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Scholarship Resources


SCHOLARSHIP & COLLEGE PLANNING WEBSITESThere are thousands upon thousands of scholarships available across the country. Most are small and localized (meaning you would have to attend a specific school or live in a specific area to qualify), and the majority are relatively small awards, but they can quickly add up. Not all scholarships are based on need, some are based on academic or personal achievements.

Go online and research scholarships in your field of interest, neighborhood, community, or college you plan to attend. Never pay for a list of scholarships or to apply to them; all legitimate scholarship applications are free. 

  • These are great opportunities as they tend to be local and they tend to receive a small applicant pool. 
  • Read the description for each scholarship and see if it looks like it might fit.
  • ​Read VERY CAREFULLY for dates, details about how and when to turn in, and requirements for letters of rec, essays, etc. One last thing before you start working on that application.

 Then either download the application or go to the indicated website to get the application. 

  • – Search for scholarships with a free scholarship matching service, get student financial aid and find money to pay for college.

  • – Step-by-step guide to free scholarships and grants. The Scholarship Search online tool can help you locate scholarships, internships, grants, and loans that match your education level, talents, and background.

  • – Information about the best free scholarship searches, unusual scholarships, prestigious scholarships, and fellowships to pay for college scholarships and how to apply for them.

  • – Information on college exploration, steps to college, financial aid, career, and technical colleges, and homework help.

  • Scholarship search engine.

  • Scholarship search engine. 

  • – Conduct a free college scholarship & financial aid search, for students of all ages.

  • Sallie Mae College Planning Toolbox – Detailed information on education savings plans, school costs, ways to pay for college, scholarships, and the entire student financial aid process. Provides a free, easy-to-use scholarship search tool.

  • – Information on California’s 529 College Investment Plan and the Governor’s Scholarship Program.

  • – Information on college scholarships and financial aid, free college scholarship searches, colleges and universities, and college and university admission requirements.

  • – New scholarships are posted monthly. This free quality information includes all of the details you need to apply now, including eligibility requirements, deadlines, amounts, contact name, address, phone number, and website of the scholarship sponsor.

  • – Scholarships and financial aid for permanent legal residents and U.S. Citizens, as well as private scholarships available to all students, regardless of immigration status, or country of origin.

  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund- HSF empowers students and parents with the knowledge and resources to complete higher education while providing support services and scholarships to as many exceptional students, HSF Scholars, and Alumni as possible.

  • Scholarship and fellowships information. Undergraduate fellowships that don’t require proof of U.S citizenship or legal permanent residency.  

  • – Scholarship search provides information and direct links to the most current scholarships available on the web

  • – Provides a time-saving, customized list of free scholarships that match your hobbies, interests, and academic background

  • – Free database of scholarships, grants, contests, and more sources of free money for college

  • – Find free money for college. Search the database of more than 6.2 million scholarships valued at over $16 billion

  • – Explanations to how college funding works, the types of scholarships available, how to find them, and how to apply for them

  • – Provides information about scholarships such as the national Dollars for Scholars Program and educational support

  • – Information on scholarships available to black students, predominantly black colleges and universities, and how to write scholarship essays

  • – A comprehensive, all-inclusive guide to college information including 

  • Find College Scholarships



Local Community Colleges

Oxnard College- California College Promise Grant- Two-year tuition-free. The California College Promise waives tuition fees and must be renewed every year.  The Oxnard College Promise agrees to pay students first-year tuition. All Students who have applied to OC, set  up a portal, and taken their orientation, assessment tests, and counseling session for Oxnard College may apply.  You also must have submitted the FAFSA or Dream Act application. Information about the OC Promise and  the Application can be found at: promise 

Ventura College Promise covers the cost of the per-unit Enrollment Fee, Health Fees Student Center Fee, and Student Representative Fee for students who meet certain eligibility requirements.

Moorpark College Promise- two-year tuition-free.  The California College Promise waives tuition fees and must be renewed every year.  


Local Scholarships




The 2022-2023 OCF Scholarships & Grants applications will be available through your student portal under tools- Financial Aid- Scholarships  



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