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A group photo of students.

Weekly Update, Friday, September 13, 2019


EAOP kicked off their first College Application Workshop of the Season! Seniors came in after school from 3-5pm to work on their college apps on their new 1:1 Chromebook! This is the first of the College Application workshop series and many more are to follow!

Students are behind desks, working on their college apps.


This week classes have been working on Review the Tutorial Process.  Additionally, the AVID seniors were lucky to have a guest presentation from Ms. Brittney Horner from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  Besides exploring many creative majors, she also detailed student housing, financial aid, and scholarship sources and opportunities.  The students are also able to take up to four (online) classes for free through the University.  This gives students the chance to explore these creative fields before actually committing while in college.  Tuesday was our first AVID Club meeting for this school year.


Mrs. Nakamura’s Biology Classes

Students are using their Chromebooks to both take notes using Google Slides and graphing data using PDF annotation tools. In addition to using their Chromebooks to graph, Students are testing their knowledge on data collection, analyzing data and creating different types of graphs.

Mrs. Huapaya’s Classes

In science class, students are using technology practicing skills that they will use in science this year.  Students are learning how to take pictures of their work with a Chromebook, and learning how to copy, paste, format their work and upload it into their digital interactive science notebooks.  They are learning how to use screencastify to show evidence of their work, and they are learning to use Kami, a Google extension, to write over the top of their work.  Recent highlights include: a team engineering build, which challenged teams to work together to create the tallest free-standing tower built from dry spaghetti noodles, string and tape in 18 minutes.  In addition, students researched careers in the STEM field, and they wrote a Dare to Dream paper which challenged them to describe what they want to do someday and how will they get there, how do they plan to give back to their community and who is their community, and in the future, they described what type of adult they wished to be.

One class is currently researching and preparing presentations on:  

  • How remote-controlled nanoparticles can be used to fight cancer
  • How a new Shape-shifting chemical is key to a new solar battery
  • How bone broth can be a tonic for the heart

Ms. Lovejoy and Mrs. Rumph’s Co-Taught Health Classes

Students are working in groups on a mental disorder research project. Each group will get a different mental disorder to research where they become the expert on that disorder. Each group will present to their peers the information they acquired, while using their Chromebooks. Students are gaining the following 21st Century Skills for this project:

  • Research 
  • Communication 
  • Collaborative 
  • Creativity 
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Oral Presentation

Mr. Ryan’s Anatomy and Physiology Class

Students reviewed the different body regions and anatomical positions by working in groups and labeling each other with stickers to demonstrate their knowledge.  Students enjoyed the challenge and had a fun time using their classmates as models for their assignment.  

Mr. Ryan’s Biology Class

Students have been learning new tech tools and the capabilities of their devices through various tech activities.  Students were members of “The Office” where they had to complete a New Employee Orientation.  Students worked in their groups to complete the activities, such as EdPuzzle, Google Docs, A Google A Day, and others, while earning “souvenirs” (Dundie Awards and Schrute Bucks) along the way.  Students also competed in teams against each other using Quizlet Live for reviewing the Scientific Method.        


AP Government students are comparing and contrasting the viewpoints of the Federalists and Anti-federalists by analyzing primary source documents Federalist #10 and Brutus #1. 

Government students completed an online WebQuest assessing their understanding and purpose of Government.

Psychology students collaborated this week on various assignments based on applying the scientific method to psychological research (see picture). 

A class of students are busy studying.

U.S. History students spent the week preparing for their first ELQ writing assignment for standard 11.1. They analyzed causes and effect and gathered evidence in a collaborative setting. 

Geography students worked in groups to become experts on an area of change that affected the world post 9/11. Topics included Flight, Government Spying, Immigration & Deportations, Ongoing Wars, and Fear & Distrust. Each group marked the text on their assigned article and created a Google Slides to inform the rest of the class of their area of change as they presented (see picture).

Students are working in groups.

AP Hum. Geo. students have been working on a map skills webquest where they are applying the geographic skills of their first unit as they create a flight itinerary incorporating time zones and flight durations. They are also annotating maps by labeling countries, identifying lines of latitude and longitude, identifying coordinates of the locations they visit in six different continents. They are preparing for their first Unit exam at the end of the week.


The Spanish 1 and 2 students have been doing ancestry research. Students know where their family comes from, but they are learning that their last names can be traced back to Spain. They created a banner that represents their last name and the meaning behind their last name. (See pictures) 

The French 2 and 3 students are reviewing past learning by reading a story and figuring out the vocabulary terms by reading them in context.  They are also translating the story as we go along.  In small teams, the French 3’s will create an online “comic book” to illustrate the story.


A student is holding a grand prize of $100. 

The YES Academy is off to a grand start.  We started the year with a welcome assembly on Friday, August 30.  In addition to reviewing academy policies and procedures, we celebrated students who achieved a grade point average of 3.0 or higher last semester or passed an AP exam.  These students participated in a raffle for academy apparel and a grand prize of $100.  We will be continuing these recognition programs each semester going forward.

On Tuesday, September 10, 45 of our academy students attended a campus tour at CSUCI.  University representatives presented about admissions and financial aid, followed by a tour of the campus.  We also enjoyed a presentation by CSUCI’s teacher credentialing office.  Academy teachers were also overjoyed to reconnect with more than ten academy alumni currently attending CSUCI.

A group photo of students.