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Weekly Update, Friday, February 7, 2020


The HHS Counseling Team is beginning their visits with the local partner Middle Schools in order to meet with Incoming Freshman and promoting HHS Programs.  The team is also reviewing 8th Graders teacher recommendations while helping them with their freshman year course requests.  Furthermore, Counselors are meeting with Seniors who are in Danger of not Graduating and signing them up for after school credit recovery – Edgenuity Online Learning.  Finally, it should be noted that HHS Counselors are also providing Parent Conferences and SST’s for students who are struggling academically, and/or socially.


On Wednesday, Ms. Vazquez, UCSB EAOP Representative did a presentation with the AVID 9 and 10 students regarding college admissions requirements. On Tuesday, Ms. Ambriz, Ms. Lane, and myself attended AVID workshop that covered two sessions which were 1) Academic Language Scripts, Language Functions, and Word Banks, and 2) Beyond Marking the Text.   Finally, three of our three of the ESL 102 and AVID EL students have been accepted to Cal State Channel Islands and Cal State Bakersfield. These students are Aldrin Castañeda Guadalupe Hernandez, and Giselle Salinas (picture attached)


AP English Language and Composition and English 3 YES Both of these junior English classes are in the midst of the research project.  They have spent the past 2 weeks in the library gathering information.  This week, they began composing their paper.  Special emphasis is placed on proper citation and avoiding plagiarism.  A goal is to master parenthetical in-text citation and MLA format.  This unit is invaluable for students planning on continuing their education at the university level.


Math 1A Bil (Zamora): This week we are finishing up a section 2.1.4 on Slope, will review for slope and quiz on Thursday. We will finish the week going over Angle Relationships.

Math 9 Bil (Diaz): Students are learning and reviewing how to find equivalent fractions, simplify fractions, add, subtract, and multiply fractions with like and unlike denominators.

Math 1B Bil Math 1B is preparing to take their Chapter 7 Test. In addition to closing Chapter 7, they are also preparing for CAASPP.

Math 1 Math 1 students are continuing to analyze slope and y-intercepts. Just recently, students discovered how to determine the slope given two points without graphing.

Math 2 (Mingus & Neos): Factoring Special Case Quadratics using the Diamond Method and Area Models as well as Adding Solving Trig problems involving Sine and Cosine is where the Math 2’s are focusing their attention these days. 

Math 2 Honors (Deckrow): Students are continuing to practice using trigonometric ratios to solve for the missing side of a right triangle. They will discover how to use these ratios to solve for a missing angle of a triangle.

Math 3 (Britton): Students in math 3 are learning the laws of cosines and sines to solve for the missing angles and sides of a triangle. There will be a math 3 saturday academy February 8 to prepare for the chapter 7 test. 

Math 3 Apps (Medrano): Students are learning the characteristics of the parent graph of the rational function and will learn how to use its graphing form to graph by using the transformations.

Precalculus (Diaz): Students are learning how to graph exponential functions with transformations as well as solve exponential equations.

Precalculus Honors (Morales):  Precalculus Honors students (pictured) are working with the Product and Quotient Rules.

College Algebra (Medrano): Students are reviewing how exponential and logarithmic functions are related and using logarithms to solve exponential equations.

AP Calculus (Morales):  Calculus students (pictured) are studying the Riemann Sum using AP exam samples. 


On January 25, 2020, the Hueneme NJROTC Academic Teams traveled down south to El Camino Real Charter High School where they competed against other twelve NJROTC academic teams in multiple Jeopardy-style rounds. Both teams (Hueneme 1 and Hueneme 2) managed to advance to the semi-finals where they received medals for academic achievement. Our academic teams will keep on preparing and practicing as well as planning to compete in more NJROTC Brain Brawl Competitions in the future.

C/Seaman Morata, Denise Joyce


Yesterday HHS hosted our annual science fair with our 9th grade honors students presenting projects to 16 judges from the various naval bases and Moorpark College. Special thanks to Ming Nakamura and Mitchell Luu for all their work with their students and Mayra Castro who provided great service to the judges throughout the day. Below are the projects considered well done and without extra work for presentation in the Ventura County Science Fair in March – thus 1st Place.

Grand Prize Winner (receiving $100 From the Society of Military Engineers) Kailyn Ball with “Conformity and Behavior”

Alexa Perez and Ximena Rangel
Vanessa Gonzalez and Rose Galera

Other winners:

Daisye Bravo and Julysa Cabrera with  “Plant Growth and Fertilizers”

Tania Chavez and Belkis Santos with “The Affect of Emotional Stress”

Vanessa Hwee and Paula Quiatchon with “Placebo Effect and Taste Buds”

Jimena Diaz and Gabrielle Zercher with “Yeast and Temperature Effects on CO2  Production”

Rosalia Juarez with “Bacterial Growth and Food Containers”

Luis Tienda and Emilio Huerta with “Paper Airplane Designs”

Callie Santos and Almareli with “Temperature and Battery Life”

Congratulations to all these students and the others who put a lot of work into their projects! 


AP Human Geo. students researched different case studies this week pertaining to the UN Convention Law of the Seas and the EEZ. They were surprised to learn what China is doing in the South China Sea and their creation of man-made islands. 

Sociology students used the Academic Discussion cards to facilitate a discussion on the major modern Sociological perspectives. (see images)

US History students collaborated on a writing with evidence assignment to help them answer their Unit ELQ.

Finally, Economic students applied academic vocabulary with the real word by completing a HHS Senior expenditure and Opportunity Cost assignment. 


“Flying Together”

Selfie Installation Art

Mr. Keith’s Art Students

“Flying Together” is a collaborative art installation responding to contemporary selfie art exhibitions.  This public work of art is designed to invite students at Hueneme High to take selfie pictures with the wings.  Each feather was individually designed and hand painted by students.  We invite you to participate in this work of art by taking a selfie!


The Freshman Homework Center opened this past Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:15PM to 4:30PM Students received tutoring and worked diligently to finish assignments in all subject areas.  We look forward to even more students attending next week.


“Pulled String Art” presented by FilipinX.

This art style was highly popular during the 1960’s in the Philippines and was popularized in other countries after the invention of social media spread it to different parts of the world. Club members created their own Pulled String Art keepsake.