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Four representatives of Hueneme High School are standing behind the table.

Weekly Update, Friday, November 22, 2019


Last week EAOP collaborated with Oxnard College & the Social Science department here on campus to help seniors get started with their FAFSA’s & Dream Acts. These students are now almost ready to submit their FAFSA/CA Dream Acts for our next upcoming workshop on 11/20.

EAOP also hosted College Lab hours-After Dark, where students got to come in later in the evening (6-8pm) to work on their college apps in a cooler, holiday ambiance. EAOP has also set up a “Submission Wall” where students will write their name on a sticky note and place it under the corresponding either UC, CSU, Community or Private college window in Room 84! (photos below)

Students are working on their college apps.
Students are enjoying snacks while studying.

Counselors Lopez, Rodriguez, Sierra and Bogan represented Hueneme High School by attending the OC Counselor experience last Friday.  New programs were presented as well as a tour of the campus.

Four representatives of Hueneme High School.


Seniors are reaching the deadline to submit their UC/CSU application by the end of this week since the deadline for applications happens during Thanksgiving break. Additionally, Albert Perez (former HHS AVID student) who is a MEDIA CAT UC Merced Marketing Communications for Enrollment Management will be here Friday to interview a couple of our AVID seniors about why are applying to UC Merced and how AVID has prepared them for college.


Ms. Muro’s:

English 2H: Students in English 2H are editing and revising their essay on Joy Luck Club while exploring how to be complex in their writing, integrating quotes, evidence, and examples that support ethos, pathos, and logos. They will turn in their final copy using both google classroom and Turnitin.com. When we return to break, we will explore the status of technology today in a Socratic seminar that will prepare us to read Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. Then, it is on to our 4th essay of the semester. Keep working hard 2H!

Mexican/ Chicano/a Lit: Students are learning the why’s and how’s of MLA format! We have reviewed a sample research paper for format, headings, original title, citation, content and the tricks of the trade when it comes to in-text citation. We have also reviewed how to appropriately cite an article from a website, a book, a book with two authors, databases, interviews, youtube videos, and movies; we have then practiced how to create the in-text citation for these sources. When we return from break, we will learn how to take great notes that transform into nicely written paragraphs. The research paper is not to be feared, but to be MASTERED. GO SENIORS!

Big white board with MLA format samples.

Ms. Wright’s:

My freshman Reading classes are finishing up The Last Book in the Universe and studying the characters by drawing character webs. We use them as we continue on with the book. We also visited the library to see Mr. Graves and pick our SSR books! They are thinking about how they read with their Metacognitive Reading Logs, which Ms. Flores helped out with.

My sophomore English class is wrapping up Fahrenheit 451. We are connecting big ideas from the book and comparing them to big ideas today.

My freshman English classes are getting rightly bummed out at the end of Of Mice and Men. We are continuing to fill up our Character Silhouettes with important quotes from the text to use on our paper that we will work on after the break.

Two Character Silhouettes with quotes from the text on them.
Character webs from "The Last Book in the Universe" drawn by freshmen.

Mrs. Bettencourt:

Juniors are finishing reading The Crucible and preparing to write a persuasive essay after the break. Seniors are working on an allusion unit and getting ready to start their next drama unit and studying dramatic realism

English 4 ERWC- Students are working on their Brave New World essays. One student from Ms. Hanreider’s class said in regard to the novel, “It was cool, an interesting story. I learned that people are different” Bryan Vazquez, grade 12. Below, a group of dedicated seniors are hard at work on their essays.

Students are working on their essays.

Mr. Ripley:

This week the freshman class is doing pre reading research on the 1920s and California’s agriculture in preparation for reading Of Mice and Men. The reading classes are continuing to do the SSR program and work on through their reading strategies onilit.com. The senior class has been creating an annotated works cited list with a focus on a controversial issue in education. 


Math 9 (Santiago): Math 9 students are learning how to use their understanding of algebra tiles to evaluate, simplify, and solve expressions and equations.

Math 1A Bil (Zamora):  This week, Math 1A bilingual students started with an introduction to graphing linear inequalities on a number line.

Math 9 Bil (Diaz): Students continue to practice simplifying expressions using the order of operations and will take a quiz at the end of the week.

Math 1B Bil (Gamez) Math 1B continues to practice solving systems. They are currently practicing solving systems by using the elimination method.

Math 1 (Gamez & Kaikaina): Math 1 is continuing their studies in absolute value equations and inequalities.

Math 2 (Mingus & Neos): The Math 2’s have moved on from Triangle Congruence and Similarity and have now begun to investigate finding the Probability of an Event using Area Models among other methods. 

Math 2 Honors (Deckrow): Students have started chapter 3 and begun using the area model to determine probability. They are also working on calculating probability using a tree diagram. 

Math 3 (Britton): Math 3 held a Saturday academy on November 16th in preparation for the chapter 3 test. We had 50 students from 4 teachers show up to strengthen their understanding of solving equations and inequalities. The enrichment activity was decorating Santa hats and stockings. 

Math 3 Apps (Medrano): Students completed their unit on logarithms with a summative test, and will begin reviewing the area model for their unit on polynomial functions.

Math 3 Honors (Bettencourt): Students are completing a unit covering various strategies that can be used to solve complex equations. We will be testing on Thursday (11/21) and starting a unit on inverse functions after the Thanksgiving break. 

Business Calculations (Corona & Santiago): Students finished their unit on basic budgeting with income and expenses and are taking an exam on Friday.

Precalculus (Diaz): Students are learning how to solve quadratic inequalities and are preparing for their Chapter 3 Assessments on Linear and Quadratic Functions.

Precalculus Honors (Morales):  Students are reviewing their CAASPP Alg & Functions 1 and learning from their mistakes.

College Algebra (Medrano): Students are reviewing the end behavior of polynomials of higher degree and reviewing the area model in preparation of factoring to find the real and complex roots of polynomial functions.

AP Stats (Corona):  Students are learning the different sampling methods by calculating the average word length of Beyonce’s song Crazy in Love to determine if she writes her own lyrics. We then will use seating at a Justin Timberlake concert to explore further sampling methods. 

AP Calculus (Morales):  Students are reviewing and assessing Differentiation.  


On November 15, 2019, about 63 NJROTC cadets visited the Naval Base Ventura County at Port Hueneme to receive orientation training at the Fire Arms Training Simulator (FATS) facility.  The simulator exhibited various combat scenarios ranging from terrorists to domestic violence. Our cadets got trained on how to react in different scenarios, as well as how fast they should react if they ever encounter similar dangers in real life or in the field. Following FATS, our cadets marched down to the galley where they got to enjoy some Navy chow. Then, they proceeded over to the Navy Exchange to experience tax-free shopping. It was a completely enjoyable and learning experience.

C/Seaman Apprentice Morata, Deputy Public Affairs Officer

NJROTC cadets visit the Naval Base Ventura County at Port Hueneme to receive orientation training.


AP Hum. Geo: finished their language autopsy. They worked in groups to research a dead language and identified the hearth, date of death, what the language sounded like and described the culture/people that spoke it when it was most alive. (See image)

Geography:  Students continued their current unit on culture by creating a collage on the Google Classroom.  They were instructed to choose ten pictures that represent them, their culture, and their identity.  Students have been extremely engaged in the project.

Economics:  Students are currently analyzing the interconnected relationship between Demand and Supply.

Psychology: Students completed their last sensory experiment this week.  Students were able to test their hypothesis on vision, taste, and touch.  In addition, they completed essays that demonstrated their understanding of the Sense and Perception standards.

In Sports News

With the 2019 Fall Sports season now officially finished, please join Mr. Gallegos, Athletic Director, in congratulating the following HHS coaches and student-athletes for earning top honors from the Citrus Coast League member schools.

CCL Girls Cross Country Coach of the Year:

Rosa Soliz

CCL Girls Tennis Coach of the Year:

Walter Moody

CCL Girls Golf First Team Honors:

Sophia Leighton

CCL Girls Volleyball First Team Honors:

Faletuipapai Carrillo

CCL Girls Cross Country First Team Honors:

Estrella Torres

CCL Boys Cross Country First Team Honors:

Issac Herrera

CCL Boys Water Polo First Team Honors:

Angel Muneton

Fabien Gutierrez

CCL Football First Team Honors:

Jakob Lemus

Kevin Weaver

Manuel Ortiz