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Update to Letter Grade Request


Update to Letter Grade Request

Dear Parents and Families,

On June 16th, student grades will be confirmed as Pass (P); Credit (C); or Incomplete (I).

Students receiving an (I) Incomplete will complete the class in Summer and/or Fall 2020, or Spring 2021.

Parents of students who would like a grade of Pass (P) or Credit (C) for their student’s classes do not need to take any additional action or make any additional requests. 

Requests for Letter Grades must be received by 6:00 PM on June 15, 2020 through Parent Square

Letter grade requests for Credit (D) and Incomplete (I) grades should not be submitted.

Parents and students have the option to request a letter grade for each of your student’s classes that have a current grade of A, B, or C.

Sample of current student grades and possible requests***:

  • Period 1: B (letter grade can be requested)
  • Period 2: C (letter grade can be requested)
  • Period 3: A (letter grade can be requested)
  • Period 4: B (letter grade can be requested)
  • Period 5: Incomplete (no request available; student will complete the class in Summer/Fall)
  • Period 6: Credit (no request available)

***Please keep in mind that the first field in the form starts with 0 (Zero) Period. If your student does not have a 0 (Zero) period, you can skip 0 (Zero) and fill in the periods that match. If your student is taking a class at another school, please switch schools in Parent Square to fill out the form for the period/class they are taking at that school site. 

Please complete one form per student. 

If you have multiple children attending OUHSD schoools, you will have the option to click on “complete another form” once you complete the form for your first student. 

Parents can update the Letter Grade Request form until the electronic signature is completed and verified with “Submit.” At this point, no additional changes to the form are possible.

With the electronic signature, parents are requesting letter grades for selected classes. 

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