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A group photo of students outside.

Weekly Update, Friday, May 24, 2019


This week, EAOP’s college site coordinator, Ms. Vasquez, finished 10th grade A-G presentations in all Sophomore Classes. Sophomores were given their transcripts to help along with the power point presentations to check the progress of their A-G completion status. Ms. Vasquez also coordinated with UCSB’s office of admission to present to students who are interested in applying to their campus. EAOP also coordinated a field trip to UC Irvine this week where 23 HHS & 26 CIHS juniors got to visit the campus firsthand.

A group photo of students outside.
Students in the classroom are watching a presentation.


On Monday, May 20th and Wednesday, May 22nd Mr. Foulks took the AOED students for a tour of Haas Automation. They toured the demo room then the catwalk which overlooks 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The tour also included the engineering workspace and this Friday, May 24th they will have a lunch with some of the engineers who are employed there.

Mr. Foulks with students in manufacturing.


Mr. Pariso: This week, CCR Math students began working on their end of the year project. Students are creating a business plan for a small business they could run by themselves, without employees. Students will be calculating the initial start-up cost, operating cost, and developing a marketing plan for their business in addition to projecting sales, profits, and the break-even point. The project will culminate in a Shark Tank pitch for their final.

Math 9 students are becoming expert exponent users. We are finishing up our study of the rules of exponents this week. (Santiago)

Math 1 students are learning the triangle congruence postulates. They will continue to practice identifying whether or not two triangles are congruent before learning how to organize their thoughts into a flowchart.  (Deckrow)

Math 2: From Quadratic and Absolute Value Functions, the Math 2’s have transitioned to writing and graphing the equations of circles based on the function: (x-h)+ (y-h)2 = r2 which will help further prepare them for the rigors of Math 3.  (Neos)

Math 3 Students are finishing up the unit circle and will begin chapter 11 on simplifying rational expressions.  (Britton)

Precalculus Students have ventured into the exploring the calculus topics of instantaneous rate of change, derivative, and definite integral through a variety of explorations that goes with each topic. (Zamora)

AP Stats students are investigating whether a woman can smell Parkinson’s Disease.  (Corona)

AP Calculus students are reviewing and prepping for the course summation grade. (Morales)


Ms. Dempsey: Biology students dissected wood frogs, after 2 weeks of studying human body systems and comparing them to those of amphibians. The class analyzed different physical features that contribute to the frog’s fitness in water and land. For the first time in Mrs. Dempsey’s class; lead students led the dissection for students who required a make-up session. 

Students are dissecting wood frogs.

Engineering academy: The Academy Seniors are working full-time on their cross-curricular roller coaster project which involves: designing and building a scaled original roller coaster, manipulating variables and physics calculations, doing a cost analysis, doing a research paper, and preparing a Shark Tank style pitch for the industry engineers that will be judging them on June 4th. 


Seniors in Economics are starting their Stock Market game as part of their Marketing and Banking unit. Students will be analyzing data and researching their investments for the next few weeks. Sociology students are preparing for the Culture presentations that will begin next week. The projects involve Speaking, Listening, Technology and Writing skills. Finally, AP European students finished their AP games this week and will work on their writing skills to prepare them for the US History AP course next year.