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Counselors are assigned by student last name. Please find your last name, and in some cases first initial, to identify your counselor. All English Learners (EL), foster youth, and migrant youth are assigned to Ms. Martinez, regardless of last name. Ms. Flores, the Freshmen Support Counselor, is an additional counseling resource for freshmen students only. Ms. Bustamante, the Student Intervention Specialist, is available through student self-referral and/or administrator, teacher, or counselor referral.

Robert Sierra

Last Names:

A – Diaz, C.

Xochitl Gomez

Last Names:

Diaz, D. – Hernandez, J.
Academy of Engineering Design

Cynthia Lopez

Last Names:

Hernandez, K. – Mendoza, A.

Denise Rodriguez

Last Names:

Mendoza, B. – Rodriguez, R.

Cynthia Bogan

Last Names:

Rodriguez, S. – Z

Katalina Martinez

(805) 385-5851 or (805) 330-1893

English Learners (EL), Foster, & Migrant Youth

Sara Bustamante

Student Intervention Specialist

Elizabeth Vasquez

UCSB Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP)

Sherry Creager

College & Career Center Technician

Corinne Pinon

Counseling Department Guidance Technician