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Weekly Update, Friday, March 6, 2020



Counselors along with the invaluable assistance of Ms. Buen organized the Elective Fair which took place on Wednesday March 4th During Lunch.  The Goal of the Elective Fair was to expose students to the various elective courses and unique programs, CTE Pathways, World Languages, and Academies that we offer at HHS so that they can make informed decisions about their course requests for the upcoming school year.  Furthermore, Counselors began meeting with Students individually confirming graduation and A-G status, verifying course requests, signing up for credit recovery if necessary and assisting with developing post high school plans and career interests.  This process of meeting with all 9-11th Graders will continue over the next three weeks.


Students have signed up for our next Field Trip to CSU Los Angeles on March 13, 2020.  Also, our AVID Seniors are getting excited about getting acceptance letters this month as both UCs and CSUs are beginning to roll out decisions. 


Kyle Ripley: This week the freshmen are doing a deep dive into some of the key scenes in Act one of Romeo and Juliet. We are studying characters and how indirect characterization allows us to relate and understand a character better. Freshman will also be taking their CAASPP Revision Interim Assessment. Seniors are working on a Multi-Genre Essay in response to a theme from Brave New World. The RCP students are focusing on responding to reading with a journal entry and using reading strategies to make their interactions with a text more meaningful. 

Olivia Hernandez: English 4: Students are continuing to read Frankenstein and analyze one quote per chapter using a critical lens of their choice. Students are keeping a log of these quotes in a quote journal on Google Classroom. Additionally, students are working on vocabulary and grammar on vocab.com and No Red Ink.

English 1: Using Romeo and Juliet the freshman students are analyzing one quote per scene using the feminist/gender critical lens. Students are questioning the roles and portrayal of women in the play and explaining how it is problematic or similar to modern views of women. Students are also practicing vocabulary and grammar on vocab.com and No Red Ink.

Timothy McGee: Eng 1RCP & CP: Finished Act 3 for Romeo & Juliet, beginning project (visual representations of their scenes which show their critical lens, or reenactment of a scene).

Eng 1H: Finished Romeo & Juliet Notes, needing annotations for their critical lenses (Due Sunday!). Continuing work on their project (due next week).

Amy Wright: My 9th grade Reading students are in the final chapters of Jason Reynolds’s Long Way Down and are beginning to make connections between the book’s events and their own lives. We are gearing up to write a thematic narrative piece. 

English 1RCP is just finishing up Act 3 in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. We are looking at the text through a feminist lens to gain a deeper understanding of the characters and the time period. We will begin to talk about their final project this week as well. 

In my English 2CP class, we are doing mini-presentations on controversial WWII issues while we finish up Elie Wiesel’s Night. They will present their issues to the class on Friday.

Faith DeLuca: Students are using a critical lens to read through the play of Romeo and Juliet. While reading they are examining the text for examples of personification, imagery, metaphors, and similes.

Sonia Herrejon: English 2CP classes are finishing up Antigone. They were focusing on allusions and symbolism this week. They also worked on Vocabulary.com and did their CAASPP Interim Assessment.

English 2H finished their Night essays, did their CAASPP Interim Assessment and are starting a unit on Julius Caesar.

AP English Language and Composition students continued learning what the synthesis essay is and will be writing their first synthesis essay on Friday. They finished reading Grapes of Wrath this week as well and continued studying their SAT vocabulary.


Math 9 (Santiago): Students are learning order of operations through the parts of expression and contract components of coding.

Math 1A Bil (Zamora): Students are working on writing the equation of a line passing through two points.

Math 1B Bil Students are writing exponential equations given a table, graph, and situation.

Math 1 Students have formalized the definitions of the rigid transformations via a Desmos interactive activity.

Math 2 (Mingus & Neos): After developing their skills in factoring Trinomials, our Math 2’s are applying what they learned to solve Quadratic Equatios and to find the x-intercepts of a Quadratic Function in order to Graph it. 

Math 2 Honors (Deckrow): Math 2H students are finishing up the first half of chapter 5. They have been working on connecting quadratic tables, graphs, equations, and situations to and from one another in any order. Building a web that connects them all together has been useful as students discover where parabolas can be found in real life, and how they can solve for important values. 

Math 3 Apps (Medrano): Students are completing their study of rational expressions and equations.

Math 3 Honors (Bettencourt):  Math 3H is continuing Chapter 8, Polynomial Functions. This week they identified various strategies that can be used to sketch graphs of polynomials by hand using an equation in factored form. They also spent time working on an SAT Prep Activity. 

Business Calculations (Corona & Santiago): Students are working on budgeting and credit through creating their own budgets.

Precalculus Honors (Morales):  Ms. Vasquez, College Site Coordinator, UCSB Early Academic Outreach Program, spoke to the classes about the importance of a “Brag Sheet” and early planning for college applications.  Students continue to prep for Math CAASPP (March 11-20) and the SAT (March 25). 

College Algebra (Medrano): Students are solving exponential equations by using the properties of exponents and logarithms.

AP Calculus (Morales):  Students are practicing Slope Fields and Log and Exponential Functions


AP Human Geo. students wrapped up their Agriculture unit by creating infographics that focused on agribusiness in the United States. 

Geography students are focusing on the different climate regions that we have worldwide and will begin to world populations next week.  

Us History students collaborating on an graphing economic data of the Great Depression. In addition to graphing, students analyzed data and wrote results practicing with their claim and evidence. (See image)

Next, Sociology students learned about group dynamics and group structure through various activities that tested their academic vocabulary knowledge. In addition, students prepared for a case study analysis by completing a group analysis of HHS.

Finally Economic students practiced making economics meaningful to their own lives by completing their Economic Way of Thinking packet and assessment. Students are working diligently and mastering standards quickly. They will begin unit 3 next week!

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