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Students are sitting on the couch and drinking hot drinks.

Weekly Update, Friday, December 6, 2019


This week the Counseling Department is providing Classroom Presentations to all Junior Social Science Classes.  The primary goal of the presentations are to prepare Students for planning their post high school educational, vocational training, and military endeavors.  The following topics were discussed: A-G Requirements, Post High School Options, Community College/CSU/UC/Private Universities Admission requirements, Financial Aid, and Military option and Vocational ED Training.


Words of Wisdom from a young Viking:

“Once you start to use your brain, it’s easy” -Anthony Aguilar, grade 9

Anthony is a hardworking freshman who was overheard motivating a fellow classmate to complete their essay assignment.

Mr. McGee:

My classes were working on creating their student portfolios for the Freshmen Houses. Then we began our last unit of the semester:

Eng 1H: Heroes and Heroism Form, Values: Personality Quiz, Personal Hero Description, Hero Research Project (beginning)

Eng 1 CP: Heroes and Heroism Form, Values: Personality Quiz, Personal Hero Description Depicted below is the Essential Question (EQ) in Mr. Mc Gee’s classroom.

Ms. Hanrieder:

Sophomores have begun Antigone, making inferences to discover characters’ motivations.

Juniors are writing an essay in which they discuss whether or not they agree with Arthur Miller’s views on McCarthyism and the influence of McCarthy’s policies on Miller’s work in The Crucible.

Seniors have started the ERWC unit on The Rhetoric of the Op Ed page. Today we will watch a 10-minute clip of the impeachment hearing, looking for examples of ethos, pathos, and logos.

Mr. Ehlers:

AP English Language and Composition – This week we began to examine the argument essay prompts for the AP exam.  Students reviewed prompts, sample essays, and scoring commentaries in preparation for their first timed-write for this style of essay next week.

English 3 YES – WE are currently reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  Students are focusing on the development of Huck throughout the novel by keeping a journal of the character traits he demonstrates in each chapter.  At the culmination of the novel, we will compose a paper explaining Huck’s development utilizing popular theories of development previously studied in our CTE course.

Mrs. Bettencourt:

Juniors are working on their Crucible essay and demonstrating their mastery of persuasive argumentation, MLA format, proper citations, use of text based evidence and the various stages of the writing process.

AP Seniors continue to study prose and poetry.  This week we begin working with a new AP prep program on line.  They are finishing a unit on allusions and starting a dramatic realism unit on Ibsen.   

Ms. Gomez:

English 4: Seniors are writing their argumentative research paper on a variety of controversial topics.  They have gathered information from books and online articles and databases.  There is a lot of interest in researching topics such as gun control, driverless cars, stem cell research, genetically modified food, the effects of social media on relationships, communication, and many other topics that are currently making the news.

English 3H: Students just finished reading and taking their final on The Crucible.  They are just starting to read Huckleberry Finn. They will be analyzing four themes in the novel: coming of age: Huck’s search for identity; social responsibility; conformity and civilization; friendship and betrayal; and freedom and enslavement. In order to have a better understanding of these themes, students will participate in Socratic seminars, writing exercises, and finally write an essay on one of the themes.

Ms. DeLuca, Ms. Hernandez, Mr. Ripley:

English 1: Students are reading Of Mice and Men and are working to analyze the different types of conflict that arise in the novel as well as figurative language and imagery. Photo from Mr. Ripley’s class:

Ms. Muro:

English 2H has participated in a Socratic seminar student have discussed the current value of books today and the emergence of technology. These ideas will come into play as they begin to read Fahrenheit 451. Students will also look at Irony in depth and discuss how an author might use this literary device to make an impactful comment on he or she sees world issues. We will complete a Socratic seminar for each part of the book and write an essay over Christmas break.

Mexican/ Chicano/ a Literature is learning how to organize notecards to reflect the organization of a research paper. We will play a game to review citation using Google Slides and review our sample research paper one last time before we get going on Monday!


Math 9 (Santiago): Students are learning about unit rates and preparing to use them in their current understanding of lines and rates of change.

Math 1A Bil (Zamora): Students are solving inequalities and graphing the solution on the number line.

Math 2 (Mingus & Neos): Math 2 (Mingus & Neos):  Math two students are delving deeper into probability, using area models and tree diagrams to determine: 1) Probabilities of events not equally likely to occur; 2) What constitutes a “fair game”; 3) Expected Value and Conditional. Probability outcomes. Teams are finding the activities fun and interesting and are making connections to Vegas gaming.  

Math 3 Apps (Medrano): Students are learning to use the parent graphs of quadratic and cubic functions to sketch graphs of polynomials of higher degrees.

Math 3 Honors (Bettencourt): Students are starting Chapter 5, working with inverse functions. 

Business Calculations (Corona & Santiago): Students are starting a unit on the use of credit.

Precalculus Honors (Morales):  Students are exploring Derivatives.

College Algebra (Medrano): Students are practicing long and synthetic division in preparation for finding the complex roots of higher degree polynomials.

AP Stats (Corona):  Students are learning about different sampling methods, how bias can present issues within sampling, and how to create and interpret a model for sampling. 

AP Calculus (Morales):  Students are creating KEY CONCEPTS posters for their Gallery Walk.


From October 1st to November 7th, the Hueneme NJROTC participated in a food drive created by Food Share. Cadets donated can goods throughout the whole period for those in need.  In total, the cadets managed to collect over 200 lbs of can goods.  The Rescue Mission picked up the food on 9th November 9.  “We are amazed by all the hard work NJROTC and the efforts the cadets have done for us, and we hope to keep doing it every year to help families in need.”, says one of the Rescue Mission reps.  The cadets are thankful and grateful for the opportunity they were given to participate in the food drive and opportunity to give back to the community.

C/Lieutenant Enad, Elizabeth


Government:  Students practiced academic discussions while discussing landmark Supreme Court cases.  They made real-world connections and produced evidence-based essays that supported their discussions. 

Economics:  Students have continued to examine the interconnected relationship between supply and demand.  They have analyzed different sets of data and have been able to produce their own supply and demand curves.  Students also began a stock market simulation where they will be required to research different companies and invest.

AP Government and Politics:  Students have been researching and analyzing various different court cases that have dealt with civil liberties and civil rights.  Through class discussion and analysis of these court cases, students have been able to better understand the significance of the first amendment, specifically freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press.

US History:  Students reviewed for their test by working on a web-quest designed to demonstrate their knowledge of key concepts of standard 11.2.  Students also began their 11.4 unit this week.

Psychology:  Students who wanted to challenge themselves by taking the AP Psychology test, began their independent review.  Students also completed their unit on the Brain, Body, and Behavior.  


Students from Hueneme’s Video and Broadcasting Pathway welcomed Guest Speaker Mike Etchart to our Library on Friday Nov. 15th to learn about the entertainment industry and Warner Brothers Studios and other studios in Los Angeles. Then on Tuesday Nov. 17th 49 students arrived at school at 6:45 AM to travel to Burbank to tour Warner Brothers Studios. There they were able to see the prop house, the batmobiles, a set on a soundstage, the mill where sets and props are made, the costumes from current movies and the backlot streets where many shows are filmed. Afterwards they ended the tour at Stage 48 where they were able to reenact a scene from Friends and The Big Bang Theory, learn how sound tracks were mixed, fly on a broomstick from Harry Potter Movies in front of a green screen and see other interactive exhibits. We saw lots of “extras” waiting to be in scenes of various productions filming on the lot and Daniel Ezra who plays Spencer James in All American.


For our November Library Patron of Excellence Award, Senior ASB student, Mary Rose Landicho has been selected. Last summer, Mary Rose volunteered two weeks of her time by teaming up with Mrs. Trude in preparation for HHS’s Week of Welcome textbook and Chromebook distribution. During this WoW week, she demonstrated excellent customer service skills. Soon after, Mary Rose joined our Library Science class and continues to be a valued team member in providing HHS with quality library services. Congratulations Mary Rose!


HHS and CIHS Migrant students collaborated on a college tours to Cal Poly SLO.