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Career Planning


Get Started on Your Career Journey using the career assessments tools on or

As a student enrolled at Hueneme High School, you have access to, the State of California’s official college and career planning platform and Vita-Navis.  

We encourage you to use the Career Assessments on and and get started planning for life after high school.

The Career Assessments can help you identify your values, interests, learning styles, and strengths and learn how they can connect to fulfilling careers. 

 Have you taken the Career Assessments on or

The assessments can help you identify your values, interests, learning styles, and strengths and learn how they can connect to fulfilling careers.

These assessments include:

  • Learning and Productivity
  • Interest Profiler
  • Work Values
  • Intelligences
  • Personality
  • Skills


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Learning & Productivity

The Learning & Productivity assessment asks you questions about how you learn best, then uses your answers to highlight which styles of learning and what kind of learning environments might work best for you.

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Interest Profiler

The Interest Profiler helps you discover how your interests connect to different careers by asking questions about how much you like or dislike different work activities. The Profiler then provides you with a list of careers that match the activities you like.

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Work Values

The Work Values assessment asks you to rank values related to work, such as coworker relationships, creativity, and compensation. At the end, you will be presented with careers based on the values that are most important to you.

Head with nodes icon Intelligences assessment


The Intelligences assessment asks you questions about how you think, solve problems, and come up with new ideas. Using your answers, the assessment will present you with information on your strengths, how to develop them, and what careers your strengths might match.

ID card icon Personality Assessments


The Personality assessment is similar to a Myers-Briggs personality type assessment. It asks you to respond to different descriptions, then uses your responses to highlight characteristics that align to your personality and corresponding careers.

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The Skills assessment will give you a better understanding of your skills as they fall into five distinct categories: Conscientiousness, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Leadership, and Social-Emotional Ways. It’s designed to help you to develop your individual skills and find careers that are a good match for your skill set.

Career Assessments