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HHS Science Fair Students at Ventura County Science Fair

Weekly Update, Friday, March 29, 2019


Math 9 Bil/ Math 1 Intervention: Math 1 Intervention: Our students are learning how to multiply polynomials by using area models. (Diaz)

Math 9 Bilingual: Our students are learning how to find factors and greatest common factors. (Diaz)

Math 1: Students in Math 1 are continuing explorations with exponential functions while trying to make connections between a problem’s situation, equation, graph, and table. (Kaikaina)

Math 3: With CAASPP testing wrapping up, Math 3 classes are returning to Ch 8. This week was spent predicting graphs, and looking for patterns, given a polynomial function. (Bettencourt)

Math 3H: has using multiple methods to divide polynomials. Polynomial division is allowing the students to factor and solve polynomials of higher degree. (Bettencourt)

Precalculus:  We have return to the swing of things now that juniors have completed CAASPP. This week, we are beginning chapter 7 with working with inverse trig functions and transitioning to work with trig identities. (Zamora)

AP Statistics (pictured): Students constructed a confidence interval to find the true mean difference in Chips Ahoy cookies compared to Treasure Chips. (Corona)

Students are working in groups.

AP Calculus students are studying the Exponential Growth and Decay and Other Differential Equation for Real World Applications. (Morales)


On March 22, 2019, Hueneme NJROTC went through the Annual Military Inspection (AMI).  AMI is an annual inspection of the Navy Junior ROTC program conducted by Area 11 Manager or a guest senior inspector (Naval Officer – active duty or retired).  Our senior inspector this year was from Reseda High School, a Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI), Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) Alfonso Francisco, Navy retired.  The first event on AMI day was personnel inspection, in which all five (5) platoons and cadet staff were inspected by the guest senior inspector.  Following personnel inspection was the ceremonial phase/pass-in-review.  The color guard team paraded the colors and the national anthem was sung by our unit Command Master Chief, Cadet Amy Arroyo.  The armed and unarmed drill teams also performed basic and exhibition drill routines.  Many cadets were promoted to advance within ranks.  Following the award and promotion ceremony was the pass-in-review.  All the cadets in their respective platoons marched and saluted the senior inspecting officer.  The last agenda during AMI was the cadet staff brief.  The cadet staff briefed the guest inspector on Hueneme NJROTC philosophy, mission, vision and road ahead, as well as the progress of each department, competing teams, and the overall progress of the unit.

An officer in the uniform is giving a speech.

Cadet staff are being inspected by the guest senior inspector.

A cadet is being promoted to advance within ranks.

Cadets are marching in their respective platoon.

C/LCDR Castrejon, Nathaly, Public Affairs Officer


Physics: physics students started a project today in which they will integrate all the concepts they have learned this year. They are making a 3-minute sports clip in which they are commentators and explain the physics that is occurring in the sporting event op their choice.

Biology: the students are learning about DNA. The students followed a lab protocol in which they were able to extract the DNA out of strawberry cells.

Students in lab masks are experimenting with strawberry cells.

Another stage of the experiment with strawberry cells.

Ventura County Science Fair Results:

Last Friday 37 HHS biology students from Ms. Nakamura’s, Ms. Sell’s and Mr. Callaway‘s classes competed in the Ventura County Science Fair at Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks.  The following students won awards:

3rd Place Microbiology – Daniel Brit and Sidara Thomas, “Microbial Disinfectants”

Geological Society ($300) Gemma Garcia and Ranessa Davis, “Water Quality”

2nd Place Human Biology – Giovanna Garcia and Yadira Perea, “Heartrate and Athleticism”

1st Place Human Behavior – Angelheart Rogel and Elizabeth Enad, “Myers-Briggs and Behavior Prediction”

A group photo of students with an American Football player monument.

HHS Science Fair Students at Ventura County Science Fair

Winners with their projects.

Place Winners at the Ventura County Science Fair

The following students will be going on to the State Science Fair in April at the Science Center at exposition park near USC:

2nd Place Botany – Jorja Garcia, “Anacharis and the Effect of Various Light Wavelengths on Growth”


Social Science students spent the week practicing their speaking and listening skills through various presentations designed to demonstrate mastery of academic vocabulary. The assignments this week were creative and collaborative. Students took an active role in their learning and the results were very impressive! For example, U.S. History students demonstrated mastery of Standards 11.7 this week by completing a project of their choice. Options included, Digital Timeline PowerPoint/Prezi, WWII Propaganda Posters or creation of an original WW11 Propaganda poster. Students presented their work to the class as a final step in the lesson. Students were given a rubric and asked to creatively demonstrate key concepts of the unit in preparation for their CFA. (see student examples) In addition, AP European History students spent the week studying the ISM’s, the sophomore’s like the juniors, spent their week creatively demonstrating mastery of academic vocabulary by completing visuals that were used as aids for classroom presentations. (See images)

An original propaganda poster with text: "Leave Hilter to me sonny you ought to be out of lo...".

A  news clipping with the heading: "WAR! Japanese planes attack Oahu".

The presentation on the topic "Nationalism".

Another presentation on the topic "Nationalism".

The presentation on the topic "Socialism".

The presentation on the topic "Utilitarianism".


The YES Academy has finished up our third week of our lab school and Parkview internships.  Our lab school meets Monday through Wednesday.  These are also the days that our students attend their internships at Parkview Elementary School.  Thursdays and Fridays are days of reflection and preparation for next week’s lab school.  Our students are doing very well both working with the 3 to 5 year-olds in our Little Vikes Lab School and the K-4th graders they are working with at Parkview.  In the upcoming week, we are looking forward to organizing egg hunts for both our lab school students and our friends in the SH department.

Last Friday, many of our students attended the district career fair.  Students received valuable information from employers, and senior Tristan Brown was on the raffle winners who received a new laptop.

A group photo of students.