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Students are holding certificates about their academic achievements.

Weekly Update, Friday, June 7, 2019


The counselors took time to organize and plan for next year’s calendar. Some important dates include classroom grade level presentations, credit recovery, reach higher, ASVAD and the elective fair.

The counselors are at the meeting.

UCSB’s Early Academic Outreach Coordinator, Ms. Vasquez, recognized 130 A-G on track Juniors for their academic achievements! These students are all eligible to apply for Universities in the fall. She coordinated and hosted this recognition to celebrate their efforts and on-going achievements. Students who were recognized were given some resources to help support their academic success such a certificate, a copy of their TES report, an account manager to help keep them organized, and the upcoming SAT/ACT dates for the next school year.

Students are holding certificates about their academic achievements.
A white table with cupcakes and balloons.


AVID 2 practiced their WICOR strategies this week with the Spaghetti Marshmallow Challenge (see attached picture). The activity aligned to the following WICOR strategies:

A table with a free-standing tower made of spaghetti and marshmallow.

W- After debriefing the activity, students were given a prompt and completed quick write 

I – During this inquiry-based activity, students attempted to construct the tallest free-standing tower

C – Collaborative groups of 4-5 students worked to complete the task

O- Students had to organize their thoughts into a plan and then execute that plan

R – Directions and debrief prompts were provided to groups 

In the end, only 1 of the 5 towers remained standing after the marshmallow was placed on top. 

Also, our seniors presented their senior class project to the faculty this morning.  Each planet in the system represents the college/university our AVID seniors will be attending in the fall (see attached picture). 

Four girls are holding their project.


Math 9 is reviewing for the final via art projects, jeopardy games, and treasure hunts. (Santiago)

Math 9 Bil: Students were assessed on solving 1-step equations and are now reviewing for the final exam. (Diaz)

Math 1 Intervention: Students were assessed on Ch9: Solving Inequalities, Absolute Value Inequalities, and Systems of Inequalities.  They are now reviewing for their comprehensive final exam.  (Diaz)

Math 1 As we near the week of finals, students are completing instruction on triangle congruence conjectures to determine if triangles are the same without measuring all their parts.   Additionally, students are preparing for their final exams by reviewing learned material from this semester. (Kaikaina)

Math 2 Students are exploring Surface Area and Volume of Space (Solid) Figures, as well as how Linear Scale Factors affect Area and Volume of Plane and Space Figures, respectively. Moreover, Math-2 students are reviewing Equations and Graphs of Quadratic Functions and Circles, along with identifying opportunities to utilize Special Right Triangle and Trigonometric Function tools in preparation for their final exam. (Mingus)

Math 3 is finishing up our last chapter on rational expressions. Students have been working on multiplying and dividing rational expressions and we are now wrapping up adding and subtracting rational expressions. This chapter is allowing students to practice previously learned factoring techniques so that they will be prepared for the classes they will take next year. (Britton)

Precalculus is working on finishing up the concepts of indefinite and definite integrals and limits of a function. (Zamora)

AP Statistic students are using screencastify to break down key topics (Corona)

AP Calculus students are practicing Integration by Parts and reviewing for the Final.  (Morales)


Mr. Gotts: Chemistry students are exploring the properties of non-Newtonian liquid by creating one in a lab after studying phases of matter

Mr. Avalos: Students in physics have embarked on “My Biggest Fan Challenge.” The students are learning about air resistance, drag, and terminal velocity. Their challenge is to create a device in which an object with remains “floating.” They have to address the opposing forces of gravity and drag to complete the challenge! 


Students in Social Science have been busy the week before finals. From demonstrating mastery of the physical geography of Latin America for 9th graders (See map picture below) to the creation of Economic standards based on state standards for Social Science for 12th graders. (See pictures below)

In every classroom students are busy, studying for comprehensive academic language based exams or preparing for collaborative technological based presentations. Great end to a very impressive school year. Congratulations to our graduating seniors!


We celebrated our seniors on Friday, May 31, with our annual senior ceremony.  After a nice dinner prepared by our juniors, we congregated in the library for a slide show and awards.  Michelle Gonzalez was this year’s recipient of the Debra Warren Scholarship ($500) for one of our students who will be continuing on to a four-year university.  The Tuck Engelmann Scholarship ($250) for a student attending a community college or trade school was awarded to Rosalinda Lopez.  Brenda Nieto and Crystal Fernandez also received scholarship, and Fatima Diaz received a Community Hero award and scholarship for completing over 90 hours of community service this year, all of which were working with children.  We are proud of all of our seniors and will miss them.

Seniors are holding their certificates and smiling while being photographed.

This week was also an exciting week for some of our juniors as they learned of some special summer opportunities they have earned.  Juniors Jannelly Baltazar and Jasmin Rodriguez were hired for the SAMO – Santa Monica Mountains – summer program.  We look forward to hearing all about their exciting summer.

Two students are in the photo.

Junior Chelsea Garcia was recently notified that she has been accepted to the JSA (Junior State) summer school program at Princeton for this summer.  This is an incredible opportunity for students interested in politics and government.  We are very proud of Chelsea.

A student is in the photo.


Mrs. Ultreras, Mrs. Martinez and Mr. Ayala held the Migrant Achievement Night during the last Migrant Meeting of the year. 12 Seniors will graduate with Migrant honors. Migrant parents were recognized for their participation during our Migrant meetings.