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The winner of library excellence award with books and his medal.

Weekly Update, Friday, November 8, 2019


AVID Seniors continue to work on PIQs and UC/CSU applications. Additionally, AVID 10 students are working on their Argument One Pager on “A Problem They Would Like to Solve” taking the information from the graphic organizer where they researched three ideas they would like to solve in the world. AVID EL students presented their first Tutorial Request Form (TRF) Our AVID EL teacher Ms. Reveles indicated that the problem is not presenting their questions but practicing their English while presenting their question.


Math 9 (Santiago): Math 9 students are working on graphing linear equations.

Last week students reviewed order of operations with integers using card game battles.

Math 1A Bil (Zamora): Students are solving complex multi-step equations that require them to use the strategies: rewriting, undoing, or looking inside. Last week students used algebra tiles to explore area and perimeter which will lead to the discovery of the area model.

Math 9 Bil (Diaz): Students practice their times tables, took a test, learned how to quickly multiply by powers of ten, and took the IAB HS Math- Algebra and Functions.

Math 1B Bil (Gamez) Math 1B is currently studying how to solve equations. They have been practicing how to solve systems of equations by graphing with the help of desmos. They started the Equal Values Method for solving and will continue with the rest of the algebraic methods next week. Last week students learned how to write a system of equations to represent word problems. They have solved easy systems of equations using a table and a graph. They will continue to learn how to solve systems algebraically.

Math 1 (Gamez & Kaikaina): Math 1 students started their chapter nine unit on inequalities. They are currently solving one variable inequalities and graphing their solutions on a number line. Last week students completed a unit on methods and strategies to solve equations.  Students have taken a practice test in their teams and a unit test individually.

Math 2 (Mingus & Neos): Math 2 students are digging a bit deeper into similarity; indicators of similar figures, determining scale factor to enlarge (or reduce a figure into its “Mini-Me”), flow-charts to prove triangle similarity, and putting similarity to use. Moreover, they are in the midst of reviewing flow-charts to prove triangle congruence, as well as brushing up on prior curriculum in preparation for a chapter test.

Math 2 Honors (Deckrow): Math 2H students practiced organizing their thoughts into flowchart proofs. They also used their knowledge of similar figures to solve real world problems and are finishing up chapter 2 with a review group quiz in preparation for the Chapter test next week. Last week students reviewed how to measure angles using a protractor, how to name angles four different ways, and how to solve for angle measures using algebra. They will get back to triangle similarity and begin to organize their thinking in a flowchart.

Math 3 (Britton): Math 3 is solving equations by rewriting, undoing and looking inside. We will be reviewing simplifying radicals and solving inequalities.

Math 3 Apps (Medrano): Students continue practicing the rules of logarithms in preparation for solving equations with logarithms. Last week students investigated how vertical shifts of logarithms are related to the rules of logarithms and are practicing rewriting logs in expanded or condensed form by applying those rules.

Math 3 Honors (Bettencourt): Students finished Chapter 2 this week and are beginning to review strategies that can be used to solve challenging problems. 

Business Calculations (Corona & Santiago): Students are learning how goals and education are connected to pay rates.

Precalculus (Diaz): Students took the IAB HS Math- Algebra and Functions and created/explored their new account with Mathxl for schools.

Precalculus Honors (Morales): Students are revisiting The Unit Circle, developing the essential Trig Equations and prepping for next week’s CAASPP ICA. Last week students reviewed solving limits with a “limits scavenger hunt.”

College Algebra (Medrano): Students are using their knowledge of quadratics and google sheets to find quadratic curves of best fit for a given data set. Last week students reviewed how to find the roots (x-intercepts) of quadratics, in this unit they will extend this knowledge to find the real and complex roots of polynomials of higher degree.

AP Stats (Corona):  Students used the Barbie Bungee lesson (originally by Fawn Nguyen) to gather data on the amount of rubber bands tied to barbie vs distance traveled. Students then used their data to interpret correlation, create a regression model, and used their model to predict distance.

Students are holding Barbies, ready to do the Bungee experiment.

Last week students used the Barbie Bungee lesson to learn about the correlation coefficient, r, and how to describe the relationship between explanatory and response variables (DUFS). They will then carry over this activity to create a linear regression model to help predict response variables as well as calculate and interpret residuals. 

AP Calculus (Morales):  Students are extending their practice with Derivatives (Power Rule, Chain Rule, Product Rule, and Quotient Rule).  They’ll be learning Implicit Differentiation at the end of the week. Last week students are studied Implicit Differentiation and Related Rates.

Students are practicing with Derivatives.


On the 19th of October 2019, seven (7) cadets from the Hueneme NJROTC Academics Team went down to Irvine, California to participate in Pacifica High School’s NJROTC Academic Brain Brawl. Hueneme’s two teams (Hueneme 1 and Hueneme 2), along with 20 other schools, went through multiple rounds of academic questions to determine their placement in the final standings. Hueneme 1 went through three (3) rounds at the beginning of the event, while Hueneme 2 went through six (6). After the six (6) rounds, our Hueneme 2 team managed to make it into the top 10. Both teams will continue to study and look forward to the next Brain Brawl for NJROTC. C/Seaman Apprentice Morata, Deputy Public Affairs Officer

Cadets are posing for the photo.


Psychology:  Students collaborated together and demonstrated their understanding of the parts and functions of the human brain.

Two students are holding the paper model of a human brain.

US History:  Students worked on a review WebQuest that assessed their understanding of academic language and writing skills.  They also submitted their letters to the editors of the Ventura County Star.

Government:  Students wrote and shared their responses to their unit Essential Learning Question as a review for the upcoming assessment.

Economics:  Students prepared for their Unit 1 assessment throughout the weeks in the form of review activities.  Students successfully demonstrated their content knowledge on the Unit 1 assessment.

Geography:  Students also prepared and took the Unit 1 assessment this week.  In addition, all freshmen took part in the Freshman House Field Day event where students were introduced to the concept of being placed in a “House”.  In order to build comradery, students engaged in a series of team building activities and competed against other houses.


The YES Academy celebrated the academic success this Monday.  All student who earned a 3.0 or higher grade point average at the quarter were invited to a pizza lunch and bingo game. Several gift cards were awarded to the lucky winners.  

Students are eating pizza and playing bingo game.

In addition to celebrating our successes, last week we also met with our struggling students for academic and behavioral interventions. Students were placed on a contract with supports put in place to help the students.

In Campus Life


For our October library patron of excellence award, we recognize a 9th grade student, Damian Serrano. Damian enjoys reading both fiction and informational books about exploring his career options. Damian checked out 35 books in September and uses our library daily. Congrats to Damian!

The winner of library excellence award Damian Serrano.

All freshmen students have now participated in HHS library orientations. During this two-day lesson, students learned our rules and procedures, the Dewey decimal system, how to locate print and other learning resources and explored the features of our library’s website, www.hhslmc.com

Currently, senior English classes are signed up to research controversial issue topics. Seniors will then be guided through the process of writing a post-secondary level formal academic research paper in MLA8 format. 

HHS was one of the first OUHSD schools to go 1:1. The process started in the library last summer, with Mr. Gibbs, Josh Vasquez, Mrs. Trude. and Mr. Graves collecting, organizing, reimaging, cataloging and distributing hundreds of Chromebooks and hotspots. Teacher and student feedback about transitioning to 1:1 has been overwhelmingly positive thus far.

In Sports News

Please congratulate the HHS Girls Cross Country Team for taking 1st place in the Citrus Coast League C.C. Championships and earned CIF SS Div. 2 Playoff berth. Your next 2019 Citrus Coastal League Champions are:

  • Estrella Torres
  • Hidaly Hernandez
  • Madelin Morales
  • Magaly Dominguez
  • Destiny Lee
  • Yesenia Ponce
  • Jessica Servin

Please also congratulate Issac Herrera for taking 2nd place overall in the Boys Varsity Championships, and for qualifying for the CIF SS Div. 2 playoffs as an individual.

The HHS Girls Cross Country Team is posing for a photo on a beautiful landscape.
HHS Girls Cross Country Team and Issac Herrera with team’s trophy and individual medal.
HHS Girls Cross Country Team and Issac Herrera with team’s trophy and individual medal.