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Picture of Rainbow Over the HHS Pool
Belen Flores

On Thursday night, February 1, our Hueneme Viking Girls Water Polo took on Channel Islands in their last match of the season. To say it was exciting would be a massive understatement. Your lady Vikings fought hard in four quarters to be tied with the Raiders. Then, in overtime, each team brought their best and we again found ourselves tied. In a triple-overtime amidst rain and hail, both teams battled for 6 more exhausting minutes in a golden goal sudden death. Coach Ripley is so proud to say that we emerged victorious! Ami Cruz, a senior, scored the winning goal and finished her career on the water polo team in a way she will never forget. Sage Velasquez took an elbow to the face to stop one of C.I.'s strongest players from scoring a game-winning goal. Adrian Padilla, the goalie, made many crucial saves and had sniper-like accurate passing to keep us in the game. In games like these every single effort by all of our team made a difference and we would not have won without the efforts and support of players in the game and the crowd that cheered us through our entire overtime.

We are so proud of our girls! Anette Tapia played an outstanding game after a tough round at Carpinteria earlier in the week. Leticia Ortiz, in her first year, played like a veteran, Juliette Lara led our team in spirit and grit through the entire 7 quarters. Jocelyn Cruz demonstrated true Viking Sportsmanship admitting fault to the referee resulting in us having a goal taken away, only to make it up later in the game with two more goals. Olivia Hernandez never stopped and was able to surprise herself by scoring the game-tying goal.  Srey Cheung, Evelyn Martinez, Arlin Fuentes, and Kimberly Castellanos stepped up in a big way. They stopped counterattacks and made sure no shot was uncontested.

Lastly, the Lady Viking Water Polo team and Coach Ripley want to extend a huge thank you to Coach Acevado for supporting the team and teaching foundational skills to our new players so that they can compete at the varsity level! Coach Raffaelli, thank you for your work with aquatics and getting kids excited about swimming. The girls would not have been able to go 7 quarters in a game that was almost twice as long as normal without each of you! You both are truly foundational to this team! 

Coach Ripley and the rest of Hueneme High School are super proud of the girls and all the hard work they put into their season! If you know any of them, please give them a huge shout out! 

Picture of Rainbow Over the HHS Pool
HHS Water Polo Game



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