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Weekly Update, Friday, March 13, 2020

ROTC Students


Announcement from Superintendent Dr. DeLeon – Please click the link: ENGLISH

Anuncio de Superintendente Doctora DeLeon – Haga clic el enlace:  ESPANOL

Free meals during school closure/Comida gratis durante el cierre de escuelas  – Please click link to see the flyer/Haga clic para ver el volante Free Meals Flyer/Comida Gratis


The counselors have been busy all week within house registration. Ms. Flores our freshmen counselor has also been doing presentation on how to read a transcript. 

The Counseling Team and the Counseling Interns have been working hard during In-House Registration

HHS held it’s Elective Fair on Wed, March 4


Harmony Lane: We are just finishing a mini project for Act 3 of Romeo and Juliet that explores and supports the critical lens they are using for their final.

Kyle Ripley: Freshman classes are finishing Romeo and Juliet and working on sentence structure in noredink.com. Reading Tech has started reading “We Beat the Street” and is working on answering “why” questions. Seniors have started their unit on juvenile justice and are reading “Startling Finds on Teenage Brains” while working reading strategies and engaging in academic discussions. 

Olivia Hernandez: English 4: Finishing up Frankenstein.  Students are in the beginning stages of drafting an outline for their chosen essay prompt. Students are using the No Red Ink thesis assignment to peer review and revise their thesis statements.

English 1: Students have taken the reigns on Romeo and Juliet and are searching on their own for quotes in the play to analyze through the feminist/gender critical lens. Students are also studying vocabulary for Romeo and Juliet on vocab.com.

Gabriela Gomez-Font: English 4 is working on poetry that expresses the notion that time is fleeting and that we must seize the day.  We discussed our response to these poets’ call for carpe diem and the consequences of our actions to this call.

English 3 is writing a narrative essay on Bless Me, Ultima which they just finished reading.  We are going through the steps of writing a thesis, putting together the body paragraphs that will include the 3 points and 2 pieces of evidence in each body paragraph. Students were given a rubric, visual graphs to fill to organize the essay, and a sample essay on a different novel.

Sonia Herrejon: English 2 is finished reading Antigone and will be taking their final test for it. They also continued doing their vocab.com work and had a presentation from an EAOP Representative: Mr. Cortez

English 2H completed their Julius Caesar presentations, had an EAOP Representative, Mr. Cortez, present on the cost of college. 

AP English Language and Composition reviewed a multiple choice practice test in order to improve their skills on the AP MC part of the test. They also graded each others’ synthesis essays from last week.

Elisabeth HanriederL Sophomores are working on punctuating dependent clauses and are almost finished The Cellist of Sarajevo. Next week they will have discussions in Socratic Seminar, discussing the moral pros and cons regarding NATO intervention in places like Syria.

Juniors are reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, learning about dialect, good story-telling, and how to deal with sensitive racial issues in classic text.

Seniors have begun the ERWC unit “Racial Profiling.” They’ve read the article entitled “Jim Crow Policing” and mapping the structure of the text, drawing horizontal lines separating the introduction, body, and conclusion. In other exciting news, the senior engineering class has recently received approval for a four-day field trip to San Francisco in preparation for a unit on urban planning.


On Saturday, February 22nd, about 70 Hueneme NJROTC cadets and some guests went down to the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles for the All-City JROTC Military Ball. They, along with other JROTCs of different military branches from the Los Angeles area, attended the formal event. They dined on salads and chicken parmesan dishes, watched other JROTC drill teams perform, applauded those who were awarded scholarships and honors, took pictures, and spent the rest of the night dancing. Special guests of the night came from all over Los Angeles county and were given applause for their service to our country. During the ball, cadets were able to see their schools’ royal court members from their respective schools, and the kings and queens were able to share a dance. 

The Hueneme NJROTC royal court consisted of:

Freshman Prince and Princess – Jacob Welsh and Paula Quiatchon

Sophomore Prince and Princess – Alejandro Almanza and Arvy Labo

Junior Prince and Princess – Victor Benevidez and DeniseJoyce Morata

Senior King and Queen – Lucas Morales and Nathaly Castrejon

C/SN Morata, DeniseJoyce Deputy Public Affairs Officer


Hollie Dickinson from Educated choices presented to students in Ms. Sell’s classes.  “The Educated Choices Program educates middle school, high school, college students, and other community members about the impact of their food choices, inspiring them to make decisions that are consistent with their own values as related to human health, the environment and animals. By providing factual, mainstream information and promoting respectful dialogue, participants are encouraged to think critically about their food choices.”

AP Environmental Science students participated in a day long field trip to the Los Padres National Forest on March 5.  Students released trout raised from eggs in our classroom into Reyes Creek.  Students then hiked to Rose Valley falls. Students learned about forest management, habitat, life cycle and ecology of anadromous fishes.


This was a
very busy week for the students in the YES Academy.  On Monday, we
began our Little Vikes Lab School.  We have nine wonderful Little Vikes
this year, ranging in age from three to five.  Our seniors have developed
the curriculum for our lab school students, and each day they present a book,
fingerplay, art activity, and either a math, language, or science lesson. 
Our juniors focus more on child development aspects in the second hour of our
lab school.

In addition to our lab school, our juniors and seniors began
their internships at Parkview Elementary School and E.O. Green Junior High
School.  Students work in classrooms during the school day with mentor
teachers.  This work-based learning opportunity allows students a
real glimpse into the life of a teacher and gives them real-world experience
working with students of various ages.  We really value the partnership we
have been able to cultivate the with staff at these two schools.

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