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Weekly Update, Friday, May 17, 2019

A student is showing DNA educational materials.


Students in Ms. Ambriz class are Students are presenting their “How to Speeches” to the class. They are working on their presentation skills and how to explain something step by step using transition words.  (Picture shows presentation of How to Make a Tropical Smoothie).

A student is showing the presentation "How to Make a Tropical Smoothie".

Mr. Zamora’s students are doing the last part of their college project by students creating college pennants.

An example of college pennants.


Ms. Lane: My classes are finishing up and essay for Of Mice and Men and will be moving on to Sold starting Monday. 

Mr. McGee: Eng 1H: Previewing Sold with a documentary on Nepal and poverty, starting literature circles for reading the book. Explanation of PSA project. Eng 1CP: Finishing Of Mice and Men essay, previewing Sold with a documentary on Nepal and poverty, starting literature circles for reading the book. Explanation of PSA project. Eng 1CP: Finishing Of Mice and Men essay, previewing Sold with a documentary on Nepal and poverty, starting literature circles for reading the book. Explanation of PSA project. Eng 1RCP: Finishing Of Mice and Men essay, Unit 3 in iLit – A Midsommer’s Night Dream

Ms. Bettencourt: Seniors are finishing their unit on Romanticism and the novel Frankenstein.  They are working on some creative writing and art projects as well.  Juniors are finishing the novel Great Gatsby and starting their final drama unit on Raisin in the Sun as part of their study of the American Dream.  They will be finishing the unit with some autobiographical writing.

Ms. Muro: After Just completing an essay for Julius Caesar on various topics such as protagonist, fate and freewill, Aristotle’s tragic hero, and Dante’s placement of Brutus and Cassius in “The Inferno,”2H is now working on the EWRC module “The Age of Responsibility,” and gearing up for another essay in 7 days! At the same time, students are working in Khan Academy on “Syntax- Sentences and Clauses” as well as reading Lord of the Flies on their own for the final. Chicano Lit has just completed the 562 page Rain of Gold, and have written a personal response essay on what Victor Villasenor’s purpose is for his readership. Students have now moved on to a lecture on the Chicano movement, which highlights the civil rights movement as a catalyst. In doing so, students practiced Cornell note taking and summarizing. We have watched the movie “Walk Out,” and will now move on to the Chicano/a Poetry. 

Ms. Landreth: HHS Drama is presenting LITTLE WOMEN, May 23, at 7 p.m.  Admission free. Senior English classes are memorizing the first 18 lines of The Canterbury in Middle English. Mark your calendars for May 30 and June 1 for the all-school musical. 

Ms. Herrejon: 9th Grade Honors finished reading Of Mice and Men and are working on their essays. They will be checking out Sold on Monday.  10th Graders are beginning to read Night. AP English Language and Composition need to finish reading Catcher in the Rye and will be checking out Great Gatsby next week.


Math 9 students (pictured) were introduced to exponents through patterns of squares. We will develop our understanding of exponent rules throughout the week.  (Santiago)

Two students are standing at the board.

Math 1 Intervention: Students are reviewing/practicing solving systems of equations by the methods of substitution and elimination.  They are also learning what it means when a system has no solution and infinitely many solutions.  They’re taking their final quiz in Chapter 6 and starting Chapter 9 on Inequalities.  (Diaz)

Math 9 Bilingual: Students are learning about Integers, Absolute Value, Opposites, and the different operations with integers.  (Diaz)

Math 1: Students are continuing their unit of inequalities.  They are learning how constraints can limit numerical possibilities by graphing and solving systems of inequalities (linear and exponential). (Kaikaina)

Math 3 is using what we have learned about trigonometry, circles and right triangles to develop the unit circle this week.  (Bettencourt)

Math 3H is using Desmos activities to explore ways to transform graphs of sine, cosine, and tangent.  (Bettencourt)

Precalculus students are beginning the Calculus unit.  (Zamora)

AP Stats:  Preparing for AP Exam on Thursday, May 16! (Corona)

AP Calculus students successfully completed the AP Calculus AB exam on Tuesday, May 14.  Congratulations!   (Morales)


Physics: Students designed a Rupe-Goldberg as a creativity challenge that also incorporates the forces & motions that we have learned this school year. All groups design had to follow a sequence so that the entire machine would function together.

Students are holding big posters with schemes.
One student is holding the posters with schemes, another one is speaking.

Biology bilingual: The students are learning about DNA and protein synthesis. They are learning about the structure of DNA and the base-paring rules along with transcription and translation. 

A student is showing DNA educational materials.
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