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Two students are holding the Mexican flag they have created.

Weekly Update, Friday, September 20, 2019


For the first 3 weeks of school Counselors have been fine tuning student schedules (Level Changes, Sports, Team Taught courses for SPED, Academy changes etc.) along with Balancing Teacher Student Contacts.  Counselors have also been providing student interventions such as holding SST’s and Parent Conferences, processing transfers for alternative placement, signing up for on Campus Support Groups, singing up for SOAR Credit Recovery, and providing Crisis Intervention Counseling.  We also attended the UC Santa Barbara Counselor Conference on 9/ and will attend a FAFSA Conference on 9/20.

At Back to School Night, the Counseling Team also provided Breakout Session Workshops in English and Spanish covering Financial Aid, Graduation and A-G Requirements, Mental Health, Migrant Program and Parent Vue. Our Freshman House Counselor – Ms. Flores has been facilitating and administering numerous Classroom Presentations demonstrating “How to be a Successful Viking” (study skills, graduation requirements, how to get involved and the importance of taking care of yourself).  Through those presentations the key goal is also to provide a needs assessment to identify mental health issues and create group counseling cohorts.

Our Student Intervention Specialist – Ms. Bustamante has also been meeting with students who are dealing with crisis situations and/or specific mental health issues while referring them to on campus and off campus support resources. 

And Finally, the UCSB EAOP Outreach Coordinator – Ms. Vasquez has been meeting with Seniors in order to better prepare them for the upcoming College and Financial Aid Application timeline and process while identifying Juniors who will need A-G credit recovery.


Ms. Hernandez: English 4 is starting the year by writing/ editing personal insight questions for UC applications. English 1 has reviewed study skills and is starting to practice the first grammar lesson of commonly confused words. They are also beginning to read the first story in our pilot text unit, “Marigolds”.

Ms. Hanrieder: Sophomores are still getting to know one another, completing such tasks as the Tower of Power and the Rube Goldberg projects. They are beginning the pilot unit “Taking a Stand” and have checked out Fahrenheit 451. Most have completed their Leopard Man essays, and some are revising.

Ms. Bettencourt: Juniors are completing their first writing assignment in the first unit for the new pilot program.  We have been learning how to write solid thesis statements, use MLA format for manuscripts and for citations. They are logged into Turnitin.com and No Red Ink and have completed several short assignments in Google classroom.  We start our unit on Puritan literature next week.

AP English literature is working on group and individual projects covering Literary Critical Theories and Greek Drama.  They are also working on short fiction practices for the AP exam and will take their first on line progress check in AP classroom next week.  

Ms. Crilly: This week we are working on these vocabulary words: etymology, inference, annotation, metacognition, and empathy. We are annotating an article on inference in newsela and using the ReadWrite chrome extension for annotation (but might just stick to the options in Google Docs). We are all logged into vocab.com and planning to do the first 1-10 words. I have assigned a slides project to go with the 5 vocab words listed above. A writing assignment and personal reflection on a metacognitive exercise, and an annotation of an article on empathy (all in Google Classroom). Up ahead: SLANT, NoRedInk, Figurative Language, and Introduction to short story (plot, theme, character, etc.) I am tying all of this into our three essential questions and the theme of Empathy.

Ms. Gomez-Font: English 4 just finished working on analyzing and drawing inferences from the poem, “The Wanderer.” They have been looking at how a person can gain wisdom and a valuable perspective on life by reflecting on their challenges and obstacles. Students are just beginning to read Beowulf.  They will take notes on an epic, legendary hero, kenning, caesura and identify them in the epic poem Beowulf. Students are also logging on to a California Career Zone website to take career surveys based on their skills and interests.  They are then doing an in-depth career research from the survey results. They are also calculating how much it will cost them to be them in the future (e.g. housing, utilities, car payments, etc.) Next week, they will be working on their personal statements to submit to the university or a resume and letter of introduction to their future employer.  

American Literature 3 H is finishing up Native American stories and will begin reading about Explorers and Exploitation.  They will look at primary sources and secondary sources and talk about the merits and limits of both

English 3 Honors is working on Native American creation myths, songs, and trickster tales.  They are analyzing themes, structure, and comparing them to other creation stories given to them on Google classroom.  Their analysis is submitted on Google classroom where they are able to view comments made by their peers.

Ms. Muro: After using Google Slides to collaborate on Ethos, Pathos, Logos and completing the major work in the ERWC module, Leopard Man, students in 2H are now working on the argumentative essay for this module. Students have begun with planning for this essay using brainstorming techniques. Students in Mexican/ Chicano/a literature have just completed reading literature from Mesoamerican writers. In doing so, students have used their chromebooks to create Google Slides presentations on themes. They are now starting on a narrative writing assignment where they can choose to write a creation story, keeping in mind the style of Mesoamerican stories, or write a narrative letter of advice on a topic similar to those that we have studied. After we finish this unit, we will move on to our unit on Cuentos or folk tales.

Ms. Wright: English 1 RCP: I’m doing Noredink Common Confused Words List 1 and trying to find the right thing to engage them in. I settled on Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s brief TED Talk “Danger of a Single Story” where they are learning to take focused notes on what they hear. We did a lot of background info gathering and learning how and why speakers are effective. Then, it will culminate into a narrative about their own experience with the “single story.” They will share out in small groups.

Mr. Ehlers: AP Language and Composition – Students have been learning about rhetorical strategies in preparation for their first timed write AP essay. English 3 YES – Students have been reviewing grammar on NoRedInk.com.  We are also preparing for a unit centered around “The Crucible.”

Ms. Herrejon: English 2CP:  Students are beginning the ERWC unit on “The Sociology of Leopard Man.”

English 2H: Students have been completing the activities from the ERWC module on “The Sociology of Leopard Man” and are now preparing to write the Argument Essay. AP Language and Composition: Students are continuing to study rhetorical strategies that will aid them in writing their rhetorical analysis essays.

Mr. Ripley: This week we have been reading Marigolds with the freshman classes, writing personal insight essays for ERWC and learning how to use ilit in the reading classes. 

Ms. Lane: We are starting our short story unit and will eventually be writing an essay.

Mr. McGee: Eng 1 RCP: Finishing annotating the story “Marigolds”, completing NoRedInk.com assignments.

Eng 1 CP: Finishing annotating the story “Marigolds”, completing NoRedInk.com assignments. Began a group mini-research project on background for To Kill a Mockingbird. Eng 1H: Continuing to work on their group research project on “Empathy”, starting annotations for TKAM excerpts in textbook. Completing NoRedInk.com assignments.

Mr. Monroe: We are working on Leopard Man.


Ms. Estrada: Math 1A students have been working on refreshing their foundation skills.

Two students are writing on the board.


On Sunday, August 5th, Hueneme NJROTC’s orienteering team competed at the Ventura Urban Discover Orienteering Competition from 9 am to 1 pm. The team worked together using map, compass, and a set of instructions in order to navigate over foreign terrain to locate the designated orienteering course markers located around the whole City of Ventura. The cadets operated for over an hour which allowed them to rack up 410 points and place 22nd out of 43 registered competitors.  Despite having a time-limit, all of our cadets thoroughly enjoyed the competition and said they are looking forward to the next one. 

C/LT Enad, Elizabeth Public Affairs Officer


AP Human Geography:  Students began their population unit.  They are investigating the population densities of regions around the world and also looking at the CBR, CDR, NIR, life expectancies, etc. They are using the world data fact sheets online to find their information shown in the pictures.

Many students are studying in the class using laptops.

Geography: Students have wrapped up their chapter on elements of the map as well as the concepts of latitude and longitude.  They are now beginning to learn about the Earth specifically examining the layers of the Earth and understanding its composition such as the hydrosphere, biosphere, lithosphere, and atmosphere.

Psychology:  Students practiced debate skills to help them with understanding the point of view and evaluation skills.

US History:  Students evaluated primary source pictures and documents to help them address this week’s essential learning questions.

American Government and Economics:  Senior level classes have been preparing for next week’s voter registration drive by looking at political parties and key issues.

AP Government and Politics:  Students analyzed primary source documents Brutus #1 and used these documents when they held a class debate.  the class was divided into two groups, the Federalists and Anti-Federalists.  By referring to these documents, they were able to formulate their arguments whether they were in favor or against the Constitution. 


Students in Ms. Alvarez class collaborated in groups to create a Mexican flag in honor of Mexico’s Independence Day. We concluded the project with a cultural celebration. Our celebration included an overview of the history of Mexico’s independence, music, sweets, fruit, chips and salsa.

Two students are holding the Mexican flag they have created.
Students are painting.

In Campus Life

The pictures in the classroom show the combined personnel of the Hueneme Link Crew and ASB strategizing how to maintain inspirational contact with our new Freshman Houses. 

The action photos are of all of our school department faculty that serve in the campus Academy of Engineering and Design. Teachers Hanrieder, Callaway, Foulks, Avalos and Thomas engaged our academy students in a field day exercise where we bonded as we attempted to best each other in the tug-of war, egg on a spoon relay, basketball, four-legged races and hula-hoop relays.

Students are outside playing the game: "Egg on a spoon relay".