.

Finally, Geography students created a word map of the United States physical geography in an earlier set of Cornell notes and then used their word map to create a visual map of the US geography. (See picture)

Students are showing their maps of the US geography.