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Students are relaxing on the beach.

Weekly Update, Friday, May 31, 2019


Counselors are busy finalizing Seniors for Graduation while holding parent conferences for students grades 9-11.  Furthermore, Counselors are working with Administration on master schedule issues for the upcoming school year.  Finally, Counselors participated in Senior Awards Night, helping distribute and announce awards and shake hands and congratulate seniors.


On Thursday, three of our AVID Seniors were award an AVID Scholarship to assist them with the studies next year.  We are able to award this scholarship due to the generosity of an annonymous donor who for the past six years has provided for three awards. This year, the following students were our recipients:  $500 to Diana Vargas (CSU Channel Islands), $300: Brandy Palacios (CSU Long Beach), and $200: Maritza Rodriguez (BYU Idaho).


Math 9 students have begun studying for the final (Santiago)

Math 9 Bil: Students are solving 1-step equations.  (Diaz)

Math 1 Intervention Students are applying their knowledge on solving systems of inequalities to solve real-world problems.  (Diaz)

Math 2 In room 67, Math 2 is piloting google classroom and has started their “Mastery Tracker” via google sheets. As students cover surface area and volume, they track their progress, efforts and feelings in regards to the four main objectives and math practices. This is giving students who are not yet experienced with google classroom time to practice using the learning canvas for next year. In regards to the standards, students completed an EdPuzzle on Surface Area and more students are now able to compute the area of all faces of a rectangular prism. (Gamez)

Math 3 has started their final chapter involving simplifying rational expressions and operations with rationals expressions. This chapter will allow for further practice with factoring and other foundational skills, better preparing them for next year’s math content. (Bettencourt)

Math 3H has begun their final chapter involving sequences and series. They are working with manipulatives this week to develop ways to calculate the sum of a series without have to add each individual term.  (Bettencourt)

Precalculus students are continuing to develop the concepts of instantaneous rate of change, derivative and learning the notation, f’(x).  (Morales)

College Algebra students have begun their semester 2 finals.  (Medrano)

AP Stats students are analyzing statistical articles. (Corona)

AP Calculus students are Integrating by Parts and the Tabular (“Tic Tac Toe”) Method for integrating by parts. (Morales)

Students are sitting in the classroom and smiling at the camera.


Mr. Marshalek’s Biology CP and Co-taught Biology CP with Mrs. Dempsey had students explore the theme of Human Impacts. Students worked within groups to design, create, and develop a solution for a particular human impact they were most interested in studying. Students then developed a “Public Service Announcement” or “TV Commercial” utilizing IMovie, Screencastify, or Adobe Spark, explaining the human impact, how the human impact affects biodiversity, and what solutions can be engineered to combat them. Students then did a gallery walk and left post-its detailing what they learned (reflecting upon) each groups project. Students then used 1 google slide to show their understanding of the Human Impact theme through a self-reflection using words, sentences, images, and GIF’s as their assessment. 

Habitat Destruction Video (Click link below)


Teach a Lesson Video (Click link below)


Physics: Our students went to Parkview Elementary for our second annual Science Day. This is our community outreach in which the students present scientific discrepant events to the young children. It is an inquiry-based experiment in which the little kids have to observe, predict, hypothesize, and speculate. The students use a poster model to emphasize the physics/ chemistry concept behind their project. Our students and their students alike had a blast!


Economic students in YES Academy hold up their letters from Kamala Harris. Students participated in a first amendment letter writing project with Josh Chancer, Learning Design Coach at OUHSD. The letters from Senator Harris addressed their concerns and encouraged them to continue voicing their concerns. We are grateful to both Ms. Harris and Mr. Chancer. (See picture)

Students are holding their letters.

In addition, US History students are examining key events of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s decades from end of Cold War to the Environmental movement. Students are practicing their ELQ response writing as they prepare for their final CFA.
Lastly, students in Sociology class presented their projects this week. Their assignment was to demonstrate mastery of the components of culture by creating a technological, creative and collaborative presentation. 


This last week we had an art show for Avenue of Arts at Studio Channel Island with Condor and Hueneme Students. The students did a visual or written interpretation of a poem written by Jose Mendoza. The students all did such a wonderful job and were very inspired by the poem.  

The poster for Avenue of Arts.
A number of visual interpretations on Jose Mendoza poems.
Hanging visual and written interpretation of poems.
A man is taking photo of illustrations.


It has been a busy 2 weeks for the YES Academy students.  Last week we finished up both our Little Vikes Lab School and our internships at Parkview Elementary School.  Our lab school commencement was held in the cafeteria, and we are very proud of our nine Little Vikes.  We had a wonderful experience working with the children, and our students gained valuable work-based learning throughout the 10 weeks.

Little students are sitting in square academic caps.

On Tuesday, May 21, twelve of our academy juniors and seniors attended an event called Entree to Employment at Cal Lutheran.  This is a networking event organized by VC Innovates that brings together students and members of a particular industry sector (in this case education).  We brought the most students in the county, and all of our students got to meet and talk to Dr. McCoy, as well as other Ventura county educators.

We held our annual advisory board meeting on Wednesday, May 22, at Pacifica High School with the two other education pathways in the district.  It was a pleasure to meet with our own Oscar Hernandez and Debbie Warren and others to present updates about our programs and engage in dialogue about how to streamline a pathway between our programs and credentialing programs at the university level.

Our senior retreat took place on Thursday, May 23.  Thanks to the diligence of the wonderful Robin Wayne, we were able to procure a grant that allowed us to take our students to Santa Cruz island free of charge.  While on the island, we had a nature guide who informed us of the history of the Channel Islands and led us on a scenic hike before returning to the harbor and sharing a wonderful meal at a Greek restaurant.

Students are relaxing on the beach.

This Friday, May 31, we will be holding our annual senior ceremony at Hueneme High School.  This is an opportunity for us to invite all of our students’ families, share a meal, and recognize our senior class.  We will be presenting both the Debra Warren Scholarship and the Tuck Engelmann Scholarship, as well as distributing other awards and graduation cords.