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Counselors are assigned by student last name. Find your last name, and in some cases first initial, to identify your counselor from the list below. Please note:

  • All English Learners (EL), foster youth, and migrant youth are assigned to Ms. Martinez, regardless of last name.
  • All Freshmen are assigned to Ms. Flores or Mrs. Denise Rodriguez based on their Freshman House Placement. Please see StudentVUE or ParentVUE to view your counselor's name.
  • Ms. Bustamante and Ms. Ortiz, our Student Wellness Specialists, are designated by last name (see below) and available through student self-referral and/or administrator, teacher, or counselor referral.

To schedule an appointment with a counselor, click on their appointment button.

HHS Counselor Caseloads 2023-2024

counselors: Grades 10-12


A - Diaz, N

Robert "Jason" Sierra
Office: (805) 385-5729
Google Voice: (805) 586-2054

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DiAz, O - Guzman, A & Academy of Engineering Design (AOED)

Xochitl Gomez
Office: (805) 385-5957
Google Voice: (805) 317-4143
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Guzman, B - Martin & 10th-12th AVID

Cynthia Lopez
Office: (805) 385-2676
Google Voice: (805) 604-5360

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Martinez - Reyes, C

Angelica Martinez
Office: (805) 389-7444

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Reyes, D - Z

Rochelle Rodriguez
Office: (805) 394-4777
Google Voice: (805) 394-8975

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Categorical Programs Counselor
Migrant, SLIFE, Foster, & ELD

Katalina Martinez
Office: (805) 385-5851
Google Voice: (805) 330-1893

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counselors: Grade 9


A - L

Belen Flores
Office: (805) 385-5722
Google Voice: (805) 616-2163 

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M - Z

Denise Rodriguez
Office: (805) 389-6971

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student Wellness specialists

Our Student Wellness Specialists are located in The Harbor Wellness Center, located in Room O1 and are available for additional social and emotional support. Check out the Wellness Center website for mental health resources and a self-referral form. 

wellness center website

A - L

Sara Bustamante
Office: (805) 278-3111

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M - Z

Giselle Ortiz
Office: (805) 278-2969

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college & Career Center

Carlos Soto
Office: (805) 385-2751

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Our College & Career Center is located in the Hueneme High School Library. 

oxnard college counselor

Marcos Lupian

Contact your counselor or the College and Career Center if you have questions about or need help with dual enrollment.

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support staff


Corinne Pinon
Counseling Department Guidance Technician
Office: (805) 323-6039

Tatiana Magana
Migrant & Categorical Programs Guidance Technician