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A student is showing his business idea on a laptop.

Weekly Update, Friday, April 5, 2019


The Counseling Team has begun to meet with all Students which will continue throughout the month of April.  We are confirming students’ course requests for the upcoming school year while doing graduation and a-g checks and signing them up for summer school.  Finally, we will be discussing with each student their post high school options (University, Community College, Vocational Ed., Work, and/or Military) while assisting them with developing a plan of achievement.  We are also discussing GPA, grades, and study skills along with any barriers or issues related to student achievement.


AVID 4 students are beginning to work on schedule planning based on the requirements of the IGETC this week.  Students will need to take a minimum of 12 units (pushing them to go for 14 or 15), plan for at least three hours outside of class for every hour in class, and plan for at least 12 hours of work.  They will have to chart this all out on a time block, so they can see how their schedule plans out for the semester. This will continue next week with planning a schedule as a third- or fourth-year student and go through the same process as the General Ed level.  AVID 3 students just finished their essay for the write off.  Both classes had some really interesting discussions during a Socratic seminar about the idea of “free college”.


Juniors in their US History and English classes spent the week taking the ELA CAASPP test.

Seniors in Economics transformed their classrooms into a Business Fair- where they presented their new business ideas. (see images below)

A student is showing his business idea on a laptop.

Students are working on laptops on their business ideas.

A colorful violet poster of the business idea "Sweet Taste".

A poster with the business idea "Confident Beauty".

A screen of a laptop with an evaluation table on it.

The assignment followed a detailed WebQuest and rubric designed to incorporate Academic Language from their Business and Labor unit with 21st century technology skills. Students created their online presence with Websites and Instagram accounts and shared their contact information on Google Classroom. Their presentations were created using Google Slides and they stepped away from technology to create hand drawn Business Banners. Finally, students voted for best new business of 2019. Picture of Winners and business booths will be shared next week!