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Four chapter officers in red T-Shirts are smiling at the camera.

Weekly Update, Friday, September 27, 2019


This week, AVID 9 students are working on their college roadmap and also completed a tutorial form in preparation for tutorials next week.  AVID 10 students went on O*Net to the career clusters and research information about their potential career field. Additionally, they did tutorials using peer tutors. AVID 12 seniors have explored two potential majors and compiling a report on each of their potential majors. Students will also consider the results of the personality surveys taken based on the Holland Code to be sure their potential major lines up with their personality (Realistic / Investigative / Artistic / Social / Enterprising / Conventional) and their work values.  Students will present one of the majors they chose to the rest of the class.  Additionally, seniors are continuing to work on the UC personal statement prompts and will be doing a read around for prompts 3 and 4 on this Friday.  AVID EL students had guest speaker Martin A. Gonzalez who shared his life as a student and now as an author. Also, this week we have been working on SAT preparation, college board registration, and binder checks.


Kara Bettencourt: Juniors are working on Puritan Literature, studying Plymouth Plantation.  AP Lit are working on poetry and prose fiction analysis and completed their first classical drama unit.

Elisabeth Hanrieder: Sophomores have almost finished reading the first part of Fahrenheit 451 and are preparing for their first major test: short answer questions emphasizing the shift in Montag’s thinking from the beginning of the section to the end. Students have worked in groups to generate a bank of quotes. They have written a one-paragraph response to a question, using quotes framed in their own sentences. The test asks them to select five prompts from a bank of 10 and answer the prompts using details and examples from the text (hence the Quote Bank!).

A number of colorful papers with quotes hanging on the wall.

Juniors have begun research on Native Americans and the relationship to nature. They used a hyperdoc to watch a Ted Talk on the topic and do some research as a pre-reading activity for The World on the Turtle’s Back.

Seniors are working on college applications and personal response essays. They have begun the unit “Brave New World” and are learning fun facts about Bokonovski’s Process.

John Newman: English 2: Leopard Man; SAT Vocabulary 4; Grammar. English 3: Coyote Stories; SAT Vocabulary 4; Grammar.

Harmony Lane: We are building our annotating skills while analyzing text.


Mrs. Casillas and Mrs. Reveles tested our ELD students.  This was just one group of students who took the LPAC exam. 

The examiner is instructing several students before starting the exam.

The Mixteco Project and the Tequio Youth Group presented to our ELD classes about the community resources and about a scholarship opportunity. The Resource list Includes health for all, immigration support, mental health services, various academic classes and higher education support. 

Speaker is talking to a big class full of students.

Oxnard College Dream Resource Center presented to our ELD kids about educational access while attending Oxnard College.

Students are watching presentation about educational access while attending Oxnard College.


On September 21, 2019, more than 50 NJROTC cadets took time out of their Saturday weekend and volunteered for the Ventura County Coastal Clean-Up.  Before the event began, they were given a safety brief on safe and unsafe practices when picking up trash on the beach. Our cadets, in groups of four, covered a total of two miles from Port Hueneme to Ormond Beach and back collected trash like plastic items and cigarette butts.  All the volunteers last weekend had accumulated close to about 2,000 lbs. of trash, which was greater than what was picked up from last year.  Our cadets enjoyed their time being able to give back to the community and truly experienced importance of team work, team spirit, and camaraderie. C/Lieutenant Enad, Elizabeth Public Affairs Officer

Cadets are listening a safety brief on safe and unsafe practices when picking up trash.
Cadets are picking up trash on the beach.


American Government and Economics:  The League of Women’s Voters came on to campus on National Registration Day to help explain to all seniors the importance of voting.  They also helped to register many seniors who all look forward to taking part in the upcoming national election.

Speakers are talking about the importance of voting in a school gym.
Six speakers from the League of Women's Voters in the middle of the school gym around tables.

US History:  Students used their Academic Discussion cards to collaborate on a writing assignment.  

Desks with discussion cards and writing assignments.

World Civilizations: Students are learning about the French Revolution by using marking the text strategies in addition to comparing and contrasting the differences between the American and French Revolutions.  Students will continue to learn about this topic by diving into the Reign of Terror in Paris in the upcoming days.

Geography:  Students are wrapping up their chapter on maps and are beginning to transition to learning about the Earth and plate tectonics.  


DLI teachers attended a two-day workshop with other teachers from around the County with similar programs. There is an out-of state high school that is implementing this program with success. Our District is looking to model after them and will be receiving materials and samples.

French 1’s are doing presentations on historical monuments in Paris.

The French 2’s just completed their review of French 1 material and are now beginning with new lessons.

French 3 also finished their review and are beginning their new lessons by interpreting the poem “L’homme qui te ressemble” by René Philombe, an author from Cameroon.

The French 4’s are reviewing the present tense by using a novel “Brandon Brown veut un chien.”


The students in the YES Academy are keeping busy outside of school with plenty of community service.  Many of our students are helping to organize the annual Horror in the Stacks event at the Prueter Library. 

On Saturday, September 21, more than twenty of our academy students participated in the annual Coastal Cleanup Day at Hueneme Beach. Service to our community is a requirement for academy members.  Sophomores must volunteer a total of 15 hours minimum for the year, and juniors and seniors must volunteer at least 30 hours each year, with 15 of those hours spent working with youth.

Academy students are posing on the beach.


This Tuesday, four of our chapter officers traveled to Newport Beach for CORT (Chapter Officer Regional Training).  President Val Valeria, Treasurer Adrian Perez, and co-secretaries Melanie Aguilar and Judith Alvarez met with other chapter officers from our region and learned about how to best support and grow our chapter. Chapter members are looking forward to our upcoming Region 9 meeting in October.  FCCLA is a national CTSO (career technical student organization) for students enrolled in Family and Consumer Sciences courses.  Throughout the year, students will develop leadership skills through FCCLA programs and compete in competitions focusing on education and child development.

Four chapter officers in red T-Shirts are smiling at the camera.