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Mission & Vision

The mission of Hueneme High School is to provide students with the opportunity for personal growth that enables mastery of academics, leadership experience, and college and career readiness as well as the development of emotional, social, and citizenship values that lead to lifelong learning and fulfillment.

School-Wide Learner Outcomes

Self-Directed Learners
  • Use technology and critical thinking to complete tasks independently and collaboratively
  • Use and adapt to emerging technologies
  • Utilize critical thinking to anticipate, identify, predict, and solve problems
  • See and utilize resources to demonstrate master of content
Responsible Individuals
  • Understand and accept diversity
  • Make a positive contribution to school and community
  • Demonstrate courteous and ethical behaviors
  • Make informed choices that promote a healthy lifestyle
Effective Communicators
  • Listen, read, think, speak, and write reflectively and critically
  • Receive and interpret messages of others in an effective and respectful manner
  • Use technology to access, interpret and disseminate information
Prepared For and Informed About Their Post-Secondary Options
  • Graduate A-G complete
  • Understand options and the difference between all levels of post-secondary educations
  • Understand different career pathways