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A student is standing on the table and with the help of other students doing the tower challenge.

Weekly, Update, Friday, June 2019


AVID is off to a great start and excited to be back with our students.  We have been incorporating Google Classroom and trying a digital agenda this year. This week we have done some goal setting and team-building activities. 


Math 9: welcomes all of our students back. We have been excited to get to know how to use the Chromebooks in the classroom, learning how to navigate google classroom, and learning how to collaborate effectively in our small groups. With a little bit of review mixed in, our week will end by preparing to see where we are at in our learning with a small diagnostic test.

Bilingual Math Classes – all students have been reviewing fundamental math concepts.

Math 1:  Students are reviewing Order of Operations, in various forms: independent practice, Chromebooks (Quizizz, Kahoot) and whiteboard responses.

Math 3 students have been reviewing fundamental math 1 and 2 concepts.

Math 3Apps students have been reviewing fundamental math 1 and 2 concepts.  

Math 3H is starting the school year with various team building activities and spending time exploring technology resources using their Chromebooks. We are also reviewing foundational skills developed in Math 1 and Math 2.  

Precalculus Honors:  Students are reviewing and expanding foundational math concepts, like factoring polynomials and Point-Slope form, to the anticipated AP Calculus level. 

College Algebra students have been reviewing fundamental math 1, 2, and 3 concepts.

AP Calculus AB:  Students are reviewing and expanding foundational math concepts, as well as seeing the difference between the Average Rate of Change and the Instantaneous Rate of change.


A good-looking man of middle age - Jason Green.

The Science Department would like to introduce its two new member, Jason Green.  “Prior to teaching at HHS, I worked at University Preparation Charter School, teaching 6th & 7th math and science.  I student taught at both UPCS and Camarillo High School.  I completed my teaching credential at CSUCI.  I was an environmental consultant for about 14 years and worked for several private consulting companies and as an independent contractor.  I have a BS in Biology and an MS in Environmental Studies from Ohio University.  I was drawn to HHS due to its strong science team and the involvement that the school has in the success of its students and community.  I am proud to be a part of the Viking familia.”

Room # 23 (Ms. Serna) Asked the students “How do we, “DO SCIENCE”?

To demonstrate this concept, we investigated inquiry boxes.  Students were challenged to make informed decisions about a bottom of a box – which cannot be observed, based on other scientists in the room, sharing data with one another. They worked cooperatively using their observational skills and were able to correctly develop a theory about what is on the bottom of the box. (See pictures below)

Ms. Sell’s students completed the tallest tower challenge. They created towers using limited resources. (See pictures below)

Students are creating a tower.
A student is standing on the table and with the help of other students doing the tower challenge.

The CSUCI STEM club started to recruit for the upcoming school year.  The club allows students in grades 10-12 to interact with current CSUCI STEM students and mentors. Students explore STEM majors and careers, build leadership, and network. Hueneme students also learn how to be successful college students while they earn enrichment credit. Upcoming projects will include Forensic Science and Robotics.

Mrs. Nakamura’s class completed the Gummy Bear Challenge. It served to remind students of the principles of the scientific method, measuring, and calculating. (See pictures below)

Two students are doing an experiment with Gummy Bears.


The World Language department would like to introduce its two new members, Martha Garcia and Alicia Alvarez. 

Ms. Garcia will be teaching French 1 and French 4AP, as well as the Dual Immersion World Civ class.  She comes to us from Rancho Campana and her experience and innovation with 1:1 will be very helpful to us. This is her 11th year teaching. She is very happy to be a Viking!

Ms. Garcia is holding The Eiffel Tower and pointing at it.

Ms. Alvarez graduated from Adolfo Camarillo High School, so it is exciting to be teaching in the District. She double majored in Spanish and Latin American and Iberian Studies at UCSB and is almost done with her Master’s degree. This is her first year teaching and she is excited to begin teaching and getting to know her students.

Ms. Alvarez is smiling at the camera on the green background.