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HHS senior, Sophia Leighton, with the Adidas Golf Hueneme Vikings sign on the left.

Weekly Update, Friday, October 25, 2019


Counselors along with Ms. Creager and Ms. Vasquez hosted Ventura County Community College District Application Workshops for Seniors through Government and Economics classes.  We had Oxnard College and Ventura College Representatives provide support in the classroom while Seniors registered online.  

EAOP hosted a CSU workshop earlier this week where students got to not only work on their college apps but even submit some of them! EAOP along with the help & support from Ms. Gomez also took a field trip to UCLA where seniors & juniors go to be exposed to a new campus & even ran into a former Viking, Fernando Lupian!

A lot of students are in front of the camera.
Students are standing and listening to the speaker.


AVID 12 students are continuing to work on their personal insight questions and college/FAFSA applications. AVID 10 students spent this week working on their ePortfolios using Google Sites where they will be creating a tab for each quarter and linking or uploading specific assignments.

AVID EL students had the opportunity to listen to former AVID EL student Marisol Garcia about her experience as a student at CSUCI (picture attached).

Marisol Garcia is sharing her experience with other students.



Math 9 (Santiago): Math 9 students are building on their learning of patterns by writing linear equations in slope-intercept form. 

Math 1 (Gamez & Kaikaina):  Students are applying their experience with algebra tiles to the area model which allows them to multiply binomials together.  Formally they are showing how the area of a rectangle can be algebraically shown as the sum of the areas of its parts equivalent to the product of its width and length.

Math 2 (Neos): This week, the Math 2’s are continuing to strengthen their understanding of Triangle Congruence and how Dilation produces Similar Shapes. This leads to an investigation of reasons for Triangle Similarity. 

Math 2 Honors (Deckrow): Math 2H students took a quiz covering triangle congruence and flowchart proofs. They discovered dilations using a Desmos activity, and will continue to build on this new concept while being introduced to triangle similarities.

Math 3 (Britton): Math 3 is investigating parent functions and transformations of parent functions. We are using both graphing calculators and desmos to help better understand how parameters affect the graph of a function. This Saturday will be the first academy day for math 3 where students will have the opportunity to work on mastery before we have the chapter test the following week.

Math 3 Apps (Medrano): Students began their exploration of the logarithm function, through their investigation they will generalize rules for the products and quotients of logs.

Math 3 Honors (Bettencourt):  Math 3H is continuing their investigations with various function families and SAT prep. A Chapter 2 test is planned for next week. 

Business Calculations (Corona & Santiago):  Business Calc students are working hard on preparing for the SAT, exploring careers based on financial goals, and learning how to read their paychecks. 

Precalculus (Diaz): Students are investigating the transformations of parent functions.

College Algebra (Medrano):  Students will be testing their knowledge of parent functions and their transformations through google forms.


Cadet Lieutenant Commander (C/LCDR) Castrejon is our XO (Executive Officer) for the Hueneme High School NJROTC.   As the unit Executive Officer, C/LCDR Castrejon helps out in leading and managing the NJROTC program.  She oversees the Administration and Training Departments.  Despite of her busy schedule, she has fully involved herself in the NJROTC and school activities such as CyberPatriot, Mock Trial, AVID, Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), Oceanography Club, and others.  Off campus sites, she participates in different ventures like C.A.U.S.E. (Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy), Girl’s State, freelance photography, tutoring and community service. C/LCDR Castrejon also currently takes AP classes and consistently, is on the Honor Roll.  Upon graduation, she plans to attend a 4–year university education, majoring in communications and minoring in digital arts.  When the going gets tough, C/LCDR Castrejon looks up to her late cousin Marco Contreras.  “Marco was a teacher and a good Samaritan.  He touched the lives of many through kindness.  He organized shoe drives, … for those in need.  He made an impact on many lives through random acts of genuine kindness, and I couldn’t imagine looking up to anyone else.”, she says. C/Seaman Apprentice Morata, Denise Public Affairs Deputy

C / LCDR Castrejon is in the photo, wearing the uniform, smiling, with the U.S. flag in the background.


U.S. History students completed CFA #1 and went over results. They also started the next unit on Industrialization, Immigration, and Urbanization. 

Government students registered for College and completed their first CFA. 

Psychology students completed their first case study on TBI and used it to help understand the parts and functions of the brain. 

AP Human Geo. students are continuing with Unit 3. They started working on one-pagers where they are conducting research on a specific culture and looking at the elements of society, politics, environment, economic and demographics. 

Teachers in the Social Science Department had a PD at the Museum of Ventura County. They heard a guest speaker that graduated from HHS, David Garcia. He spoke about his book on public education in Oxnard and the segregation that students of color faced. They also got to explore the museum and got access to many of its resources. 

Mrs. Burkhart attended an event at VCOE and met Sylvia Mendez, the child at the time, who was part of the Mendez vs. Westminster case that helped integrate schools in Orange County. This case was also a big event that was part of the Chicano Movement.

Mrs. Burkhart with the other two women are smiling at the camera.


Intro to Teaching

Our senior CTE students have recently completed a unit entitled “Teaching Diverse Learners.”  They learned about multiple intelligences, learning styles, and exceptional learners.  Projects for this unit included creating their own study guides and a group activity and presentation discussing Gifted/talented, special education, and ELL students.

Careers in Education and Child Development

The junior CTES students began our unit on child development.  This week, we completed a chapter from our textbooks that focuses on the terminology associated with development and popular developmental theories.  The students will return to those developmental theories in a few weeks for a cross curricular writing assignment for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  Activities this week included creating study guides and creating practice tests.

The YES Academy gathered on the lawn outside of room 19 this past Friday for spooky movie night.  We enjoyed a showing of the original Poltergeist under the stars.  About twenty-five academy members were brave enough to attend, and a good time was had by all.

In Sports News

Please congratulate HHS senior, Sophia Leighton, for qualifying for the CIF SS playoffs in Girls Golf. Sophia is HHS’s first girl’s golfer to qualify for the CIF SS playoffs in over 20 years.  The CIF SS match is slated for Monday 10/28/19, at Soule Park in Ojai. Good luck, Sophia!

Sophia is smiling and standing on the right from the Adidas Golf Hueneme Vikings sign.