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Weekly Update, Friday, January 31, 2020


EAOP has been working to round-up 11th grade juniors to join/participate in the SAT Academy that OUHSD is providing. EAOP is also coordinating a leadership conference for our juniors to UCSB on Saturday, February 8th for those juniors who cannot attend the SAT academy. Ms. Vasquez also attended a scholarship ceremony for the Boys & Girls club to support one of our very own seniors, Bryan Vazquez, won the $10,000 scholarship and is moving forward to the regional competition (photo below)


Mr. Chaparro and Mrs. Calderon led a leadership training geared towards our AVID EL students. The student will be working with Mrs. Calderon to promote and guide other students in the districts first EL Conference to be hosted at Oxnard College.  

AVID 9 students are working on Learning Styles Inventory to find out the type of learn they are and what attributes coincide with the type of learner they are. AVID 10 students work working on scholarship with reading an article on Seven Scholarship Scams and spending time this week looking at the VCCF website for scholarships they would apply to if they were seniors. Our AVID EL students participated last week at the ELD Symposium where they assisted with activities. AVID 11 students were working on a Public Service Announcement project and AVID seniors are working on applying for scholarships.  


Kara Bettencourt: Juniors are starting their unit on American Romanticism and the American Gothic traditions.  They continue to work on their preparation for the SAT and CAASPP tests in March.

AP Seniors are working on Renaissance Poetry and starting their drama unit for Hamlet.  They continue to work on their preparation for the AP exam in May.

Olivia Hernandez: English 4: Students are reading Frankenstein. They are keeping a quote journal as they read to guide their analysis of the text using any of the literary criticisms we went over: archetypal, marxist, historical, feminist, psychological. 

English 1: Students created posters of the drama terms we are covering in preparation for Romeo and Juliet. Students are using an organizer to keep quotes as we read. They will be analyzing their quotes using a feminist/ gender literary lens.

Elisabeth Hanrieder: Sophomores have begun reading The Cellist of Sarajevo, based on the true story of a cellist who played Albinoni’s Adagio for twenty-two days, one for each life lost in a bombing in Sarajevo. Students have researched the timeline of the war, the ethnic cleansing that took place, and seen pictures of Sarajevo before and during the war. They have also, of course, listened to the Adagio.

Juniors are learning about satire before reading Huckleberry Finn. They’ve read “A Modest Proposal,” and annotated for author’s purpose, which was actually pretty fun. We begin reading the book today.

Seniors are beginning a unit on bullying and have read and annotated an article about Cyber Bullying. They’ll be doing a research project associated with this unit and will be developing and administering a survey to sophomores and juniors in the engineering academy.

Sonia Herrejon: English 2CP students have started a unit on the play “Antigone.” They are working on identifying foil characters in the play.

English 2H students have started the unit on Night and are currently working on researching for their presentation on different topics related to the Halocaust. 

AP English Language and Composition students are working on their research papers. They are going to be organizing their research to begin an outline before typing their papers.


Get Focused Stay Focused

Our brave zero period students began this semester-long course with a unit identifying their definition of success.  The beginning units of this course focuses on understanding their values in order to make an informed decision about a potential careers that takes into consideration their preferences and values.

Intro to Teaching

Seniors are currently studying the role of assessment in education.  They understand the concept of summative and formative assessments and why assessment is an important part of education.  They developed a summative assessment for our current unit, utilizing different question types.

Careers in Education and Child Development

In gearing up for our Little Vikes Lab School opening in March, our juniors are learning more about development in preschool-aged children.  They have studied the cognitive, physical, and social emotional development of this age group in order to better understand their future students.


Math 9 (Santiago): Students are learning how to write linear equations in point-slope form from a graph and given a point and slope.

Math 1A Bil (Zamora): After doing some team building activities due to changes to class rosters, we finally finished the two remaining sections on exponents and started Chapter 2 which focused on slope. 

Math 9 Bil (Diaz): Students are learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and compare fractions.

Math 1B Bil (Gamez): Students are writing flowchart proofs to show whether or not triangles are congruent.

Math 1 (Gamez & Kaikaina): Math 1 students are continuing to investigate how slope behaves in chapter 2.

Math 2 (Mingus & Neos): Math 2 students are reviewing techniques for factoring quadratic expressions; Greatest Common Factor, Expansion & Diamond Methods. Further techniques will come from recognizing and understanding Difference of Squares and Perfect Squares shortcuts.

Math 2 Honors (Deckrow): Math 2H students are factoring quadratics and learning about special cases. They will begin to discover new tangent functions and continue to expand on this knowledge next week.

Math 3 (Britton): Math 3 students are solidifying their understanding of logarithms and applying the properties of logarithms to expand and condense expressions. We will finish the week with the real world applications of exponential equations.

Math 3 Apps (Medrano): Students are finishing up chapter 3 and will take a test to show their knowledge on Friday.


8th January 2020, our NJROTC cadets were trained on how to put out small-size fires using a “SmartExtinguisher”.  The sources of fire hazards may include electrical, natural gas, flammable or combustible liquids.  For our training purpose, natural gas was used as the source of fire which posed different mitigation method, based on fire chemistry and the classes of the fire.  Discussion of fire safety and prevention includes types of portable fire extinguishers, extinguisher components, and correct sequence of extinguisher operation.  Demonstration of Basic Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Skills educates cadets about disaster preparedness for the hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skill, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations.

C/Lieutenant Enad, Elizabeth Public Affairs Officer


Geography:  Students are beginning the start of the second semester this week.  Classes have been able to get textbooks checked out.  All classes have begun learning about the class expectations and procedures that will be followed for the rest of the semester.

US History:  Students engaged in a WebQuest activity that helped them understand Standard 11.5.  They used the evidence from the WebQuest to engage in an academic small group discussion.  (See Picture below)

Government: Most seniors that took Economics first semester have transitioned to Government second semester.  Students have been able to check out their textbooks and are also working on a Class Constitution activity.  Through this activity, students are being introduced to the concept of our Constitution as well as agreeing on classroom norms and behaviors that will be followed by all.


On January 10th we had our second annual art show with special guests and Jose Mendoza. This year’s theme was role models. The art students at Hueneme High School had to draw something that represented their role model as well as draw how they are going to be a role model to others. We had 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places winners from both art teachers. The visual art students all did a wonderful job and worked in various media to create their works of art. Special thanks to Jose Mendoza who created this model to inspire students to create artwork that can make a difference. Also special thanks to Mr. Graves our librarian who hosted the art show in Hueneme Library.


The assembly recognized students in the areas of citizenship, integrity, leadership, and school spirit. There were also awards given for the top performing students in the online game, “Freshman House Games” and honored one student from each house as the “Viking of the Semester”. After recognizing our exceptional 9th graders students heard an inspirational message from guest speaker, A’ric Jackson on how to maximize their potential by not being afraid to: 

  1. Destroy their box
  2. Be their authentic self
  3. Get MAD (Make A Difference)