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Weekly Update, Friday, October 4, 2019

Eight volunteers are at the Heart Walk at CSUCI.


The Counseling Team is making Senior Classroom Presentations this week with the support of Ms. Vasquez – UCSB Outreach Coordinator and Ms. Creager – College and Career Technician – delivering Senior Packets, going over Graduation Requirements, and discussing the process and support workshops for applying for Financial Aid, 4 Year Universities, and Community Colleges/Trade Schools and/or Military.  Furthermore, Counselors are meeting with Seniors doing Graduation Checks, signing up for credit recovery programs, if necessary, and discussing post high school plans.  We are also continuing to hold SST and 504 meetings for all students who are needing intervention and student support services.


AVID Tutors returned this week and tutorials are in full swing in all our grade levels.  Additionally, ninth graders beginning their introduction to community service project for the year, tenth graders we spent time on PSAT prep and finished our career exploration activity. Our AVID Seniors are continuing to work on the UC prompts and took notes on FAFSA since the application window opened on October 1st. Our AVID EL had former student, Erica Fernandez who also visited Ms. Reveles’s other classes and shared all those wonderful stories about Stanford University, scholarships, community service, and talking about GANAS to succeed.


Ms. Bettencourt: Juniors are working on their Puritan Literature unit and studying the rhetorical style of Jonathan Edwards’ sermon.  They have been doing work on line in their pilot textbook which is online and doing assignments in vocabulary using vocabulary.com.  They will complete another writing assignment with peer review on Friday.  We are preparing to study the drama, “The Crucible” next week.

Seniors in AP Lit are working on our first poetry unit, getting ready to read our first novella by Henry James and will be working with Ms. Vasquez in the Career Center to complete their UC application essays next week.  They have been working on introductory paragraphs and developing theme papers for the Open Response question of the AP Exam.

Ms. Hernandez: English 4 just finished reading Beowulf. Students are working to write their own boast about themselves. They are required to use alliteration and kennings in their boast. They are to include who they are, their accomplishments, their goals and plans to achieve them. Students will present/ perform their boast for the class when completed. English 4 is also working on UC Personal Insight questions and various grammar review.

English 1- Students are engaging in the discussion of the unit theme of empathy in regards to the texts we have read as well as the world around them. We are using current events to help us understand why empathy is important as well as the negative effects caused by lack of empathy. Students just finished reading an excerpt from Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle and are relating the topic of immigrant workers and poor working conditions to the theme of empathy. Also, freshmen continue to work on commonly confused words and using context to find the meaning of unknown words.

Ms. Lane: We continue to work on our annotating, reading comprehension and creating evidence-based responses. 

Mr. McGee: Eng 1 RCP: Using the story “Marigolds” to find text evidence for supporting topic sentences in an essay. Organizing details/evidence and explaining how those details support their topic sentences. Writing rough drafts for revision. Revising, then rewriting as a “Revised Draft”.

Eng 1 CP: Finishing outlines to organize writing toward a prompt. Writing rough drafts for revision. Revising grammar/word-choice for a “Revised Draft”. Starting annotations for To Kill a Mockingbird excerpt in textbook.

Eng 1H: Finishing revisions and Revised Drafts. Starting the annotations for the story The Jungle. We are also going over outlining and structure for writing an essay.


Math 9 (Santiago):  Students continue to explore linear functions through multiple representations. Students are beginning to formalize their learning by creating equations to match their patterns.

Math 9 Bil: Students are practicing their addition and multiplication skills by finding the perimeter and area of geometric figures.

Math 1A BIL (Zamora): Math 1A is practicing solving multistep equations with variables on both sides, they are also learning what it means for equations to have one, none, or infinite solutions.

Math 1B is currently wrapping up their Chapter 5 studies. They have been studying geometric and arithmetic sequences. Recently they made connections to exponential and linear functions. They were able to pair up the sequence with the best function possible based on the patterns each team observed. Math 1B are set to test Friday October 11. 

Math 1 (Kaikaina): Students are concluding a unit on simplifying expressions and solving equations algebraically as well as with Algebra Tiles.  They will be taking the chapter test this week.

Math 2 (Neos): This week, Hueneme’s Math 2 classes are wrapping up chapter1 which solidifies their understanding of Area Models, Diamond problems, and Angle Relationships. They will be testing by the end of the week.

Math 2 Honors (Deckrow): Math 2H finished up with Chapter 1 and took their test on Wednesday. They are beginning to learn the triangle congruence theorems via Desmos, and will use next week in creating flowchart proofs. 

Math 3 Apps (Medrano):  Students have completed their unit on inverses of functions and will have their first test on Friday.

Math 3 Honors (Bettencourt): 

Business Calculations (Corona & Santiago):  Students continue working on their semester projects which include financial planning, the stock market game, and understanding paychecks.

Precalculus Honors (Morales): Students are solving Finite Limits.

College Algebra (Medrano): Students are near the end of their unit on functions and graphs, this week they will go over transformations of functions, and inverses of functions.

AP Stats (Corona):  Students are organizing data by classification, modeling with different graphs, and interpreting the 5 number summary. 

AP Calculus (Morales):  Students are summarizing solving Limits, both Finite and Infinite. 


Cadet Commander (C/CDR) Marc Angelo Olitoquit is our Commanding Officer (CO) for the Hueneme High School’s NJROTC.  As the unit’s Commanding Officer, C/CDR Olitoquit is responsible for leading and managing the program of 135 cadets.  He is the overall in-charge of the operations and administration of the program to include training, supply/procurement, stem initiatives, and drills and athletic competition teams.  Some of his numerous achievements: Distinguished Cadet, Honor Cadet, as well as The Military Order of the Purple Heart Award.  He has demonstrated excellent leadership abilities and dedication to the program.  He has also attended and graduated from the prestigious Leadership Academy, San Diego, California.  Aside from NJROTC, C/CDR Olitoquit is also involved with the school’s KIWINS Club, which is a student-lead organization that offers students the opportunity to give back to others.  Olitoquit also makes sure to stay on-top of his academics and maintain high grades, which has led him to become a possible candidate as the school’s Valedictorian.  Upon graduation, he plans to attend the University of California at Irvine to major in Business Administration and Financing.

C/Lieutenant Enad with a bright smile in the uniform with the U.S. flag in the background.

C/Lieutenant Enad, Elizabeth Public Affairs Officer


Two girls are happy holding their handmade ice-cream.
Natalie Chairez and Leslie Cruz enjoy the ice cream that they made in Chemistry Lab.
Mr. Callaway is in an empty lab with the necessary supplies.
Mr. Callaway and Mrs. Huapaya purchased and organized lab supplies for all Chemistry Teachers
Many students are collaborating in groups.
Students carefully complete the ice cream lab.
A lot of smiling students are sitting behind desks on a group selfy.
Hollie Dickinson presented on Modern Animal Agriculture and the Environment. Students were encouraged to make food choices that support a healthy environment
Eight volunteers are on the grass posing for the photo.
On Saturday, September 28, eight members of the Hueneme High Interact club participated as volunteers at the Heart Walk at CSUCI.  


French 1s enjoying French pastries in class!

A lot of students are in a class showing their French pastries.
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