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Weekly Update, Friday, February 28, 2020

C/Lieutenant Enad, Elizabeth Public Affairs Officer


This week the Counseling Team went to EO Green Middle School and met with Incoming 9th Graders.  We presented on the programs offered at HHS, Graduation and A-G Requirements, Online Enrollment, and High School Culture, while confirming Teacher Recommendations and selecting course requests.  Counselors also spent two days visiting all HHS English Classes delivering Registration Forms and transcripts along with explaining the Course Selection for the upcoming school year and the overall Registration process for all 10-12th Graders.

EAOP has been supporting the counseling team in Presenting to all Junior classes where juniors gained a more in-depth understanding of A-G’s which will help them make better informed decisions when registering for their classes. On Wednesday evening, Ms. Vasquez, Ms. Creager & Oxnard College hosted the last Financial Aid workshop here at HHS where 40+ senior families attended to complete their financial aid application before the March 2nd deadline.


Ms. Hernandez:

English 4: Students are continuing to read Frankenstein and analyze one quote per chapter using a critical lens of their choice. Students are keeping a log of these quotes in a quote journal on Google Classroom. Additionally, students are working on vocabulary and grammar on vocab.com and No Red Ink.

English 1: Using Romeo and Juliet the freshman students are analyzing one quote per scene using the feminist/gender critical lens. Students are questioning the roles and portrayal of women in the play and explaining how it is problematic or similar to modern views of women. Students are also practicing vocabulary and grammar on vocab.com and No Red Ink.

Mr. Ripley:

This week the freshman are doing a deep dive into some of the key scenes in Act one of Romeo and Juliet. We are studying characters and how indirect characterization allows us to relate and understand a character better. Freshman will also be taking their CAASPP Revision Interim Assessment. Seniors are working on a Multi-Genre Essay in response to a theme from Brave New World. The RCP students are focusing on responding to reading with a journal entry and using reading strategies to make their interactions with a text more meaningful. 


As we prepare for our Spring internships, the juniors and seniors in our education pathway visited Parkview Elementary School.  These students will be interning at Parkview one day a week for 9 weeks.  On Thursday, February 27, we walked to Parkview to have an orientation with Parkview’s administrators. We are looking forward to this unique experience.  It provides invaluable work-based learning for our students.


HHS teachers (pictured Mrs. Gamez, Mrs. Morales and Mrs. Corona) attended the Literacy and Engagement in Math professional development on February 6.

Math 1A Bil (Zamora): Students are working on finding the slope of lines using a variety of methods.

Math 9 Bil (Diaz): Students are reviewing Decimal Operations.

Math 1B Bil Students have started to investigate how exponential functions behave as the base is changed.

Math 1 Math 1 students are wrapping up their Chapter 2. Soon they will start transformations.

Math 3 (Britton): Math 3 students are working on statistics activities to prepare them for Caaspp and SAT testing. We are covering different types of data, graphs and central tendency. 

Math 3 Apps (Medrano): Students are learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational expressions. They are also learning the effect these operations have on the graphs of the rational functions.

Math 3 Honors (Bettencourt): Students have begun Ch 8, a unit covering polynomial functions. This week we have been using desmos and graphing calculators to graph polynomials. We are analyzing those graphs and looking for patterns that will allow us to predict the graphs of any polynomial function. 

Precalculus (Diaz): Students are being assessed on exponential and logarithmic functions.  Students are also learning about Financial Models, interest earned in savings accounts and interest paid to credit cards.

Precalculus Honors (Morales):  Mrs. Corona presented Statistics lesson for CAASPP prep.

College Algebra (Medrano): Students are reviewing how to expand and condense logs and applying these skills to finding the exact solution of logarithms.

AP Stats (Corona):  Students are finishing up their unit on sampling distributions of sample means and proportions and the Central Limit Theorem.

AP Calculus (Morales):  Students reviewed Integration by Substitution and Curve Sketching, and started Slope Fields. 


One of our staff members and department heads in our unit is Cadet Lieutenant Commander Andrew Pyler, a senior at Hueneme High School. He is our Operations Officer and the Orienteering Team Commander. As an operations officer, he oversees the overall operations of the NJROTC program, organizing events, planning out logistics, and maintaining the unit calendar and website. Aside from NJROTC, Andrew is also part of the school’s Boys Varsity Water Polo Team and Swim Team. Outside of school, he is part of the Boys Scouts of America and takes frequent classes at Oxnard College. His future plans are to attend one of the United States Service Academies to commission as a Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer or receive the ROTC scholarship to use for college and major in physics. Luckily, he has just received the ROTC scholarship which grants him a full-ride for any participating schools in his cost of books, tuition, and student fees. He has also received a $66,000 Presidential Scholarship from Rochester Institute of Technology and an offer of admission from Jacksonville University waiving the cost of room and board and meals for all for years. In addition, he was granted a nomination from Congresswoman Julia Brownley to the United States Naval Academy and the United States Merchant Marine Academy. He continuously reminds himself and others, “Never be afraid to fail. Success is nothing more than learning from your previous mistakes and moving forward. Just keep on trying and don’t let anything stop you from pursuing your dreams.”

C/Lieutenant Enad, Elizabeth Public Affairs Officer


The Ventura Orthopedics Athletes of the Week

VENTURA COUNTY STAR | 8:26 am PST February 10, 2020


Year: Sophomore

Sport: Basketball

Comment: The point guard helped Hueneme end the regular season as the undefeated Citrus Coast League champion. Last Monday, she hit four 3-pointers and finished with 20 points, six rebounds and five assists in a 63-46 victory over Fillmore. On Wednesday, Scott had 12 points, seven assists and five rebounds in a 75-23 victory over Malibu as the Vikings finished the regular season 18-8 overall and 8-0 in league. Hueneme opens the Division 3AA playoffs at home against Santa Fe on Thursday.

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