Weekly Update, Friday, September 6, 2019


US History students are writing with evidence and practicing online research skills. In addition, they are using the AVID strategy of marking the text on primary and secondary sources.

Government students are evaluating examples of public policies through an online research and writing assignment. 

AP Government and Politics students have begun to analyze primary source documents that helped to shape American democracy such as the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation.

Psychology students analyzed a variety of case studies and experiments. In addition, they practiced working together in a collaborative academic discussion, where they got to practice their listening and speaking skills.

Geography classes have also worked on getting the students set up with their new Chromebooks, preparing their interactive notebooks, and laying the foundation for understanding our DOK verbs.


On Thursday, August 22, Hueneme NJROTC cadets participated in the Freshman Orientation, which showcased the upcoming class of 2023.

Before the presentation began, the unit color guards presented colors during the pledge of allegiance and national anthem.  Later in the presentation, the unit instructors, commanding officer, and executive officer discussed the NJROTC program. 

When the freshmen were shown around the school, we had cadets in the room presenting slideshow for them as well as had a booth by the gym.

C/LT Enad, Elizabeth Public Affairs Officer