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Weekly Update, Friday, October 11, 2019

Students are having fun playing different active games.


EAOP hosted a parent night where parents gained knowledge about the application process for their seniors & celebrated their students A-G Academic Success with them. Approximately 20 families came to the English session & about 40 families came to the Spanish Session (photo below).

Big class with different families sitting behind desks.

EAOP also kicked off the start of the financial aid season with the help of Oxnard College & Ms. Hernandez! We had almost 100 families come to complete their financial aid application! (photo below)

A lot of people are sitting at computers, working.


This week our seniors are continuing to work on their personal insight questions as they prepare to start working on their UC and CSU applications.  Additionally, this week some time was spent discussing the importance of community service with regards to scholarships in AVID 1. 


Harmony Lane: We are spending a couple of days in the library this week as well as working on our pilot project.

Claudine Muro: After completed the Language and vocabulary interim block assessment earlier this week, students in English 2H are using Khan Academy and College board study guides to prep for the PSAT. Also, students will participate in a socratic seminar on Friday to begin Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club on the unit question: Can expectations ever be too high? Keep working hard honors sophomores!

Students in Mexican/Chicano/a literature are reading Rodolfo Anaya’s Cuentos: Tales from the Hispanic Southwest. In doing so, we are diving into the world of myth, folklore, folktales, and their resulting themes. We are enjoying how the tales celebrate aspects of Mexican culture and at the same time transmit much needed warnings, morals, virtues, and other life lessons. We are also examining the unit question: what is the current value of folk tales and cuentos in today’s society? Next week, we will make our way to a creative writing assignment, the cuentos video project, and the UC personal statement unit.

Kyle Ripley: Seniors are starting their Rhetorical argument essays in response to A Change of Heart About Animals. The freshman classes are getting ready for CAASPP and will be taking their assessments this week. Reading is in Chapter 11 of “Last Book in The Universe”. We are working on reading strategies and understanding how plot structure makes a story interesting. 

Sonia Herrejon: Sophomores are working on their Leopard Man Essays as well as completing the interim assessments.

English 2H are using Khan Academy to prepare for the PSAT, working on the vocabulary for the week, finishing the interim assessments, and continuing the unit on The Joy Luck Club. They will be participating in a socratic seminar on Friday.

AP English Language and Composition are preparing for the PSAT and looking at sample rhetorical analysis essays in order to get a better idea on what is expected of them when writing their essays.


Math 1 (Gamez & Kaikaina): Math 1 has currently started their unit on area. They are learning how to use algebra tiles to help them write an area as a product and sum. These are the building blocks for factoring in Math 2. 

Math 2 (Mingus): Students have wrapped Chapter 1 and are now learning what parts of triangles they can compare in order to determine whether or not two triangles are congruent. They will be using Desmos to identify and learn the triangle congruence theorems; shortcuts to identify triangle congruency. 

Math 2 Honors (Deckrow): Math 2H learned about triangle congruences using a Desmos Activity. They are practicing using these congruence theorems to determine whether two triangles are congruent or not and learning how to organize their thought process into a flowchart proof.

Math 3 Apps (Medrano):  Students have been identifying what logarithms are and how to find their values by rewriting them in exponential form. 

Math 3 Honors (Bettencourt): Students are working on transformations with a variety of function families. Additionally, they are prepping for the upcoming PSAT and a quiz next week. 

Precalculus (Diaz): Students were assessed on functions, domain, range, and operations of functions.  They are now studying the library of functions and getting ready for the PSAT and SAT that they will take next week. They are practicing for the PSAT/SAT with their booklets, on Khanacademy.org and Quizizz.

Precalculus Honors (Morales): Students took their CAASPP Algebra & Functions IAB and are prepping for the October 16 PSAT.

College Algebra (Medrano): Students are near the end of their unit on functions and graphs, this week they will go over transformations of functions, and inverses of functions.

AP Stats (Corona):  AP Stats finished chapter 1 assessment and is starting chapter 2, describing distributions, computing and interpreting z scores, using their own data collected, in class. 

AP Calculus (Morales):  Students are finding derivatives using the definition of derivative. 


Geography: Students are learning about weather and analyzing the long term changes in our climate.  They are in the process of preparing for their first common assessment.

US History: Students worked on their Academic Discussion skills and collaborated to create a written evaluation of democracy.

Psychology: Students researched and wrote papers on psychological experiments and began preparations for their psychologist research paper and presentation.

Government and Economics: Ms. Vasquez, Mr. Sierra, and Ms. Creager presented to all senior classes regarding all key dates for senior year as well as creating an action plan for their final year.  Various information was discussed such as the college application process, financial aid, scholarships, etc.   Students also created their professional email accounts for career and college communication. 

Speaker is carrying out the presentation.


Students are having fun playing different active games.

Last Friday concluded our fourth annual Week of Fun.  This is a week-long competition between our sophomore, junior, and senior classes.  Student compete in a variety of events ranging from board games to the ever-popular dodge ball tournament.  We all had a great time, with the class of 2020 finishing as the top team for the third year in a row.

On Thursday, October 2, over 100 academy students traveled to Pacifica High School to gather with students from other education pathways to hear a presentation by the organization Educal about careers in education.

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